Dragon King Valkyrie from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

The Japanese shops turn out some pretty creative customs and this Honda Valkyrie called Ryujin or Dragon King really pushes the envelope. It seems to have a bit of the Akira look, popular in Japan, but, whatever the inspiration, it's a total redesign of the stock Valkyrie. It looks huge but manageable. Weight comes in at 652 pounds dry. Seat height is 28 3/4 which is lower than it would appear.

Not much info is available but these guys did one helluva job completely recreating the bike. It's the kind of custom you couldn't just ride, you would have to be dressed for it and I'm not sure what the proper attire would be.

It's original, it's bold, I like it!

Thanks for the tip, Eric!

Link: Whitehouse (English translation) via Atari-san Kustom Chopper Works

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan

Dragon King Valkyrie Custom from Whitehouse of Japan


  1. Chris R says

    A bit gody looking. Looks like a pregnant sport bike. As with most metric bikes everything has to be over accentuated, and this is no different. And I thought the Harley V-Rod looked like a pregnant sportbike, this one looks like it is about to give birth…

  2. Rich says

    It is a fairly integrated design in that all the proportions seem correct and bits seem to go together. It isn’t something I’d ride – way too large – but is a nice design exercise and build. I like to see these Japanese builds and what they’re doing.

  3. kneeslider says

    Chris R, it’s not a sport bike, it’s a Valkyrie. Anything that starts with a Valkyrie is going to be huge. The fact that you even compare it to the look of a sport bike means they accomplished something.

  4. Adrian says

    This is so awesome! I’m putting this bike right on the top of my “If I robbed a bank” list!

  5. Paul Y says

    My first thought was a Tron Suit, but then… ROBO-COP
    It’s kinda got that 30’s Art Deco/Streamline aesthetic.

  6. Richard Gozinya says

    I dig how it’s all streamliny, then the engine sticks way out there. Great contrast, like a stretched out Guzzi.

  7. John S says

    Variations of this bike have been around for a decade at least. This version is interesting in that they replaced the stock Valkyrie intake with thoroughly impractical flat side carbs with no air cleaners.

  8. OMMAG says

    It’s awesome…. over the top … killer and rude ….. didn’t I mention something along these lines a few weeks ago?

    Now … figure out a way to take two or three feet off … shed a couple hundred pounds….

  9. Scotduke says

    Very Judge Dredd and no, I don’t mean the dreadful Dredd film starring Stallone. It looks like a Hayabusa on steroids. It’s certainly eye-catching and I like the configuration of the air intakes and the pipes particularly. It looks like it’d be a fun bike to have and not too impractical though you’d need a nearly a car-sized space to park it, which I don’t have.

  10. Tom says

    Now, compare this custom with the American cookie-cutter chopper Ducati posted here as well. This bike is unique and shows some real inventive thinking. Once again, Americans cannot compete.

  11. Sportster Mike says

    Like others I like the carb pots – but won’t it stop working in the rain?
    (what do you mean its not going out in the rain?) and I like the pipes – last one of these Runes? I saw moving (on Poole Quays Bike Night this summer) with the stock pipes on whistled at me when he rolled the throttle
    Definetely a Ninja suit required and a mask.. (and I still can’t spell).

  12. JWRICH4 says

    Proper attire, I have visons of a Steam Punk Theme. porridge pot helmet, miners googles, scarf, leather \Field Jacket\, jeans, gauntlets and engineer boots.

  13. says

    This bike belongs in one of three places. As a trade-in at a used car lot, in Japan or doing 173mph on the Autobahn. Anywhere esle it would be out of place.

    I would prefer a Valk to be made sleaker and lighter looking, not bulkier and heavier, but that’s just me. Love the carbs.

  14. the Ogre says

    I’m amused by it; I do like it for it’s very over-the-topness, in the same way that I like the Leonhardt Gunbus: not to ride, but just to admire that someone had the chutzpah to make the bloody thing.

  15. Derek Larsen says

    I feel like proper attire is either a kamikaze/Zero pilot outfit complete with scarf, or an Armani suit, black, with white shirt and a skinny black tie.

  16. says

    Saw a lot of customized scooters when in Japan a while back. This thing looks pretty much like a Godzillaized version of those. Wonderful.

    (Note to Sportster Mike; if it rides in japan, it’ll ride in the rain. Trust me on that one.)

  17. woolyhead says

    No problem whittling out a shield to ward off moisture. It’s a very strange bike…..I like it…..for no particular reason………..

  18. Marvin says

    I like it, I would not want to own it but I do like it err a bit like the mallard stream train, its not right for my garage but it makes the world a more impressive place by existing.

  19. Nicolas says

    the proper attire includes a showel to feed loads of charcoal in the burner. What, it’s not a steam freight train locomotive ?


  20. Erick says

    i was thinking more of torn leather jacket, pants, short gloves and long boots with lots of spike. no helmet and your hair was dressed up like a tornado just passed by. Yes it’s stupid, but with this kind of bike i think it looks awesome. lol

  21. John says

    Wouldn’t want to be seen on that. I don’t believe the wieght either, looks more like 700+ dry to me.

  22. joe says

    Looks like the bastard child from the mating of a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Honda Goldwing. Nice creation ! What to call it ? Valbusa !

  23. B50 Jim says

    Fabulous! Looks like the streamlined steam locomotives the railroads ran toward the end of the steam era. I’d love to hear that big six running — word was that the original Val had such a mean sound that Honda toned it down; this one looks like it rectified that situation. As to garb for riding this machine — nothing but a full Batman outfit.

  24. Jacques says

    “and I’m not sure what the proper attire would be”
    How about a Batman suite…it would make the man proud!