Harley Davidson Screamin’ Eagle Pro EFI Super Tuner

Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Pro EFI Super TunerHarley Davidson has introduced the Screamin' Eagle Pro EFI Super Tuner, a plug in unit that connects to the USB port of your PC and allows 15 minutes of data recording, tracking of up to 26 variables and the software automatically connects to the Internet for updates and the latest calibrations. It's for "Race Use Only," you know, when you have your Softail or Touring bike at the track. I just think it's a nice unit you can use to get the best out of your engine.

From Harley Davidson:

The new Screamin' Eagle Pro EFI Super Tuner (P/N 32109-08, $549.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories features a new hardware and software design that makes track-side EFI tuning faster and easier, with dozens of new features and innovative tuning enhancements. The improved Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) box allows USB connectivity to a PC and contains onboard memory capacity for 15 minutes of data recording, tracking up to 26 data variables. Data recording is activated with a push of a button, so the VCI can be used to gather data during true race conditions.

The new Super Tuner software has a large-icon layout, is compatible with touch screen laptops, and can work with up to four windows (tables) open at one time. Data and tuning functions are combined into a single application, so only two clicks are required to reach any major tuning function. The software automatically connects a PC to the Internet for updates, and retrieves the newest calibrations developed by professional Screamin' Eagle tuners. The software contains model recognition that filters calibrations, listing only those that are applicable to a particular motorcycle. Graphing capabilities illustrate tables clearly, highlight areas for improvement, and are fully scalable and customizable.

The Screamin' Eagle Pro Super Tuner can be used with these fuel injected Harley-Davidson models: 2002-later VRSC, 2007-later Sportster, 2004-later Dyna, 2001-later Softail, and 2002-later Touring, and is intended for Race Use Only. A cable kit (P/N 32184-08, $39.95) is sold separately.


  1. Nicolas says

    Candid question : why don’t they sell the bikes already tuned up ?

    Altitude settings / EPA regulations / aftermarket $$$ / … ?

    Paul, I love your comment ” you know, when you have your Softail or Touring bike at the track ” πŸ˜‰

  2. Prestons says

    Harley wants $40 for a $6 USB cable? Let’s hope not everything is this over priced.

  3. justpete says

    Harley can over charge a screw(pun intended, HA!) My buddy was looking for some blue dots for his brake lens covers, went to the Local H-D shop. $14 bucks. I opened up an aftermarket catolog and found them for $2. Talk about a mark up.

  4. Keith says

    LOL…you guys in the States think you get ripped of on H.D. parts , try shopping in Canada they almost double your prices , even their after market parts to . I bought a LePera seat from Dennis Kirk U.S.A. for 136 bucks , same seat at the H.D. shop in Red Deer Alberta was 508 bucks .

  5. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    “2004-later Dyna, 2001-later Softail, and 2002-later Touring…… FOR RACE USE ONLY”

  6. Redwoodbob says

    Harley wants $40 for a $6 USB cable? Let’s hope not everything is this over priced.

    STD USB Cable = $6
    Harley Davidson USB Cable = $40
    Everyone laughing at you when you take your Softail to the track = PRICELESS

  7. Ed says

    I own the original version of this unit, Use it on my Fatboy & hell, it does make a difference when you get it set up using a box like this..

    As for everyone saying its Harley Davidson USB Cable = $40, that is plain wrong on all your parts, the cable in question is a 9-pin com port cable that connects to the special diagnostics port on the bike.

    This box is a big con in one way tho, it locks itself to the 1st bike its connected to & then it will NOT work on any other Harley but that one!.

  8. don says

    Just put rush true duals and mufflers on my 2008 ultra classic. also put on stage 1 air filter and purchased a screamin eagle super tuner. where can I get a map for it?

  9. Carlos says

    I justpick up an 2009 fat boy I would like to install V&H slip on. Do I need this tuner it Iam not racing my bike. Also I had a sporty with the V&H slip on and and Stage 1 Air filter no fuel pak and it work great. So anyone can help me save some money or I do need this Item.

  10. Mike says

    Carlos , just did the same thing to my bike was at HD they said I did not have to add a tuner , unless i was going to change cam , pistons ,etc.

  11. Frank says

    I had my dealer install V & H pipes and Scream’n Eagle air intake. They also dyno’d the bike using the SE super tuner, which I bought. I did not pay for a cable.

    They gave me the tuner and the box it came in and obviously no cable, but what about software? I did not get any type of disk or any type of software package, no instructions either. They said unless I change something, I’ll never need to re-tune the bike.

