Stirling Engines and Vacuum Motors for a Trip Back in Time – UPDATED - Who needs electricity when you have flame eaters?

Vacuum Motor

Some enthusiasts of the latest high technology, especially the younger ones among us, have never developed an appreciation for engines of the past, perhaps because they’ve never been exposed to them. Some of us, though, have long loved exposed rocker arms and flywheels and smile at the simplicity of stirling engines and vacuum motors and […]

CoAxe Opposed Piston Diesel Engine

CoAxe opposed piston diesel engine

Opposed piston engines are getting to be the rage and this one, the CoAxe, from a company in Australia, looks like another interesting entry. It’s initially being developed as a 100 horsepower unit for use in unmanned aerial vehicles. The unit is relatively small, lightweight and low maintenance. It’s also extremely low vibration since all […]

Ecomotors OPOC Engine Slated for Mass Production

EcoMotors OPOC 2 stroke engine

Ecomotors announced yesterday a joint venture with a subsidiary of Chinese auto maker FAW Group, outlining plans to begin producing the opposed piston engines in 2015: The joint venture will build a plant in China’s northern Shanxi province with the capacity to make 100,000 engines a year. The factory is expected to begin operating in […]

Good Bye Engines – Hello Power Trains

Diagram of 2014 Formula 1 energy recovery system, it's far more than just an engine

Formula 1 racing is changing the rules for next year, there are radical body work changes of no particular interest to any of us outside of the sport, but the engine changes should be interesting to all of us, whether you follow F1 or not. In fact, using the term “engine” isn’t quite right, there […]

Kawasaki Indicates Work on a Supercharged Engine

Kawasaki inline four with supercharger

Way back in late 2011, we showed you a series of patent drawings for a supercharged engine from Kawasaki. The patent was pretty straightforward, a compact blower was tucked in behind the cylinders, but other than those drawings, nothing. At the Tokyo Motor Show just completed, Kawasaki had an exhibit of a supercharged engine that […]

Yamaha Warrior 14 Cylinder Radial Engine Project Begins

CAD drawing of the 14 cylinder radial

As mentioned in the progress report on Russell Sutton’s 9 cylinder radial engine, he’s already begun work on his next project. This one’s going to be a real beauty, a 14 cylinder radial in two rows of 7 cylinders each. The top ends for each cylinder will be from a Yamaha XV1700 Warrior. The complete […]

Russell Sutton’s Honda 9 Cylinder Radial Engine Progress Report

Russell Sutton's radial with Sensenich prop

What could be better than a 9 cylinder radial engine? Why, a home built 9 cylinder radial, of course! Russell Sutton continues to work on his engine projects, (yes, I said projects, because he’s already beginning his next engine) and we just received the latest updates on the radial build many of you have been […]

DIY Quarter Scale Fuel Injected DOHC V8 Engine

Quarter scale DOHC fuel injected V8 engine built from scratch

There is a subculture of incredibly skilled hobby machinists turning out work that is awe inspiring for anyone who has ever stood before a milling machine or to those who simply appreciate great work. This V8 engine, built entirely from scratch, is one of those “best of breed” examples; fuel injected, double overhead cams, serpentine […]

Homemade 694cc Honda V8 Motorcycle for Sale

Home made Honda V8 motorcycle by Dennis Franz

A few years ago we put up a short post about a fellow who made his own 694cc V8 engine with a homemade crankcase and his own crossplane crankshaft. Top ends come courtesy of engines from a Honda CB350F. The engine ran and sounded pretty sweet, but there was no information on it that I […]