Ducati Monster Bible by Ian Falloon Review

Ducati Moster Bible by Ian Falloon

Ducati certainly has a large and passionate following and fans are always talking about their sexy superbikes and how they fared in the latest race, but when it comes to sales, the Monster, the naked, fairly upright and much more basic member of the Italian family is the big winner, and without it, Ducati would […]

BMW Custom Motorcycles by Uli Cloesen – Review

BMW Custom Motorcycles: Choppers, Cruisers, Bobbers, Trikes & Quads by Uli Cloesen

Veloce Publishing has a brand new book, BMW Custom Motorcycles by Uli Cloesen, and if you’re on the lookout for some ideas to change the appearance or function of your Beemer, this is a fascinating selection of what’s being done all over the world. Some of the bikes, you’ve seen before on The Kneeslider, but […]

Motorcycle Dream Garages – Book Review

Some owners buy a motorcycle strictly for the ride, the thrill and adventure of the open road or the track, others pursue their own special version of the biker lifestyle, but, quite a few of us have an attraction to all things mechanical, especially those of the self propelled variety and we want to take […]

Big Sid’s Vincati – Review

Big Sid’s Vincati, as you might guess, is the marriage of a Ducati 750 GT frame with a Vincent V-Twin. We mentioned it on The Kneeslider a while back after it appeared in a couple of magazine articles. Not very many have ever been built and all but this one, were assembled in Australia. They […]

Cafe Racer the Motorcycle – Book Review

If you’ve been paying attention to changes in the motorcycle world, you’ve certainly noticed the resurgence of the cafe racer. Cafe Racer: The Motorcycle by Mike Seate takes a look at the whole concept of cafe racers, the social scene where they originated, how they developed, many of the notable people involved and, most likely […]

The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine – Book Review

The Fine Art of the Motorcycle Engine by Daniel Peirce is a photographic tribute to the essence of what many of us find so attractive about motorcycles in the first place, a tribute to the heart of the machine, the mechanical motive force, … the engine. In today’s world of plastic covered streamlined shapes, where […]