    So if I plug the tuner in to the bike and my laptop, will it install some type of software to my laptop automatically? Or do I need to buy it, or should it have come with the tuner?

  12. George says

    I have an ’06 ultra. Purchased a super tuner box. I have cables. The tuner box is marked dated 8/14/08. What version of the software will I need and is it available “less than factory cost”

  13. will white says

    yes the new super tuner is needed when you make changes to your air intake and to your exhaust systems, any time you change air in and exhaust out you need to remap your fuel and timing, otherwise you can lean out your already to lean air / fuel mixture which causes excessive heat and shortens the life of your engine. yes harley likes to sell parts, yes they are expensive, remember riding a harley is a lifestyle, all lifestyles are expensive. ride safe and enjoy the experience!!!

  14. Rob says

    why not take the bike to the track it did not say what type of track :D, i am having this unit installed to my Big Bore cammed up Dyna not just to raise the limit but to allow full tuning, so it will be paying for itself almost instantly as it removes the V&H Fuel Pak and goes direct link so no signs of the internally modifed motor πŸ˜€
    I look foward to seeing the Data recorded down loading part so i can alter the AFR and map points for better TQ

  15. George W. Baxter says

    I have a Heritage Soft tail Clasic 2004, with a Tailgunner sidewinder two into one exhaust that has the rotating cannon. Also the bike has a stage II big bore kit 95CI kit installed with 203, cams and cast pistons that came with the kit. V & H supplied me with a map that was used with the originally installed fuel pack this was recommended by the dealer. This did not work at all, popping bucking bad gas milage. I had the bike dyno tuned . It produced 70 hp with 80 fp TQ. I was not happy the dyno tuners told me to get a power commander. I was at another dealer who did educate me and told me that the bike with a Fuel Pack with the upgrades that I had installed has to be remapped or re flashed with any set up that changes air flow. I bit the bullet and purchased the new screaming eagle pro race tuner. This dealer for the charge of downloading the new map, cost included with the race tuner and with 1.5 hrs of labor for the setting up the race tuner and test driving the bike was $581. Expensive, I know it does not include the cost of the mistake I made with the Fuel Pack. The bike now runs perfect. The bike seems to have great power and TQ no popping on deceleration or bucking. The new race tuner does not come with the cables or software, you have to purchase them seperately. You can purchase the cables, yes for $39, the software is $29, you can also purchase the training software another $30 to learn to do the map downloading and tune your bike yourself.
    I guess what I want to offer is to do your homework and research, Yes they are right the race tuner is married to the bike that it first downloads to and the cables and software that used to come all in one package is not presently included. I am very happy with the power and performance at this time. I just want to caution people if you want your fuel injected bike with complex upgrades to run correctly and you are not an expert you should find one or a great dealer with very experienced mechanics. I did I was lucky. I just wanted to share my experience.
    I love my Harley I have a great time riding it. I taught myself to ride at 55 and am now
    60 and I am still having fun.

    Ride safe

  16. says

    Hey guys,

    Iam new to all this only gettig my bike next month and looking for a nice exhaust, found the CFR one and yes i also need that little box. Wanna talk about prices, I live in Kuala Lumpur malaysia my V Rod Night will cost me 167 000 Malaysian Ringgit thats 47000 US or the equivalent of 3 V Rods as you can Imagine I dont care if a cable is 2 4 or 40 $ you either buy a Harley and pay for the Lifestyle or buy a Jap Rice Bowl and safe on the cable :)

    greetings from Malaysia

  17. Dan says

    I am finding this info very helpful. I just bought an ’09 Super Glide Custom and decided to have a set of Samson Legend Series Ripsaws, along with the Screamin’ Eagle Super Tuner and Air Cleaner installed at my 1000 mi. check-up. I was wondering whether or not it was going to be something that had to be constantly tweaked with. Am I correct in assuming that once it’s done, and done right, that I’ll probably never have to worry about it? I bought it at Twin City Harley in Mpls, MN and they told me their Dyno guy is recruited from Millwaukee, and is the best. (typically spends 3+ hrs dyno-tuning a bike) charging me $413.96 for the tuner and said it’s 10% off. $134.96 for air cleaner. I’m like a kid on Xmas eve just thinkin’ about the noise I’m gonna make. course, from what I’ve read about the ripsaws, maybe too loud……if there is such a thing. stay in the wind, Dan

  18. Rob says

    HELP !!!

