ENV Hydrogen Motorcycle Shown in Tokyo

ENV hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle
Is this the future? If what the makers of the ENV say is true, it's coming soon. The ENV hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle by Intelligent Energy is now on display at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo. Gaijin Biker was on hand to take these photos and talk to the company rep. We've had several previous posts on the ENV however, it looks like this is very close to market at an affordable price. If they meet their projected timeframe, this motorcycle could be the first affordable hydrogen vehicle of any kind.

According to IE, the ENV will be on sale to consumers in about 18 months at a price below $10,000. Initial distribution will be in selected urban areas in California and in Tokyo. IE is developing mini fuel reformers to supply hydrogen for the fuel cell. You can even sign up to be an ENV tester!
The CORE fuel cell used in the ENV can be removed and used to supply electrical power in your house.

Here are highlights from their literature:

- Feels like skiing, sailing, or windsurfing, more than like riding a conventional motorcycle
- They are NOT going to add fake engine noise to it. They like it quiet.
- Fewer moving parts means maintenance should be cheaper
- Industrial design done by Seymourpowell


- Motor: 6kW 48 VDC Brushed motor model LEM-170, supplied by LMC ltd.
- Motor Controller: Brusa direct current (model MD 206)
- Fuel Cell: 1kW Intelligent Energy air-cooled (2 x AC32-48)
- Hydrogen storage: High pressure composite cylinder (Luxfer L65)
- Hydrogen energy: 2.4kWeh
- Storage battery 4x12V Lead Acid (15 Ahr) connected in series
- Acceleration: 0-20 mph in 4.3s
0-30 mph in 7.3s
0-50 mph in 12.1s

- Top Speed: 50mph
- Range: at least 100 miles
- Bike mass: 80kg total mass including Core
- Hydrogen: 99.9% purity
- Oxygen: taken from air
- Hydrogen refuel time: Less than 5 minutes
- Electrical connection: Multi-core (Intelligent Energy specific)

Photos: Gaijin Biker
Company website: Intelligent Energy

ENV hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle


  1. says

    Top speed isn’t even enough to get on the highway? How is this useful really? I mean, its a good start and all but its more underpowered scooter than motorcycle.

    And it doesn’t even come with frickin’ lasers!

  2. says

    Just one point: he said urban areas “like” California and Tokyo. So the actual areas may vary, but they should be places with a city-street riding environment.

    Of course, California is a huge state with plenty of non-urban areas, and even Tokyo gets pretty spread out in parts. But given the top speed, it looks like they’re positioning the bike more as a city scooter than an open-road motorcycle.

  3. sigint says

    I don’t know about the ENV. Not only does it look uncomfortable to ride, it looks like it’s going to break once I sit on it (and no I’m not fat).

  4. aaron says

    a dead silent bike? sounds like a surefire way to collect a pedestrian with your front wheel! apparently prius drivers are having this problem, but on a bike the added vulnerability makes the silence thing look less appealing.

  5. Prester John says

    BTW, from what I’ve read elsewhere, that 50mph top speed is a sprint speed, using the output of the fuel cell plus the batteries. The idea is that the fuel cell recharges the small battery bank sitting at stop lights. Sustained top speed on just the fuel cell output is more like 25-30mph.

    I’m excited by the technology, but I’m unclear what this “under $10,000” hydrogen (Where do I buy that, and where does it come from?) powered motorbike offers consumers that a $1250 Honda Wave 125i doesn’t do alot better and cheaper.


  6. kneeslider says

    Those looking for proof that hydrogen works will point to the ENV, those looking for a practical real world mode of transportation will look elsewhere.

    Expect the green and movie star crowd to snap these up so they can be seen riding them. Although hydrogen technology is improving, all of the other competing and more conventional technologies are improving even faster.

    To Tom’s question, those mini fuel reformers they are also going to sell let you make your own hydrogen supply at home like the Honda HES. Of course, that doesn’t do much good when you’re 50 miles from home and out of “gas.”