Harley Davidson in Vietnam?

Harley DavidsonTrade negotiations between the U.S. and Vietnam succeeded in lowering or eliminating the barriers for selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in Vietnam.

In addition to lifting an outright ban on large displacement motorcycles, Vietnam will adopt a basic and transparent motorcycle operators licensing system, relax distribution restrictions and reduce tariffs on heavyweight (650cc-plus engine displacement) motorcycles by 60 percent over time.

Though Harley Davidson has not announced any immediate intention of setting up shop in Vietnam, the recent Beijing dealership in China shows the company's interest in doing business in Asia. For those of us old enough to remember that little altercation between our two countries, this is pretty amazing. Times do change.

Link: Auto Service World

The Kneeslider: Harley Davidson Beijing Dealer Visit


  1. todd says

    Of course I’m sure Harley has figured out how to get it so that only H-D’s are not restricted. Remember how Harley was successful at getting the US to place heavy tariffs and import restrictions on bikes over 700cc? As soon as other manufacturers catch on they just might undermine Harleys efforts and out-sell them in Vietnam.

  2. joe barker says

    Having traveled extensively in Vietnam and endured the relentless choking traffic, I cannot imagine any place where a Harley would be of any use other than as a poser’s status symbol. Anything larger than a 250cc is totally impractical for weaving through the traffic or parking in the tight spaces. Also that big air cooled motor is not suitable for idling away in the hot humid traffic chaos. Most of all, who can afford a Harley when most people are struggling to afford anything more than a 125cc Honda Dream or the Chinese equivalent.

  3. Pham Thanh Long says

    I’m vietnamese and live in CaMau town southest of vietnam country, after vietnam joined to WTO i have only dream is buy one of brand new harley-davidson, now i waitting for harley-davidson dealer open in SaiGon, event tax of motor cycle under 705cc is 90% and 100% for up 750cc, i need fatboy.

  4. Pham Thanh Long says

    Thank! i’m birth after 1975 but i know our history of US and VN, i hope we forgot what happened in the past and we just forward to the future, i hope US and VN have more and more business buy and sell more goods from each other country, I love US and i would the American understand in south VN there are 99% people not VC, me too. :))

  5. richard madden says

    Great news! maybe I’ll apply for a job if they build in Saigon. In a more pressing matter, how do I import my ’82 Sturgis (Dealer Presentation Model !)into the country. My Viet wife and I own property in Vietnam and I want my bike over there. Any tips for doing this ?

  6. says

    Vietnam officially allowed imports of brand-new (no second-hand, except foreigners with valid working visas import for their personal use) in May 2007. However, 90% import tax, 10% VAT and a huge fees on registration generally make a large displacement bike twice as expensive as it would cost in your country. Here are prices of some popular models:

    – Honda CBR 1,000cc: over 22,000$US.
    – Honda XR 250cc: over 12,000$US.
    – Honda XR 400cc: over 15,000$US.
    – Harley V-Rod 883cc: over 18,000$US.

    Will you be ready to pay that much for one of these bikes to ride in a country where speed limit is from 25 to 80km/h, mostly 60km/h? The answer is no doubt a big “NO, NO”. Enough explained and said.

  7. Harry says

    I just returned from HCMC and I found a shop in District 1 which sells brand new 2008 Gold Wing for 40,000 US$.
    On the other hand I found out that you can import motorcycle parts at a far lower tariff then a whole bike.
    As there are so many custom parts available in the US and worldwide, one should be able to build a custom Harley for less then 10,000 US$ in Vietnam.
    Anyway, I am considering to retire in Vietnam when I am 60 and build custom bikes in my spare time.
    Vietnam is a good place to be. The people are friendly and the ladies are beautiful. nice and charming.

  8. Roger says

    I live in Vung Tau and I am wanting to Import a harley into Vietnam. How can I go about it.

  9. says

    Saw a Harley downtown HCMC yesterday, I want one. There is conflicting stories about licenses, hard to nail it down. Living in District 7 near Fu My Hung gives you the odd chance to do more than 80ks but in the north there is fabulous cruising grounds.
    Just to confuse the police I am building a sidecar for my Yamaha 400, just for fun.
    Vietnam is truly a great place to live, I aggree