First Musket V-Twin Production Castings are Back from the Foundry

First batch of production castings for the Musket V-TwinMusket V-Twin

First batch of production castings for the Musket V-TwinMusket V-Twin straight from the foundry

It's hard to imagine what it must feel like to see your own creation break free from the molds as the hot metal begins to cool. This photo is the first production batch of castings for Aniket Vardhan's Musket V-Twin. Seven complete sets, destined to become seven complete engines.

Have you been dreaming of converting your Royal Enfield Bullet to a fire breathing Musket V-Twin? That dream is coming closer to reality.

Link: MusketVtwin

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  1. Paulinator says

    Instant Classic unleashed upon the world’s mtorcycle scene. Well? Maybe it wasn’t instant, but it was very entertaining to follow. Highest order of congrats to you, Aniket.

  2. Decline says

    These past updates on projects has been really exciting to see. Though I remembered this one, I’d forgotten about a few of the others. Too many builds fall through the cracks of, whatever happened to ______?
    Even if that is what happened, it’s still interesting to hear about. The ones that continue to move forward, even more exciting!

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