DIY Quarter Scale Fuel Injected DOHC V8 Engine

Quarter scale DOHC fuel injected V8 engine built from scratch

There is a subculture of incredibly skilled hobby machinists turning out work that is awe inspiring for anyone who has ever stood before a milling machine or to those who simply appreciate great work. This V8 engine, built entirely from scratch, is one of those “best of breed” examples; fuel injected, double overhead cams, serpentine […]

Suzuki VX800 Gets a Snowmobile Power Transplant

Brent Soper's Suzuki VX800 with 900cc snowmobile power

Every now and then, someone starts thinking a motorcycle and a snowmobile should get together, you know, big 2 stroke power stuffed into a motorcycle frame, just because it’s the right thing to do. Of course, if you’re a fabricator and machinist by trade, you can do a lot more than think about it, you […]

Drysdale Godzilla V-Twin

Ian Drsdale's Godzilla V-Twin with master and link rods and longitudinal cam

Ian Drysdale keeps popping up whenever we talk about interesting engines, the Drysdale V8, the Carberry V-Twin, Russell Sutton’s radial and a whole lot more, but as often happens, while digging around for information on another engine, I came across the Drysdale Godzilla V-Twin which I hadn’t seen before. Ian must have some gene that […]

Allen Millyard Builds a 5 Liter V-Twin

Allen Millyard 5 liter V-Twin out of two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 radial

Allen Millyard, everyone’s favorite Dr. Enginestein, has done it again, this time taking two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 radial and making himself a 5 liter V-Twin, the “Flying Millyard.” Everything is hand made, including the crankshaft and connecting rods, then, in what seems to be the new popular skill among high level […]