Titanium and Carbon Fiber Costs Coming Down

Look at your average MotoGP bike and you’ll see lots of titanium and carbon fiber pieces, same goes for high end bikes like the Ducati Desmosedici or any motorcycle needing the strongest and lightest materials. Unfortunately, all of those exotic bits mean high prices, but, we could see more of those materials used in the […]

Electronic Shift By Wire on Bicycles

Every time I mention brake by wire, throttle by wire or anything by wire, there’s a contingent of voices that just can’t get their heads around the change. Here is another sign of control by wire in a place I wouldn’t have thought about, bicycles. Shimano has introduced their full electronic shift by wire system […]

TTxGP Clean Emissions Grand Prix Race

June 2009 will mark the first running of the TTxGP Clean Emissions Grand Prix Race at the famous Isle of Mann TT circuit. The whole point of the race is to show clean and green doesn’t have to mean slow. There have been a lot of alternative energy drivetrains proposed and built but the image […]

Honda Driving Safety Support Systems

Honda is testing what it calls its Driving Safety Support Systems (DSSS). 2 vehicles, a Honda Odyssey, Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV-4) and a Honda Forza scooter, are equipped with inter-vehicle and road-to-vehicle communications capabilities, plus other scooters will be used for camera detection purposes. The purpose of the project is to utilize positional information gleaned […]

Ricardo 2/4Sight – 2 and 4 Stroke Engine

We’ve seen engines that turn cylinders on and off but how about engines that switch between 2 and 4 stroke operation on the fly? The engineering firm, Ricardo, has developed a prototype of an engine that does exactly that, they call it the 2/4Sight. With careful design of intake and exhaust ports plus a control […]

Delta 7 Sports IsoTruss Bicycle Frame

Delta 7 Sports has a new bicycle frame built with IsoTruss technology. IsoTruss is an isosceles triangle based pyramid grid structure that can be made from a variety of composite materials, IsoTruss tubing is made from multiple layers of carbon fiber wrapped with Kevlar cords. The lattice structure creates a very light yet very strong […]

Solar Powered LED Traffic Lane Markers

Astucia Traffic Safety Systems from over in the U.K. have developed the next step beyond the reflective lane markers we’re all familiar with, solar powered lane markers. These work like other solar powered lights that seem to be popping up everywhere, a solar cell charges a battery during daylight hours and they turn on automatically […]