GG Quadster – 4 Cylinder 4 Wheeler

GG Quadster

You probably remember the GG Quad, based on the BMW R1150 boxer engine. It's been around for a couple of years while GG Quad USA has been working to get the various states to allow them to be registered for the road. I wasn't watching recent developments but there's now a new version, the GG Quadster, built around the K1200S 4 cylinder engine.

The Quadster is constructed on a billet aluminum frame suspended on unequal length, double A arms with coil over shocks. The 167 hp engine runs through a 6 speed transmission with reverse, carries 6.9 gallons of fuel and weighs 825 pounds. They say it will do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and tops out at 135 mph.

The new Quadster already has a couple of customers, one is Michael Jordan, the other an unnamed business owner in San Diego. You can probably guess, it's not cheap. The base price is $65,500 and there are a few pricey options but it does look like a very well built machine and I think it would be fun.

The LA Times had an article the other day and the police stopped by while they were shooting photos and seemed to like it, they probably wouldn't give you a hard time if you were riding (driving?) one but then, it's not like there's a ton of them on the road. If they all of a sudden became successful, and it's not hard to imagine machines based on less expensive components being built in large numbers, they might start to look at them a little differently.

We're seeing more attempts to get high end quads registered on the road. Some states have no problem with them, others seem to have a real fit if they see one. It would be nice if everyone came to some sort of agreement on requirements but there's usually at least one legislator in every state that wants to prohibit everything and that makes the legalization process difficult.

I like these quads. They may not appeal to everyone but I hope these guys are successful in getting more of them registered and on the road. Just a little extra variety, nothing wrong with that.

GG Quadster

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  1. taxman says

    even though i myself wouldn’t be interested in one of these i can see how many people could be.

    i’d at least give it a go around a parking lot.

    i could see them really catching on with people wanting something lightweight with good gas mileage but not wanting to go to two wheels. i would think that if you weren’t going for performance these could have pretty high MPG ratings.

  2. todd says

    I imagine the MPGs would be worse than the bike that donated the motor – or comparable with the average econo car.

    Unless Arnold buys one they’d never let them out on the road in California without air bags, safety bumpers, seat belts, windshield and wipers, tripple exhaust catalizer system, etc.

  3. Duke says

    The idea of riding one of these kind of freaks me out. The lateral Gs could probably get pretty severe. How are you supposed to manage that? What if your boots are wet or slippery? You might just run over yourself! You know, on a bike, you just get pushed into the seat… This would be 90 degrees of force, with no seatbelt. I imagine this crazy tumbling high-side fly off thing happening! I wonder if it does the wheelies.

  4. bulldawgr6 says

    I was checking the updates for Deals Gap on killboyblogspotcom and found a picture of a four wheeled Goldwing. Haven’t been able to find it anywhere else but it looked high quality and good. If they where mass produced (cheaper) I might be interested as a second “bike”. The Goldwing look more like a conversion than a true purpose built quad, but looks like it has good quality build. The GC version looks more fun and would be a good option for handicapped or people who are scared to start off on 2 wheels. I agree with Duke on it being harder to ride though, so probably not really good for beginers.

  5. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    I agree with the lateral G force argument. Ive been thrown off wave runners before with very little lateral g action.

  6. bulldawgr6 says

    Guess I didn’t look hard enough considering the Pics of the Goldwing quad have already been on kneeslider! Just found them. Anyway this GG quad does look cool! Seems it will be hard to keep the rubber side down. Can’t wait to start seeing reviews on this thing.

  7. kiri says

    yeah this ATC is really cool, i´ve sit on one in zurich at the Swiss Moto fair in february this year. here is the manufacturer website:

    as i see there is one used GG Quad for only 42.735,85 US-$ :-) incl. swiss tax and without shipping.

  8. says

    There’s a Youtube video out there of this thing in action.

    I do agree it would be tough to offset the extreme lateral g’s, and with your body mass so high up that could be disaster. The faster you go, the worse it gets. But, it does look like the rider is having a blast, so screw it!! I want one!!

    Also, having seen one of these in person, you can’t help but admire the engineering and build quality. The video of their shop and small production line is impressive too.

  9. todd says

    It’s OK, it looks like the driver wears a wireless kill switch on his wrist for when he falls off.


  10. William says

    As I live in the snow belt, I see an anwser to my winter motorcycling blues.
    spoon on some snow tires and i am there.

    Bring it to the STATES