Cedric Smith CBR1800RR Follow Up

CBR1800RR by Cedric Smith of Everett Powersports

CBR1800RR by Cedric Smith of Everett Powersports

If you remember our post from last year about the amazing CBR1800RR by Cedric Smith, a Honda Gold Wing converted into a monster racer/sport touring machine with CBR bodywork and no small amount of garage engineering, there are a lot of much better photos available now. A comment from Marc, included a link back to Everett Powersports where Cedric works. It looks like they're rather proud of the work he does, and with good reason.

RS450RR - RS125 GP racer with a CRF450 engine

RS450RR - RS125 GP racer with a CRF450 engine

Cedric, along with some other techs in their service department, have been turning out some pretty interesting mashups of frames and engines and bodywork of all types, like taking a 125GP racer and swapping in a CRF450 engine, or putting a Suzuki TL1000 engine in a flat track frame. They're great examples of, "Hmm, I wonder if we put this in there ..." thinking that resulted in the machines you see here. They have lots of photos over at the Everett Powersports website and they're well worth a look.

Suzuki TL Tracker - flat track frame with a Suzuki TL1000 engine

Suzuki TL Tracker - flat track frame with a Suzuki TL1000 engine

I don't know what else Cedric has up his sleeve, but based on these combinations, it could be darn near anything. Thanks for the pointer, Marc!

Link: Everett Powersports


  1. Mean Monkey says

    I’d like to think that some guys at Honda’s engineering department are doing self-inflicted head smacks, “we coulda done that!” right about now.

  2. 7R Pete says

    Love the use of the Yamaha frame. Has the blower been attached yet? (see previous posting) and has anything else been done to the engine to up the HP?
    I would like to get a GW6 into a sports outfit maybe with one of the old Steib chair frames. Used to run an HRD Rapide with one, that was fun.

  3. Dano says

    How does one live with a mind that can dream up and create stuff like this?
    Amazing and beautiful.

  4. drus says

    Wow! always thought the ‘wing would look cool stripped like they used to be. Where is/are the radiators?

  5. Hawk says

    Hey, Everett is not that far from me. I gotta go and meet this guy.

    I love the built in seat warmer on the CBR1800RR. Better than heated grips, I’d say. I also like where he’s mounted the plate. We have a couple of toll bridges here …. this should foil the readers pretty well.

    And this makes a lot more sense than building a bike around a whacking big V8 or V10. Cracking the throttle will still probably give you 100 mph burnouts.

  6. Russell B! says

    The Suzuki TL in the flat-track frame looks like the stillborn Highland Flat Track model.

    All of these bikes have a very high “cool/I want it” factor.

  7. rohorn says


    And even more amazed that the dealer is displaying his work. Too many dealership owners are terrified of any talent exceeding their own (usually, not much) and scared that customers might start getting ideas.

    I was wondering where Everett was, until I saw their weather forecast in the link above…

  8. Modsquad says

    I do hate to mess with another man’s genius… but I’d love to see this with a swing arm about 5″ shorter, standard bars and seat… sort of a CB1800F.

  9. SausageCreature says

    Maybe it’s just a trick based on the scale/perspective of the photo, but the wheelbase on the TL tracker looks admirably short. Good luck keeping the front wheel down (for those few who would want to).

  10. HigherRPM says

    I really like the 450 single in a 125 frame. Thought about this years ago but never pulled it off. Nicely done! What is the weight?

      • HigherRPM says

        Wow! That is super light. I was thinking around 220 lbs wet and 191 lbs is just amazing. I had a road race frame built by Dick Mann using a XL 500 Honda engine and it weighed 265 lbs wet.

  11. wstarvingteacher says

    I think frankenbikes are great. The first one I remember seeing stuffed a 350 Jawa engine in a 350 Honda frame. Did it cause that was the parts pile they had left. Doing this stuff is just great and warped at the same time. I have a DT175 that runs pretty good but you always wonder “what if?”. It won’t last forever. But then neither will I.