Hayabusa V8 for the DP1

Hayabusa V8 in a Lotus 7
It's been a while since doing any updates on Dennis Palatov's DP1 project so I thought I would stop by and see what's up. Wow. If you're not familiar with the DP1, it's a track car designed and built by Dennis Palatov with a carbon fiber body and a Suzuki Hayabusa engine. Extremely high end design work and engineering involved here, and he's going to produce them for sale, too.

Hayabusa V8Since checking in last, it looks like he's entertaining the idea of using a Hayabusa V8 and a transmission of his own design. The Hayabusa V8 has been a very popular post here and I know a lot of folks keep speculating about what it would be like in various cars other than the Radical SR8 for which it was originally designed. The photo above shows one running in a Lotus 7. Is that sweet?

Here's another photo of the V8 from Dennis' site but you really need to go there and check out his work because he's been a very busy guy and there's an alternate design submitted for his car to check out along with progress on the DP1 as originally designed. This is first class work of the highest order and I am definitely impressed.

Projects like these just amaze me. The skill involved, unbelievable.

I can't wait to see the finished DP1, but in the meantime, I think I'll just stare at the engine photos. Gawd!

Another thought, why don't some of those guys who insist on stuffing Chevy V8s into those oversized monstrosities try a Hayabusa V8 instead. That's a far more elegant design from an engineering standpoint and the bike wouldn't have to look like an elephant. Just a thought.

Dennis Palatov's DP1

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  1. kb says

    “why don’t some of those guys who insist on stuffing Chevy V8s into those oversized monstrosities try a Hayabusa V8 instead”

    $28,000 for the engine + $15,000 for a suitable Quaife sequential gearbox + ~$3000 for a dry sump system = $52,000. That’s why.

  2. says

    Seriously though, Ive got a v-8 powered corvair and if this engine were just a little more affordable I’d stuff one in a corvair in a new york minute!

  3. Corey Metcalfe says

    Lotus needs to put one of these in their Elise–thats the kind of car I’d buy!

  4. SS says

    Zillions for parts for the GM V8’s over the counter at any parts shop. Tried and true tested and proven performance for not much $

    That does not mean the Hayabusa V8 is not a killer idea and marvel of craftsmanship!

  5. Arizona_Gater says

    Simply put Craftsmanship..!

    NO 4 Million Dollar Concept that will never Make It past Con_Cept.

    Build ON..!!!

  6. 360Scott360 says

    I have drawings showing one of these Hayabusa V8s in a motorcycle that I am designing …. if it wasn’t for that money thing ………

  7. jbird28 says

    trying to round up parts to put busa engine in lotus 7. the V8 would be sweet but out of my customers range. any ideas as to where i can get a forward and reverse trans….. thanks

  8. terry says

    Where can someone find and buy one of these twin busa V8? I think lots of people will be interested, i really am…

  9. Drew B says

    i sure as hell cant aford it but i want to see some one put one of these in an old bug? can you say “haul ass!!” hell yeah! or maybe even a honda crx?? or a geo? even a fiesta! any thing! that no one would suspect! it would be awsome!!!

  10. dMan06 says

    I read with interest various comments from previous readers regarding how to best utilize a Hayabusa V8. But has anyone given any thought to installing this marvelous gem of automotive engineering in the following chassis: Ariel Atom 3, Farbio GTS, Javan R1, Lotus 211/Exige S, Noble M400/M15, Ultima’s GTR, or even a Westfield XTR4 ? I’d like to know what many of you think.

  11. Redwoodbob says

    If I could afford it, I’d drop one in a Miata in a heartbeat. I already surprise most Mustang and Camaro owners and also the occassional Vette owner (at least for a short distance). I can only imagine the looks on their faces and the subsequent severe case of ED as the guy in the Miata totally ate their freakin lunch. Awesome!

  12. kj7687 says

    Wow I haven’t spent much time at all here before. I never realized how awsome the kneeslider is! I could sit here all day reading these articles. I’ve been reading tid-bits about the mtorcycle v8’s for quite a while now. I wonder, has anyone turbo’d one of them yet? As far as your comment on the chevy 4-8 bikes…those guys don’t even care about performance. They just want it to be bigger, and they don’t realize that bigger is definitely NOT always better.

  13. Jonny Templeton says

    Right, quite a few people out there seem interested in the ‘Busa based V8 engines and at least some of you seem to think they’re all the same lump. They’re definitely not. I know of at lest three GSX1300R based commercial V8 projects – 2 in the UK and one in the US. The 72° “RPA Macroblock V8” in the Radical is made by Powertec Engineering in the UK they do 4cyl engines aswell.. For you guys across the pond, take a look at Hartley Enterprises’ “H1 V8” in 2.8 & 3.0 liters for trackday and race cars (or whatever you dream up..) looks like a great motor and (as far as I can see) is the lump in Dennis Palatov’s DP1 design. Hartley also make a 4 cyl conversion for cars. Dropping one of these 400bhp+ V8s in to a Lotus Seven is frankly insane but, I suppose, no more so than any of us..

    forgot to mention the Hartley V8 is a 75° design but still extremely compact and lightweight for the power, reliability & tractability that it offers.. There’s plenty of info on both motors on the company’s respective web sites

    There’s a guy who lives not far from here (Hampshire England) who built a V12 from two Kawasaki Z1300’s – he’s got it bolted in his bike & it sounds awesome.. It’s on YouTube somewhere so go check it out..

    I’ve just remembered the name of the other ‘Busa based V8 builder in the UK – I’m pretty sure it’s Terry Davis (TKD Engineering?)I saw the prototype at Autosport International about 5 years ago – it is/was a 90° version

    There are a few nice Yamaha based V8’s available in the UK too if you want something even lighter, higher revving and just about as powerful in 2.0 litres (Cyclone Y40R V8) & 2.0 – 2.4 litres (Motopower Firehawk RST V8) all probably around the 20,000GBP mark

    I couldn’t resist having a quick look for the TKD Engineering V8 and it seems they’ve been busy.. http://www.rsfabrications.com/2009/02/05/r1-v8-powered-lola-f3-hillclimb-car/

  14. Professor says

    I like many others that have comented on this engine have long subscibed to the theory that bigger is not always better. This is my first glimpse of this project and am very impressed at the specs with such a compact power plant. I have also been a fan of the original BMC Mini for many years. You know the one designed by Alec Insegonis (hope i spelled his name correctly), and can not help but wonder what a beast that car could be with this engine. Bearing in mind that the Cooper S that was landed in Australia was 1275cc and developed 78bhp in factory standard trim. It in 1966 was the first car to take out 1st through 4th place at Mt Panorama, our big annual touring car race. It defeated al the big engined cars over a 500 mile course. Now that is one marrage i would like to see!