Big Twin Torque in a Sport Bike Package?

BTR Moto Big Twin sport bike by Curt Winter

Motorcycle specifications get interesting when comparing the construction of the highest performing sport motorcycles. Subtle differences in rake, trail, and wheelbase combined with an array of race results, illustrate the holy grail of power and handling has yet to be found. Motorcyclist magazine recently ran two monthly issues back-to-back comparing 8 of the top liter […]

In-line Four Engine Development

Bott Power Moto2

Is the in-line four cylinder motor about to become the most developed engine for performance motorcycles? BMW’s choice for this platform and Yamaha’s development of their cross-plane crankshaft engine are two obvious points. What if either of those manufacturers combine their strategies with something similar to the Horex’s staggered piston arrangement? The Horex 6 cylinder […]

Harley-Davidson and the 25 – 40 Year Old Buyer

Harley Davidson Sportster custom cafe racer

All motorcycle manufacturers must contend with changes in tastes & demographics (age, gender, location, etc.). For several years there has been a lot of talk about the increase in the average age of the Harley-Davidson buyer. The investment in the 2010 Street Glide Trike model seems to be in-line with that statistic, while another investment […]

American Sportbike – The Eller Industries Story

Are you baffled by the lack of mass produced American-made sport motorcycles? (editor’s note: other than Buell) Ironically, 10 years ago a failed business plan for a cruiser motorcycle and a questionable trademark decision played the lead roles in the continued absence of an American sportbike. This absence was not from a lack of demand […]

Motorcycle Factory Tours – One Idea for Off Season Out of the Saddle Time

December is approaching. The last time many riders have thrown a leg over a bike with the intent to actually go somewhere is starting to seem distant. The desire to look through a corner while rolling the throttle has to be replaced with something else (but what?). What out of the saddle activity can medicate […]

The Kneeslider – Guest Contributors

Today I am extremely pleased to be introducing something new on The Kneeslider, our first guest contributor. The Kneeslider has been here for over 3 years now and some of our regular readers, especially our commenters, have shown they know quite a bit about motorcycles, the technical details, the history and sometimes the obscure motorcycle […]