Getting (My) Back up to Speed

Though I seldom post anything personal here, regular readers may have noticed The Kneeslider has been quiet lately. Some weeks ago, I injured my back, enough so that I've been a bit limited in what I can do. While recovering, I managed to pick up a nasty virus/head cold which was followed by a bad reaction to a prescription. Interesting experience.

Things are improving, I'm still moving a little slow, but I'm back on track and gradually accelerating up to speed. We'll be returning to a normal schedule very soon.


  1. Si Grant says

    Sorry to hear that dude,hope your back up to speed soon and look forward to the updates.
    Take care and ride safe.

  2. Carolynne says

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Take care and give yourself the time to heal up. We will be patient.

  3. Alexander says

    Hey! Best take it easy, and look after yourself! If you don’t, one of your faithfull readers (myself one of the many) may have to do so for you! Some of us are plumbers, some of us are carpenters, and some of us are butchers!!

    Looking forward to more of your much-enjoyed and inspiring work…

  4. Keith Hoffman says

    Bad backs are no fun – I know – and it’s hard to ride with one! Get yourself better soon, your readin’ material is missed! Just remember, it will feel good when it quits hurting.

  5. Cowpieapex says

    Rest well , spring is here and a great new riding season is nigh. In the mean time a trip through the Kneeslider archives is always a treat.
    Thanks for all the great items and those to come.

  6. todd says

    This is just a reminder that The Internet is not just a spineless machine. Take care.


  7. Tin Man 2 says

    Hope you have a Speedy recovery, I’m really tired of looking at the Virago Cafe Racer.

  8. Klaus says

    I’ve enjoyed reading the kneeslider and sometimes posting a comment without ever realizing that there is a person behind it all.
    Never said thanks – so here it is:
    Thank you much for putting your work and time so we can enjoy this interesting site!
    I hope this doesn’t sound like a cheap plug but I had work-related back problems, the doctors only knew their western medicine – cortisone shots every two weeks – but the real solution was yoga. Hot Yoga by Bikram. I feel now better and fitter than I felt ten years ago! If there’s a Bikram’s Hot Yoga center near you, try it out. I’ve recommended it to several of my friends and they all impreoved their overall health. It’s no fad like aerobics – yoga is thousands of years old.

  9. James says

    Hey paul, good luck getting back to health. Looking forward to see the new posts.
    captcha: perbeet recovery

  10. Parry says

    Sorry to hear . Having been laid out a week with back injuries , I feel your pain . Get better !

  11. gebeme says

    What am I supposed to do at work without Kneeslider?

    The internet/blogging is a funny thing. We (the readers) build this pseudo relationship with the writer but we know nothing about them. Sometimes I find a blog that hasn’t been updated for months/years and I wonder “did this person just lose interest or did they die?”

    Great blog btw. Not just another “here’s a pic of a bike. here’s another pic of a bike. now a pic of some skank” blog, but interesting and educational news of the entire industry. Great stuff!

    Did I kiss enough ass for you to get back to work?

  12. Paulinator says

    Hey Paul,

    Knees and spines. Proof that if there is a God…and if we`re made in his likeness…then he`s not finished evolving either.

    I know your pain.

  13. Jay Jones says

    Take it easy, and get well. We’ll all appreciate whatever appears here, whenever you’re ready to post it.

  14. JP says

    missed a day of work thursday because I sneezed and something in my upper back pulled. Could have gone in but the days work was lots of lifting pails of liquid and likely not going to be a painless ordeal even if I didn’t aggravate the injury.
    Sneezed a few times today as well and the tightness comes back, so far it looks like I should be fine to get back to work monday (off fri, sat, and sun).
    Been some years since I had my back go out, and it was in the spot that hurts (up high between the spine and right shoulder blade) but that put me out of commission (and well lowered my commission..I was a salesman at the time) as it hurt to lay on my back, hurt to sit up, and hurt to stand. IT happened at a customers shop and he was not sure if I was having a heart attack ” Good, it’s just you back going out….I won’t touch you” I;m sure the head cold deal was as helpful as my sneezing was to my back both times.

    Last medicine I had a reaction to was Prilosec.
    I started the build up to go once a week and before I got to 7 days I was unable to think clearly, felt jittery, was easily distracted, couldn’t do simple math in my head, and was easily confused. I almost got in 3 car accidents from inattentive driving the day I decided “Something is very wrong!”

    Get better asap

  15. tim says

    Sorry to hear it Paul. I suffer from lower back problems also, it can be very debilitating. Take care.

  16. Gerry says

    Having had a few medical issues recently, I know that one’s tendency is to rush right back the instant you start to feel better. Resist the urge. We can wait.

  17. says

    Good morning Paul are very sorry for your health I hope you can heal quickly I sincerely hope a speedy recovery. Hugs Patty & Fabrizio Classic Farm Motorcycles

  18. Big D says

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. I have been down with back problems myself for a while and it killed me to not be able a ride for a a few weeks.