    I just got my 2009 Street bob. Installed SE pro tuner, SE Air filter, V& H short shots !
    Went for a Dyno Test and the results are HP 73 on back wheel and 112 NM.

    Very disappointed with these results, !!
    Does anybody know whats wrong ??



  19. Harleybass says

    Just purchased an 07 Road King that was box stock (SNOOOZZZZ). Bike ran OK, pretty HoHum on acceleration, really lacking on rumble and talk about heat !!!! Holy Crap!!!! It felt like I was riding Grandma”s wood stove !

    I got the 32″ Sampson Silver Bullet Exhaust System. (Love them fish tails) That took care of the rumble part. I was told by my local H-D dealer that I needed to do a “stage one” download, to “fatten up the fuel mixture”, $159, while it was there, I decided to change out the air box to the Stage One. Better performance but still had the “nut roasting” heat!!

    I road it to another city nearby and stopped by the harley shop to browse. While I was there I noticed my right side pipe was starting to show a yellowish tinge. Crap ! I went inside totally pissed, and asked the service mgr why H-D was running their bikes so damn hot. I got the standard “to meet EPA specs crap”. I told him what was going on with my bike and that I was very unhappy about my $500 pipes starting to yelllow and tired of the “roasted nut syndrome”

    He then “educated” me on what was going on. He said the stage one is OK with a pipe change OR a breather change. If you do both you need the SE pro tuner and a Dyno to remap your EFI system. A bit pricey- $459 for the part and $250 for the Dyno time and labor, but at that point, I was ready for any relief from that heat! I knew that kind of engine temp could not be good for the motor over the long term.

    Did the deed !!! and I could not believe the difference. The bike runs like a harley is supposed to. Gained 9 HP and 7 ft lbs of torque. The bike runs like a different bike, it’s great !!! Idles good, great throtle response, amazing performance and NO MORE ROASTED NUTS !!!!

    If your a skeptic or a cheap skate, go ahead burn your motor up and neuter yourself by fire at the same time! Go for the SE Pro Tuner and Dyno tune and you won’t regret it. If your shop doesnt have a Dyno, go to another shop that does.

  20. scott says

    Dear Rob and all the rest
    Rob your hp problems may be at the exhaust. VH short shots on a twin cam that does not have stage two upgrades will result in lower hp. Those pipes are best at higher rpms
    if your looking to increase hp and not just sound good. Read about performance exhaust. I have a 09 Super glide with stage one mods using stock pipes and Rinehart slip-ons. Plan to get the Pro super tuner installed with dyno time to gain the best runabillity that can be acheived. I probably won’t see much of a hp gain by adding the se tuner vs the generic ecm download that I currently have. However the runabillity of the motor will be better and the bike should run a little cooler. This also will set me in the direction of new cams/heads in the future such as a big bore kit. Stock pipes on a stage one bike is really the best way to go as you keep your compression and exhaust scavenging effect where they need. Rob if you like VH exhaust and you are staying with stage one mods you will need the se pro super tuner to help and going to some big shots or side shots or especially the Pro Pipe would produce greater numbers. Good luck and RSMF!!

  21. Robert S says

    Just had the dyno and tuner done to my xl1200n. The backfire I had is gone, sounds smoother, quieter, unless of course I throttle it, then its loud since I have Rhinehart racing pipes. Haven’t had the chance evaluate it yet, just got it and rode home 3 miles. I plan to hook it up to the computer later, maybe mess around with it some to see how it works. I haven’t done much to the bike yet just stage 1, but may be planning something this year. I watched the guy do some of the dyno and saw how the “lean” went away for no more backfires. My Dyno chart said 68.07 max HP, and 72.69. max torque. Both tires were 20 psi during the test, not sure if that matters, and not sure why he didn’t inflate before the test as I paid to have the nitrogen put in for the service.

  22. Luke Farenden says

    Hey Guys, I live in Perth Western Australia.

    I took delivery of my first Harley Davidson on 19th of February 2010. I had SE Pro Super Tuner fitted, along with Vance and Hines 2/1 Big Radius and a Hi flow filter. I am absolutely stoked with my purchase, this thing is Awesome! I rode a demo, (that met Australian exhaust emission requirements), before I picked up my bike, and the heat was unbelievable, after only a 10 minute ride. The power, the Sound, the Ride, I’m hooked and won’t be buying another brand of bike. I’m only 26 yrs old. Ride on……