The Early Days of Hanging Off with Your Knee Out

Almost, but not quite, the beginning of the transition to modern turning technique

For a website with the name “The Kneeslider,” you might think this little bit of info would be pretty well settled around here, but have you ever wondered, when, exactly, motorcycle racers began hanging off of their bikes with their knees out when rounding a turn? It wasn’t that long ago, riders remained firmly seated […]

Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Sets Bonneville Record

Confederate X132 Hellcat

There’s been a rush of emails in my inbox lately announcing lots of new motorcycle speed records, it must have been a good year for the salt. This one just came in and it’s actually pretty impressive. The new Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat set a record of 172.211mph in the APF3000 category (unfaired, naturally aspirated, […]