  19. SteveG says

    Hey Paul,

    Like many others have said, thank you for all the time and effort you put into The Kneeslider. I visit this site every day, hoping for cool motorcycle news, stories and information. When you’re feeling better and ready to come back online, we’ll be waiting for you.

  20. says

    Hi Paul,

    Yep, noticed you have been a little slack. Most important, sure hope you are on the mend as your dose of wisdom is really missed. Great site and pontifications.

    The TRT was very well received at Daytona Bikeweek. Lots of interest and inquiries. Many refered to the Kneeslider article so no doubt the site gets out there.

    Keep it on the firewall…..jim

  21. just another seven foot doofus says

    …the most astounding thing about these conversions is that someone finally was able to take what was actually an acceptable engine buried amongst a mess of ugly, and carve away all the crapola to reveal a very nice motorcycle…kudos to the talent responsible for finally making a Virago that doesn’t look worse than a turd…this is gorgeous…

  22. just another seven foot doofus says

    …oop, almost forgot…I’m definitely right there with everyone wishing a solid and speedy recovery…it’s the season to ride, let’s waste none of it!

  23. says

    Hi Paul,

    I’m hoping you’ll recover real soon. I can relate to the back issue; motocross injuries from years past. You just do an awesome job on your site, and I very much look forward to your postings. Thanks so much for all the time you invest in keeping us informed and entertained.

    Best regards,

  24. Ecosse says

    best wishes for a speedy recover! i’ve been subjected to chronic back problems and sinus infection so i sympathize.

    real life comes first. blogging et al… can wait.

  25. TimothyNZ says

    Get well soon Paul. I really like the Virago cafe racer too, but I’d much rather you were back in action. Best wishes from the antipodes! Tim

  26. Jake says

    I read this blog everyday before I even read my work emails and it always gets me pumped. I love the diversity of content and the technical details that are revealed! So thank you sir, and I wish you a speedy recovery. Jake

  27. Adrian Flores says

    Seldom I feel for a person I don’t know in person. Please recover soon. Best Regards.

  28. John Stokes says


    Don’t know why I thought of that line from the first Indiana Jones movie, but it fits.

    Your doctor will probably give you back exercises to do. Do them. If this is your fist time with a back injury, now you know. If not, how long did you ignore the little “twinges?” Those twinges should tell you to do the exercises, not “just take it easy.”

    Don’t be afraid to not be ready yet. People who’ve hurt their back will understand, those who haven’t, will understand…later.

    Best wishes.

  29. BigHank53 says

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Take good care of your back and listen to its complaints; it’s impossible to find spares for those things!

  30. 513mugsy says

    Well I am glad to see that you have a good excuse!! Get well and hope that you feel better soon. I too have hurt my back in the past, worst pain in the world when you cough or sneeze!! Best wishes!!

  31. fred with two, finally. says

    Chiropractic helped me more than anything else, but to each their own. Pain killers work, not by killing the pain; you just dont give a damn. The cold has to run its course, seemed like ten days for me…..I will be looking forward to the next post, get well soon. -FRED-

  32. JotaJohn says

    Not having new content on your site, has enabled me to do much more work and made me very boring. I hope you are on the mend, your site is great and much appreciated by me and my friends.

  33. brian says

    paul take care of yourself without health its hard to enjoy anything else! most of us out here can muddle thru the day without your work here. for a while. speedy recovery!

  34. Rick says

    Reading this site for a while finally moved to reply. Had back problems most of my adult life so understand what your going through Appreciate all you do to make this great site & hope you get better soon.

  35. Dan O says

    Hope your up and well soon Dude!! I know how much it sucks to be stuck in pain recovering from an injury ( shattered pelvis :( )

  36. Kurt says

    Get well soon. This website that you have is great. Tons of fantastic ideas and cutting edge people on here.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  37. B50 Jim says

    So sorry to hear you’re under the weather! Please accept my best thoughts for a speedy recovery! Don’t worry about us; we can take care of ourselves while you take care of yourself. A wonky back is a tricky thing — my dad threw his back out by simply rolling a friend’s Harley out of the garage. That was around 1948 and he was going to take Mom for a ride. His back needed a few weeks to heal but had a habit of flaring up from time to time during the next 30 years. So get proper help and professional physical therapy. You’ll do fine. And watch those drug interactions!

  38. says

    Sorry to hear about your injury and illness.
    Please take great care and all needed time to insure a full recovery.
    Please know that what you do for the motorcycling community,
    and the way you do it is really appreciated. God bless you!
    Joe Dias

  39. FXRocket says

    Get well soon!!! I know the feeling also. I had a benign tumor removed from my lower spine that cause some nerve damage to my right leg. Thank God that i can still walk. So take it easy and looking forward to you getting back on track!!

