Color Tires for MX, Scooters and ATVs

Color Tires by Desser TireDesser Tire and Rubber Company has been offering the Tomahawk colored tires for sportbikes for quite a while here in the U.S. Looking through their site shows they've expanded their lineup to include colored and camo tires for scooters, ATVs and motocross bikes,too.

Desser is a leading supplier of aircraft tires, not some fly by night outfit, and their process of remanufacturing motorcycle tires results in a ZR rated tire, it just doesn't look like your average tire. Tires come in all different colors and many patterns. They also come in different compounds for street or racing.

With the rising sales of scooters, they offer the same color tire options in scooter sizes, too. Maybe you want to hide your ATV or MX bike when you're out in the woods, then get the camo pattern.

I've seen these tires on a few bikes and they definitely look different. If you're building some kind of show bike, carry the color theme all the way through. Opinions vary widely when people see these tires but you have to admit, they're interesting and your bike will stand out.

It appears these color tires are no longer available. Please do not contact The Kneeslider about them. I do not know of anyone else currently making color tires for any motorcycle or ATV. Thanks.

Link: Desser Tire and Rubber
Link: Tomahawk Tires