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MFX Classic motorcycle style faucetThis is pretty high on my list of "things I've never seen before." MFX, Inc. is a company built around an idea that popped up in the head of Rob Parrette. Rob was sitting around one evening talking to his brother about motorcycles (probably lots of beer involved!) and up pops this idea about making a faucet that's styled to look like a motorcycle gas tank and handlebars. He had never seen one and thought it had some potential. As often happens, the idea sat for years until finally Rob decided to do something with it. After finding two partners to help get the company off the ground, they got a patent on the design, found a manufacturer and the result is the MFX Classic, their first product.

They started with an initial run of 500 individually numbered MFX Classic Faucets which they are slowly rolling out and introducing at various motorcycle events in the northeastern U.S. The faucets will fit any sink with standard 4 inch centers. It is a bit heavy at 14 pounds, so you'll have to be sure your sink can carry the weight of the mounted faucet but it looks like it's a very high quality fixture.

If you want to "bring some of that feeling of the ride inside" as they like to say, you might want to look them up.

ATTENTION: These faucets are no longer being produced. The company appears to be out of business. Please do not contact The Kneeslider about them. I do not know if anyone is planning to make them again. Thanks.

The Kneeslider: Gearhead Designs Motorcycle Decor


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    14 lbs? Must be for the chrome crowd. Now they need a carbon fiber version that ways 1.4 oz for the sportbikers. Pretty cool idea, but I fear the family that has this in their bathroom. No need to snoop through the medicine cabinet when this is in your face.