  40. HootieWho says

    Get well soon. Even with the absence you post more regularly than a site I actually pay to read!

    Keep up the good work.

  41. Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

    Thank You everyone for the kind words. You’re great, … my back, though, not so much, but we’ll get past this eventually. Sounds like quite a few of you have also experienced the pleasures of a troublesome back, so you can appreciate how, … interesting, … it can be. In the meantime I’m going to see if we can get this show back on the road. Thanks again.

  42. Buddy Octane says

    Missed your great posts, Paul. Praying for a fast recovery, so you can bring us more fast machines.

    • says

      Having had a chronically bad back for 10+ years (an ortho gave me a couple of cortisone injections and things finally got much better) I feel for ya bro. Do what ever you can to get better!

  43. steve says

    Hope you get back to TKS soon! I cant go a day without an update on here! Feel Better!

  44. cycledave says

    Hope you get well very soon, wrenched my back something awful in 2008 while suffering the flu. Putting a bike together while down and out is not the best of ideas, guess I learned. Get well soon!

  45. Jim Kunselman says

    Hi Paul,
    Feel better soon! (and keep the shiny side up!)
    As a guy with chronic back problems, I can relate.
    I once bent over while sitting on my Sportster in the driveway to adjust the carb, my back spasmed badly. My neighbor and his son had to carry me to their van and take the ER for treatment.

  46. Claymore says

    Hang in there. I know it’s completely out of context for the situation, but I read this today and thought of you…

    Nehemiah 6:9 “They were all trying to frighten us, thinking, “Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed.” But I prayed, “Now strengthen my hands.”

    I want you to keep working, so I’m praying for you!

  47. Walt says

    The human back is the Lucas electrical system of the human body. The last time my back went out, three weeks ago, I was just barely bending over to wash my hands.

    Better now, and I trust you will be too, Paul.


  48. says

    I realy hope that you will be okay asap. I consider your site as a local spot of sun in an alarmingly dull, marketeer terrorized motorcycle world full of madness andbewilderment.

    Your site has most certanly inspired me into developping the most useless bike ever: my UraldneprDAFvolkswagenhondabmw special.

    thkx for the inspiration

    Kind regards,

    Dolf Peeters

  49. AlwaysOnTwo says

    Okay, enough of this self-serving cry for attention. Get your ass back to the keyboard already. Back problems, allergic reaction, and you can’t surf the net??

    Hey bud, I lost the lower half of my right leg at age 16 thanks to a drunk making a left hand turn where there wasn’t even an intersection. Got my right shoulder pinned and fused at drag race in Salinas Nationals two years later. My back is made up of three sets of plastic inserts in the spine. I get up every day and put myself together with more pain than open heart surgery without anesthetic.

    Boo Hoo. Now man-up, rise-up and wipe the excuses. When you’re in traction with 24/7 medcare hovering around, I’ll come by and cheer you up again.

    You are better than this.

    • says

      Yea, what happened to the ‘can do’ attitude? Some guy is out there making a v-twin from a single by melting down aluminum cans he found on the side of the road and you can’t type because of a little pain.

  50. says

    lol, I just came back to reply, I hadn’t seen the new post. Good job man I knew you could do it! My favorite M/C blog… heck my favorite blog of all… can’t die!

    Seriously though, if you need some help I would be glad to lend a hand.

    • Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

      The x-rays came back with the inescapable conclusion that I’m no longer 29 years old and the doctor recommended I should keep that in mind in the future.

      • Vivek Soni says

        Paul- hope you get well soon mate. Bad backs are a bummer…

        PSS: hopefully you will get the time to look over the email I sent yoou regarding my supercharged royal enfield project bike then. :)


  51. john says

    Back and neck issues here for the last 15 years due to too many injuries. And chronically bad sinuses that result in more upper respiratory infections than my fair share. I’ll tell ya, a reaction to anti biotics can be miserable.

  52. says

    Oh dear! Just saw this.
    Heartfelt sympathies Paul, I feel your pain. My back used to give out every once in a while, rendering me practically an invalid although it has been much better since I became a machinist. Read an article somewhere which reported that standing is rather better for the human body than sitting for a variety of reasons and suggested workstations adapted for standing. My previous occupation certainly had a lot more time on a chair and now, in the shop, I’m on my feet all day and the back hasn’t given out for quite some time.
    Hope you get better soon!
    Very best wishes,

  53. Blujay says

    Geeze…XOXOXOXOXOXO….there, is that enough ass kissin? I had a neck ecktomy in June and I’m still complaining. Healing takes as long as it takes, take care and get well soon. Jay

  54. Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

    It’s now apparent my back is going to take some time to come around. If anything changes dramatically I may make a note of it here, otherwise, I think we’ve said all that needs to be said.