Ducati Black Dogo

Ducati Monster BlackDogo

What we have here is a Ducati Monster S4RS after a designer got done with it. Why he started in the first place, I'm not sure. It's called the Black Dogo and it has such necessary features as elephant skin on the tank with elastic bands for holding cargo, cameras instead of rearview mirrors with a monitor on the instrument panel and the designer, Ennio Capasa, says he did all of this to give the Monster off road capabilities. Huh? We'll let you read the press release below, but this could be the perfect bike for the guys wearing these helmets.

Ducati Press Release:

Ennio Capasa has designed the most powerful custom Monster ever, based on the Ducati S4RS.

Taking his inspiration from the American dirt-track bikes of the 1970s and 80s and their spectacular performance in rough conditions, Capasa has designed a completely unique motorcycle beast. Assisted by Simone Falcetta, a design specialist, and developed by NCR-Poggipolini, the premium builder of high performance Italian sport bikes, Capasa has inverted the typical design process. Here the designer has adapted to the off road what was originally a street bike. The new bike is perfect for the ultimate C’N’C voyage: “off the beaten track,” ready to tackle the toughest of roads.

The Black Dogo is like the Argentine Mastif, sinuous and powerful, light and tenacious. The front end of the bike is snub and aggressive, the back lean with a short, curved mudguard. The mufflers and seat are short and compact. The tank is covered by elephant leather and has elasticized bands to carry various objects and travel gear. The rear view mirrors have been substituted with video cameras and the instrument panel with a monitor: solutions up to now unavailable on a production motorcycle.

Unlike the Dogo, which is white, Capasa’s Ducati C’N’C Monster is black and metal. The fairing is matte black rubber and velvety to the touch. The black frame is bright and shiny. The headlights dark and opaque. The engine is particularly luminous. The tank’s elephant skin is black.

“I have always loved motorcycles and especially Ducatis. For this reason I began working on the Monster Dogo project right from the beginning of the C’N’C launch,” said Ennio Capasa. “My passion has led me to spend more and more time at the Ducati factory in Bologna where Ducati designs and builds its legendary sport motorcycles. Dreaming of building a Ducati C’N’C became somewhat of an obsession for me. A project that I viewed as a challenge and a privilege. Industrial design has always been central to my design interests and I think the results speak to this passion. The Black Dogo is a highly technological and futuristic motorcycle, a bike that I always craved. From the street to the off road, from the city to a dream vacation, aggressive, but sweet to ride… this is the bike I will ride for many years.”


  1. says

    OK, April 1 was 19 days ago. Either this guy is kidding, or he’s just built the world’s most expensive ratbike. Doing that to a brand-new Duc is a crime against humanity. :(

  2. Brian says

    OK, I’ll take the opposite side of this bet. I love it. But then again, I’m attracted to apocalyptic themes and this seems like something right out of the day after it all hits the fan.

  3. dave says

    Heh! I guess I need to call Ducati, and get me a new bike to molest.. I can do the ‘apocalyptic’ thing… Some stickers, leather, and a magnet thru PepBoys ought to do it…


  4. todd says

    Shoot, I was going to buy a CRF250 for some off road work but something like this seems a little more practical. I think I could pull off some wicked air with that thing..

  5. kneeslider says

    Now that you mention it, it does sort of have that Mad Max at the Thunderdome feeling, doesn’t it? I can picture Tina Turner riding it right now.

  6. Mr. Nick says

    Hey, I like the way it looks. Kind of a rat-rod/apocalyptic thing going on.

    As far as an offroad bike? Mmmmmm…… I think No.

  7. ZephyrChick says

    Being a novice Ducati fan, I like it. No, I love it. It appeals to the rough and tough in me (sans hairspray). But I’d much rather have mirrors. Cameras don’t mesh with bikes unless they’re on The Long Way Round. And cargo straps on the tank? Come on, how practical is that? So much for the unfettered ride.

  8. Thaddeus says

    Was it baby elephant? I can imagine an adult being a little too rough to sit on, but…
    (just a joke, but leather is leather)

    As far as the straps, I would totally hit the backroads with a pup-tent and sleeping bag. I can really dig the ralley headlights too, all grilled and mean looking. Not to mention the stripped down naked frame in black is world class minimalist and utilitarian. Other than the pipes being to the side and not tucked up under the tail like a 1089, it looks clean and rugged. Looks like a solid ride. I want it.