Hayabusa Reverse Trike – TT-Busa

TT-Busa - Hayabusa Reverse Trike

TT-Busa - Hayabusa Reverse Trike

The Hayabusa is probably one of the most modified and customized motorcycles ever produced, sooner or later, if it's been done to any bike, it will eventually be done to a Hayabusa. So, I wasn't too surprised when I saw this, but I have to think it could get a little interesting in high speed turns.

This trike, called the TT-Busa, does not appear to lean, it's sort of a Can-Am Spyder on steroids. They installed an extended swingarm with a 300 rear tire and custom built the 2 wheel front end. The obvious question in my mind, if you're not going to lean, why not put larger automotive tires on the front, or the rear, too?

This one is for sale, asking $34,999 and they'll build one for you, too. Hmm, .... Interesting.

Link: TT-Busa - auction has ended - reserve not met

TT-Busa - Hayabusa Reverse Trike

TT-Busa - Hayabusa Reverse Trike


  1. says

    I like it overall, but the extended swingarm throws the proportions off a bit. Have to ask why you need a longer swingarm with that much weight up front, but it is a ‘busa, maybe it can stand it up still 😉

  2. HoughMade says

    Looking at this, I immediately disliked it. I have to ask my self why I dislike it. I kind of like the Can Am Spyder. I don’t know. Something about the proportions bothers me. I agree the extended swingarm throws the look off (don’t like them on 2 wheel bikes either unless they’re on a strip). Also, as mentioned, the tires aren’t right for the application…I don’t know- just an odd thing to do.

  3. says

    Howard – of all the lowered, stretched ‘Busas out there, I don’t recall ever seeing one with a hubless wheel…..

  4. Prestons says

    If you want roll stability then moving the weight forward to the front wheels is good so extending the swingarm is right. It will make the rear wheel easy to spin with power. There are always compromises.

    Motorcycle based trikes and sidecars strike me as having the worst features of cars and bikes. There is no weather protection and minimal storage but it’s wide and has limited agility.

  5. James Bowman says

    Well maybe Bob Mighell can get with them and make the darned thing lean correctly, I mean if it doesn’t tilt I am not interested because thats the advantage a bike has over a car. If its just going to be dynamically unstable why bother as Prestons already pointed out you lose the advantages of a car and gain few if any of the bike. $34K for some thing that probably handles like garbage? Oh well its their money and effort I wll be quit now.

  6. says

    The long swingarm and forward weight bias will make the inevitable long smoky burnouts much easier.

    The larger contact patch of automotive tires would make it a more practical ride, but for most trike shoppers with 34 large burning a hole in their pocket and visions of ‘busas dancing in their heads practicality would not likely be on the list of dealbreakers. There are other (though not nearly enough) trikes for practicality.

  7. todd says

    Larger tires would be harder to steer without power assist. If you’ve ever watched most people who own Busas, even ones with two wheels, they tend to slow way down for corners and then let it rip once they straighten out. The skinny front tires make it look more like a dragster and maybe that’s what they were after.

    Me? I’d take an old Miata and maybe insert a 289 V8 if I didn’t want to lean. Kinda like a modern day Cobra.


  8. nortley says

    Where I live there can be ice and snow on the roads most any day from November through March. When a well used beater example of one of these becomes available, it may be just the ticket for extending my riding season. It looks like there’s enough clearance for a tire chain.

  9. 250 ATV says

    Holy Batman, I love the look of TT Busa. I’d probably improve on it with wider front rubber as you mentioned and the lines don’t quite work for the rear tire (the fender makes the back tire look like it doesn’t quite fit) but overall I like it a lot. My wife saw a spyder on the road for the first time and thought it look really odd, she’s looking over my shoulder and says this is better.

  10. Morpheous says

    Have you ever ridden a Can-Am Spyder? This thing will be spitting people off with much more power and violence. Reverse trikes are dangerous (in my opinion) with out tilting front wheel steering. It will do great burnouts as mentioned though, which is important to americans.

  11. says

    Nicely done but, sadly, totally worthless in twisties, traffic or most anywhere else.

    Sorry but the era of non-tilting trikes is behind us. If someone makes a tilting ‘Busa powered trike then that’ll be a sight to behold.

    This is just an expensive (and ungainly, with that back wheel jutting out) exercise in wasted time.

  12. Russel Caudell says

    You can get the Hayabusa engine in the Scorpion Prodigy 3 wheeler. I like the Prodigy much better.

  13. Aaron says

    I think wider front tires would help. I think the proportion looks off because the front tires are set back too far. Move them out a little and I think it would look great.

  14. can-am-man says

    The comment about the Can-Am Spyder is misguided. I own a Can-Am Spyder and let me tell you that with the traction control and rollover midigation technology, once you learn how to ride the spyder you can do battle even in the corners with many sport bikes. Leaning is nice but not a necessity.

  15. says

    I like it. I hate the Can-Am Spyder, it looks like the worst trike ever made. It appears to have been made from a Ski-doo with a motorcycle.It’s not sporty what so ever. With this, you just gotta throw your body into it. I have a few RT designs I wanna build.

  16. Subatriker says

    I think it has potential. mainly for straightline performance. It could definately benefit from a
    purposebuilt reverse trike frame with a lowered center of gravity, and the extended swingarm could be an asset in preventing inner wheel lift on a corner. That seat sitting up in the air just looks like the machine isn’t finished yet. Cg is just way to high. More mods needed before resonably safe operation is accomplished. But , that ‘Busa makes gobs of