Enigma 1050 Progress Update

Enigma 1050 up on its wheels

The all British Enigma 1050 project is making great progress, it's up on its wheels, and those are British Dymag wheels wrapped with British Avon Ultra 3D Supersport tires made in Melksham, Wiltshire UK.

Terry Hall - master of metal workMetal master, Terry Hall, 70 years old and still turning out exquisite work, is now doing his part. He'll be doing the tank and aluminum masters for the bodywork. Terry is the go to guy for classic off road folks in the UK and he makes some spectacular ceremonial armor for the British Household Cavalry, too, old school skills to bring back an all British bike.

Jim Lindsay says the project has had a few minor delays, it now looks more like May instead of April for the finished bike, but that's still an extraordinarily short time from when this idea began to take shape. The design has evolved somewhat as they put the pieces together so those initial design sketches show the idea, but the actual bike looks a little different, though it's still very close to what the team initially conceived..

The UK hasn't had an all British bike for a very long time and it takes some doing to get everyone in place, actually, it takes quite a while just to convince everyone you're serious and the project isn't impossible. The UK used to be an industrial powerhouse, manufacturing all sorts of fine machinery, wouldn't it be nice to see someone getting the process moving again? Hmm, Motus in the USA and Enigma in the UK, this home grown motorcycle idea could start a trend.

Link: Enigma 1050


  1. paolo says

    I think this looks great fun as a project or one off
    A little constructive criticism, whats the price? and the compelling reason for a customer to buy at that price
    The reason I ask is, its going to be a high price and I can’t see how the math works if the cost is burdened by first buying someone elses bike..
    I also wouldn’t presume that a slightly lighter bike with theoretically better suspension will perform better than the original, Hinckley has a lot of resources and they are a pretty smart bunch, where are the resources here to test this
    This can’t be priced at a premium like a bimota etc, and even formally expensive exotics like Ducs have mainstreamed their pricing
    Bottom line unfortunately is its not salable but as a tribute to one mans take on british engineering i think its great

    • Hooligan says

      I think a compelling reason for anyone to buy this bike is that all the components are made in England by specialists and if that is something that floats your boat and is important to you. Then fine. If you have the money to spend on this that is also fine. It is never going to be anything more than a custom made bike for a small number of people..
      The standard Speed is a bit lardy. So I very much like the look of this half finished stripped down bike. Forget the nosecone and everything else. Cut off the frame at the end of the seat and no headlight – a daytime MOT is fine for huge amounts of summer fun on this bike. So how much is the frame kit please?

  2. Paulinator says

    And of course even the sheetmetal is hand-formed on an ENGISH wheel. I agree with Hooligan. Some times less is more. Cut off the aft-deck and let’er rip. It’s already Awesome.

  3. says

    I’m very sorry but going from the beautiful 3d sketches to this in my eyes is a disappointment. the frame lost everything from it’s initial design and looks way to “chunky” now. loose the giant alloy blocks and make a frame that looks more like one nice part than a combination of heavy looking bits and parts. just my 2 cents!