Titanium Hydride Dramatically Lowers Manufacturing Cost of Titanium Parts

Finished titanium parts can be manufactured for $25 per pound compared to $213 per pound, using a technique based on titanium hydride (TiH2) powder. The technology was developed under a Department of Energy Global Initiative for Proliferation Prevention (DOE/GIPP) project performed in the Ukraine. By reducing the cost of titanium and the associated processing the […]

Titanium and Carbon Fiber Costs Coming Down

Look at your average MotoGP bike and you’ll see lots of titanium and carbon fiber pieces, same goes for high end bikes like the Ducati Desmosedici or any motorcycle needing the strongest and lightest materials. Unfortunately, all of those exotic bits mean high prices, but, we could see more of those materials used in the […]

Electronic Shift By Wire on Bicycles

Every time I mention brake by wire, throttle by wire or anything by wire, there’s a contingent of voices that just can’t get their heads around the change. Here is another sign of control by wire in a place I wouldn’t have thought about, bicycles. Shimano has introduced their full electronic shift by wire system […]