Nimbus Motorcycles May Live Again

Nimbus Type C

Though Nimbus motorcycles aren’t as well known in the States as they are in Europe, due to their Danish origins, they do have a devoted following. Quite a few owners ride them regularly and have even taken them on extended trips. If Claus Støvlbæk Clausen has his way, you’ll be able to do that yourself […]

Zero Mile 1983 Ducati 900 S2 on MSO

1983 Ducati 900 S2 with zero miles, still on MSO

It never ceases to amaze me when I see bikes like this for sale, thirty years old, never titled, no gas ever in the tank and in perfect condition. They’re not “barn finds,” they’re more like “living room finds” or wherever the guy kept it on display and out of harms way. This is a […]

Brand New Suzuki RE5 Rotary with Zero Miles

Brand new, zero mile, Suzuki RE5 rotary

You certainly don’t see this every day, a brand new, unrestored, all original, zero mile, 1976 Suzuki RE5 rotary engine motorcycle. Although you could theoretically buy it and ride it, at this point, it would be a shame to do so, because, as the owner suggests, keeping the bike in its current pristine condition provides […]

Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo

Suzuki GT750 Water Buffalo

If you’re on the lookout for an exceptional vintage motorcycle coming up for sale, hoping to find a nice classic, you’ll constantly see great examples of all of the usual suspects, the CB750, Kawasaki Z1s, every variety of Triumph and Norton, and many, many others, but it’s nice to see really clean examples of bikes […]

BSA Thompson 1100cc V-Twin

BSA Thompson V-Twin

Remember those old BSA V-Twins? Me neither. Well, here’s one to think about, it’s a 1963 BSA A10 frame with an engine created by a P.Thompson in 1991-1992. It uses the BSA A10 gearbox, with cylinders and cylinder heads from a B50 along with a B50 carburetor. Total displacement is 1100cc. The seller of this […]