Honda CB750 Dragster

Honda CB750 powered dragster

Honda CB750 powered dragsterIf you don't think the Honda CB750 was a popular engine back in its day, here's an application you may not have seen before, I don't recall seeing anything like this myself. This is a dragster, one of three, built in California by Triple A Accessories, a company that used to make parts and accessories for Honda CB750s and other motorcycles. The body is aluminum, the engine is from a 1971 CB750.

I have no idea what class these ran in, what times they turned or anything else. This one is for sale on ebay. Not much more information. If you know anything about these, let us know. Interesting.

Link: Honda CB750 Dragster - auction has ended

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    Interesting use of a CB750 I must say. Personally I’d prefer to convert one in to a Cafe Racer. I wouldn’t expect that I could achieve the same quarter mile times but It would turn just as many heads!