Ducati Monster Turbo

Turbo Ducati Monster

There aren't many motorcycles that haven't been subjected to the turbo treatment but some are common, some not. Turbo Hayabusas are everywhere and if you didn't know better you would think it was a factory option. Ducati Monsters, on the other hand, seem to be modified in many ways but turbos are a lot less common.

Bill Johnson, over at DucCutters, dropped us a line to mention a few bikes featured over there and his own bike is a very nice example of a Monster of the turbo variety. Everything fits together in a well integrated fashion and the turbo gives him a healthy 60% power increase over stock, it's now 112 hp at the rear wheel instead of the stock 76. The bike is not extraordinary or over the top, instead, it's the result of many years of refinement, approaching Bill's idea of just what he wanted. He's owned the bike since 2002 and has been working on it ever since. He won the 2004 Monster Challenge at Long Beach and continued to rebuild and refine the bike over the years which brings up a point I've mentioned before.

While some buyers complain they can't find their ideal bike in the showroom already made, others just buy something that is a good start and go from there. The finished bike (if it's ever really "finished") might not suit anyone else but it's perfect for them because they've made it that way. This monster may not be what the average Ducati rider is looking for but Bill seems to like it and it provides some good ideas to other Monster owners if a turbo was something they've considered.

Think about it. This Monster is a 1996 model, already 6 years old when Bill bought it and 6 years older now, a 12 year old bike he can't buy anywhere but sitting in his garage set up just like he wants it. That should give a few folks some ideas, no matter what brand or model happens to be their favorite. Nice bike, Bill.

Link: DucCutters

Turbo Ducati Monster


  1. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    Ive seen this bike before. Chrome is not my thing, but the technical aspect is astounding.

    Monsters are already easy to wheelie.. when that turbo winds up i imagine its difficult to keep it grounded.

  2. Jimmy says

    looks great ! my duc is the same year model & year. i bought mine new in 98 as a left over. it got lost in the wharehouse for 2 years. i got lucky & was in the right place at the right time & got a great deal. i`ve been riding for 43 years & this is the best handling bike i`ve ever owened. i think some magor performance up grade`s are in store & i like what i see with yours .