Ford Flathead motorcycle

Ford Flathead motorcycleIf you've been around a while you may remember the Honest Charley ads in Hot Rod magazine and other car mags back in the sixties. Back then, they were one of the premier speed parts suppliers. These days, "Honest Charley hisself" as they used to say has passed on but the name and trademark was purchased by Coker Tire and they continue the tradition of old time speed.

They started making Flathead motorcycles by taking old Ford Flathead V8 engines and installing them in a hardtail springer frame. These are all one off creations with some slightly different parts to make things work and no warranty of any kind is included. But if you're getting a flathead, that comes with the territory. Putting a big Chevy crate engine in a huge bike is one thing, this is a lot neater.


  1. DJ Bikebuilder says

    I am commenting on your comment of Honest Charlie making this bike. You are wrong in saying that “they” make this bike. “They” are only a middle man and somehow along the way someone has decided to start claiming the creation as something “they” themselves have done. However this could not be more incorrect. The flathead motorcycle was created and designed by Olson Auto. in Illinois. The bikes are then sold to Honest Charlie who markets them and sells them. “They” just like seeing their names in the headlines. If you do not believe me, ask them to see their fabrication shop. When they cannot show you, stop on up here in Illinois and I will let you watch us build them.

  2. Bernie Tyrrell says

    The Honest charley ford 60 flat head motorcycle, any of these around like it. Sounds like they are not only one who done it. Who is contact and do you know where they are . Bernie

  3. McCord says

    I called Honest Charley in Chatanooga, TN. a couple of years ago, for information on anyone that had bought an Honest Charley Ford Flathead powered motorcycle, that might be willling to sell theirs. Without hesitation, they gave me names of two guys who might. After buying the 17th one built, I called them back for more information on it, and they gave me Dale Olson’s telephone number and said he was the manufacturer of the bikes.
    I have visited with Dale Olson quite a bit, and have found him to be one of the finest, most knowledgeable, and most honest gentlemen you will ever meet.
    And, I love the bike. Althought not a cruiser, it does create a crowd of extremely interested ‘old pharts’ like me, wherever I take it.
    B.J. McCord
    Kerrville, Texas

  4. Ralph Miller says

    I have been looking at this bike for a while and being an old motorhead with more than one flathead under my belt I think the concept is wonderful. This proves we haven’t lost our edge in creativity. I may yet clean out my projects and find one of these to ride!