2015 Confederate C2 P51 Project Drawing Revealed

Computer rendering of Confederate C2 P51 Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles has just shown a drawing of their 2015 C2 P-51 Fighter. A video with Pierre Terblanche, Confederate’s head of design, gives us a general idea of what they’re doing, as he highlights a few features of the new bike. The billet aluminum cases are 40 pounds lighter than the previous version, the heads, […]

What’s the Point of Model Years?

Do model years matter?

Have you ever wondered why motor vehicles are sold by the model year? It’s been going on for so long, no one seems to think much about it other than to wonder what the “new” models will have that’s different from the “old” ones. Cars change sheet metal or plastic a little bit and put […]

Moto Guzzi Superbike Concept by Luca Bar

Moto Guzzi superbike prototype by Luca Bar

Just poking around looking at designs and noticed this prototype for a Moto Guzzi superbike by Luca Bar. From the look of it, he’s using the 8 valve 1200cc engine found in the Griso mounted in a frame of his own design with a girder front suspension. It looks to me like it would be […]

JJ2S X4 500cc 2 Stroke Update

JJ2S X4 500cc 4 cylinder 2 stroke concept from Poland

The Kneeslider just passed its 7 year anniversary and one of the most enjoyable benefits is getting to see the progress some of the projects we covered years ago have made since we first brought them to your attention. I just received an email from J. Jacek Synakiewicz, he’s the JJS in JJS Design, the […]

GrabCAD – a Mechanical Engineering Community

3D model of Ducati clutch

GrabCAD is a pretty interesting place if you’re a CAD wizard or want to be, or if you’re a company or individual that lacks the in house skill necessary to further develop an idea. You can request work that is performed to your specs and it will remain completely confidential or you can post a […]