Avinton Motorcycles Reveal Their 2014 Muscle Bikes

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

Avinton Motorcycles build muscle bikes, inspired, in their words, by the 427 AC Cobra. They do have the right look, no swoopy bodywork covering the mechanics, it all out there for the world to see. Power from S&S, Beringer brakes, Arrow exhaust, carbon fiber everywhere and handbuilt to customer specifications. There are a lot of […]

Brough Superior SS100 is Back and Brand New

Brough Superior SS100

Among the long list of motorcycles introduced at EICMA, we just noticed one that slipped by at first, the brand new Brough Superior SS100. It’s quite the bike. It’s been a work in progress for a long time and we can imagine there was a lot of planning and debate within the company before launching […]

Harley Davidson Liquid Cooled Street 750 and Street 500

Harley Davidson Street 750 with liquid-cooled Revolution X™ powertrain

When’s the last time you heard the name Harley Davidson associated with anything other than heavyweight motorcycles? Well, get used to it, because they’re introducing two new models, the Street 750 and Street 500 based on a whole new platform powered by a liquid cooled Revolution X™ powertrain. Looks like they’re fighting in the middleweight […]

California Scooter Company Brings Back the Mustang

California Scooter Company Greaser

The California Scooter Company has revived the old Mustang motorcycles, a pretty popular little scooter from the 1950s. The new versions looks very similar to the old originals and with the customer’s choice of either a 125cc 150cc or 250cc engine, you get a perfectly capable little motorcycle you can have a lot of fun […]