GG Taurus BMW Powered Reverse Trike is Coming to the USA

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike is coming to the USA

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike is coming to the USA

You may recall an article we had about two and a half years ago that showed you the GG Taurus, a BMW powered reverse trike from Switzerland. It looked pretty nice, but it was a no show in the USA. Well, no longer. The GG Taurus will be officially unveiled in Miami on February 22nd.

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike

The GG Taurus is powered by a BMW 1300cc inline four rated at 175 horsepower and 104 foot pounds, channeled through a six speed transmission/with reverse for a maximum speed of 140 mph. To bring you back down from those speeds are twin 270mm discs up front and a single 284mm disk in the rear. Front wheels are 8x17 inch with a 10x19 inch on the single sided swing arm in the back.

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike

GG Taurus BMW powered reverse trike

It's will be offered as a limited edition, lots of options are available including various suspension upgrades, digital dash, luggage, lighting, custom paint and more.

The BMW engine means service is available at any BMW motorcycle dealer nationwide, nice to know.

I didn't receive any information on price, but with so many options it will most likely vary a lot, though price will definitely be upscale compared to the Can-Am Roadster.

If you were thinking about a trike, but the Can-Am seems a little too common, here's your answer.

Link: GG Taurus


  1. Jerzey says

    I believe that this will be another option for Those who Enjoy the Ride and for Those who are not Comfortable on 2wheels or Those who Ride Year Round.

  2. blackbird says

    I saw a demo of their four wheeled version a few years ago. It was very well made but licensing it wasn’t a certainty. This will be no problem in that respect but price will make it very exclusive.

  3. GenWaylaid says

    With performance specs like those and no tilting, it’s going to take some grip to hang onto this thing in the curves!

      • Clive Makinson-Sanders says

        do sidecar rigs generally boast these kind of performance numbers? I tend to agree with the tilting issue. I always think back to riding a wave runner and how easily i was thrown off of it. And water feels a hell of alot better than pavement. Trust me.

        • Andrew Bodenstein says

          Generally? No. Can they? Absolutely! Personally I have a 1999 CBR1100XX blackbird sidecar rig, totally custom conversion, hannigan sprint sidecar with custom frame/suspension/linked brakes, etc. Car tires front rear/sidecar. She’ll do 150mph with the sidecar no problem at all and handles on rails.

          • blackbird says

            I, too, have a Blackbird sidecar rig of my own manufacture and the performance is as stated.

            • Clive Makinson-Sanders says

              Its not the handling im afraid of, more wheels = more grip. BUT no tilting = centrifugal operator displacement also… right?

              I’ve never ridden one so I’m asking genuinely.

  4. OMMAG says

    I’d like to see one. If this becomes a trend I’d like to see more manufacturers get a reverse trike out.

  5. Tom Lyons says

    Well, I guess there must be a market for these trikes or companies wouldn’t be making them.
    I could see a 3 wheeled enclosed vehicle as a way to circumvent certain overbearing government regulations on 4 wheeled cars. That makes sense.
    I’m not sure that I see any value in a trike, compared to a 2 wheeled motorcycle. At least, not for me.

    • Paul Crowe says

      There’s been a market for sidecar rigs to a limited degree and a much larger market for big trikes, as well, I see a lot of those around. Someone who might have been looking at a standard trike now has more options. This is unlikely to get someone off of two wheels if he had no intentions of doing so already. I think there’s also a segment of the market that just likes the looks of these reverse trikes and with a quality offering, there’s bound to be some sales.

  6. Ductech says

    The BMW engine means service is available at any BMW motorcycle dealer nationwide? Better call first!
    I question the life expectancy of the final drive with that super wide rear wheel, they have had issues with them on stock bikes.

  7. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    I love the way it looks and id love to drive one, but im more interested in a 4 wheeled or 2 wheeled vehicle. It seems to me that 3 wheelers combine the worst traits of both.

  8. Paulinator says

    This layout looks like a lot of fun. I don’t know why they are stuck on a rwd configuration, though. I can think of about a 100 viable automotive donor clips that would make a stunning fwd machine.

    • Wave says

      Yes, a car based front-wheel-drive three wheeler makes a lot of sense, especially for practical purposes. Having the drivetrain out the front leads to the possibility of side-by-side seating for two and plenty of luggage space, but then you start to get into difficulty with market positioning. The low-volume hand-built nature of these three wheelers means that they will always be more expensive than an equivalent mass-produced small hatchback. This means that your customers need to be prepared to pay more money for one less wheel, with less safety, practicality, etc. Of course you can have lighter weight, better performance and exclusivity, so there are some selling points.

  9. Baraquiel says

    This go for the double of dollars of a can am spyder, i drive both, the cam am spyder is most confortable and have much storage for long rides, the gg taurus have more power 175 vs 115 hp but the final speed is very close 140 vs 125 miles and with the speed limits in the US 75 mph your are on risk of a big ticket