Voxan Builds the Wattman – an Electric Cruiser

Voxan Wattman electric cruiser

Except for a number of one off projects by individual builders, electric motorcycles tend to be something either sporty and racer like or built for off road use. Companies getting into the e-bike business usually avoid cruisers, until now, that is, because Voxan, the newly revived French motorcycle company, just introduced the Wattman at the […]

Kubo – A Two Wheel Electric Pickup Truck

Kubo, the 2 wheel electric pickup truck / scooter

You remember the Lit Motors guys, they’re the ones doing the gyro stabilized enclosed two wheeler that sits still without any side stands because of the gyros in the base of the bike. Well, if you were paying attention to the other projects they had in motion at the time, you might have noticed Kubo. […]

Another Sign Our Electric Future Will Be Delayed

BMW i3 electric car comes with a gasoline powered loaner

We’ve written before about the limitations of electric motorcycles, cars and trucks, all because the batteries we need have been promised for years, but always seem five or ten years off. I wouldn’t bring this up again except I noticed what seems to me to be a glaring surrender to reality on the part of […]

Is an Electric Motorcycle a Girl’s Bike?

Brammo Enertia

Sometimes, in their enthusiasm to tell a reporter some interesting news, company owners say things that might be taken the wrong way. I’m wondering if Craig Bramscher of Brammo had one of those interviews. An article appearing in the Wall Street Journal said this: Women are lining up to test drive and preorder a new […]

Lit Motors Self Balancing Fully Enclosed 2 Wheeler Prototype Takes First Slow Test Run

Lit Motors C1 on test drive

Several months ago, Lit Motors was just showing off their concept and explaining their dream of a gyro stabilized, fully enclosed motorcycle. Just a few days ago, their very early stage prototype, took its first, hesitant test drive under power. The production model, will have two, counter rotating gyroscopes mounted in the frame, spinning at […]