California Scooter Company Brings Back the Mustang

California Scooter Company Greaser

California Scooter Company Greaser

The California Scooter Company has revived the old Mustang motorcycles, a pretty popular little scooter from the 1950s. The new versions looks very similar to the old originals and with the customer's choice of either a 125cc 150cc or 250cc engine, you get a perfectly capable little motorcycle you can have a lot of fun with without a huge investment.

California Scooter Company Classic - a brand new and updated Mustang

California Scooter Company Classic - a brand new and updated Mustang

The basic models look pretty neat to begin with, but as you might expect, they offer lots of accessories, not quite as many as Harley, but if you really want to dress things up you have a lot of choices.

California Scooter Company Military Series

California Scooter Company Military Series

These scooters are not rockets, they're not track weapons, they're not cross country touring machines, they're just a fun little scooter. Want to ride two up? Easy, get a second one. Really. These are a basic, inexpensive motorcycle for recreational riding.

Who's the target market? Anyone could be, but I have a hunch it's likely to be men of a certain age who just want something for a short scoot down to the coffee shop to see their buddies or a fun ride around town. No major work required, easy maintenance, what's not to like?

Prices start around $4000, but I imagine those accessories could add up quickly if you're not careful.

Thanks for the tip, Roy.

Link: California Scooter Company


  1. David Duarte says

    Those are pretty cool, but $4000 is a bit steep. $2000 to $2500 might make more sense. If I want to drop $4000 on a 250, I’ll get a CB250 or a GW250.

    • Paul Crowe says

      If you’re comparing these to another motorcycle, especially if you’re a younger guy, there may be a lot of other options in the same range or less, but I’m not sure that’s the comparison.

      I see older guys getting something like a Honda Silver Wing at what, $9000? Even a Forza is $5500, and then there are the guys buying a Can-Am Roadster which is Harley price territory. At $4000, these Mustang clones are a bargain..

  2. canbalen says

    these chinese engines can be bought at 500 usd brand new with carb and cdi ignition box so how much for a frame tank wheels air cleaner and exhaust ? 4000 usd should a huuuuuuge profit ,don t you agree ?

    • Paul Crowe says

      Well, then there is a huge opportunity for someone else to build another bike like it. Of course, building the bikes in California means they have to go through all of the bureaucratic red tape necessary to put this on the market which adds a LOT to the price. People always add up the price of components and think that’s the end of it. If it were only that easy.

    • says

      A mechanically gifted individual with the spare time and facilities to build a bike like this – sourcing new parts, getting them professionally painted, assembling the bits into a functioning motorcycle, etc. etc. – but not having to deal with emissions tests, company liability or sales, may be able to build it cheaper. Maybe. But then those with time/skills and working space etc. will probably go for restoring an original one.

  3. Jon Hutchison says

    While not intended for touring, atleast one trip down Baja has been made on the new Mustang with only an issue with tire wear due to an out of balance situation. These are well made bikes, but look at the Sach Madass for a price comparison…..about half, although built 100% abroad. With several of the major brands building engines in China and maybe India they are not all Chinese knock off junk.

  4. Decline says

    Price is right in there for what similar powered scooters run for. But if I wanted to go this route (scooter territory with loss of the step through) I’d be more tempted with cleveland cyclewerks….but maybe that is just coming down to style preference. Still even without needing one, I find cyclewerks tempting me from time to time.

    It is hard to look at a 150cc without just going the more practical traditional scooter route though. I love my triumph, but once you drop a bag dog food, cat food, and cat litter into the step through, you will just keep borrowing gf’s scooter for such runs. Lol

  5. canbalen says

    Is it road legal at least for this price ? because i do a a road legal chinese 200 cc for 1200 brand new , of course

  6. says

    Guys and gals, Joe B here. I write the blog for CSC and I’m the guy who led the trip down to Cabo on these bikes (that story is at!.htm).

    The bikes are street legal in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

    CSC is just about out of 2013 bikes (still have a few left); the next production run will have bikes available in about 2 months.

    Regarding price, that’s not where we compete. Our bikes are essentially custom motorcycles with tons of billet and chrome and almost no plastic. You can buy less expensive bikes in the same price range; you can’t buy any other bike that is like these.

    The bikes are based on the original Mustang motorcycle concept, and you can read more about those bikes and CSC here:


    Feel free to ping me with any questions, and if you’re ever in the Azusa, CA area, please stop by.

  7. canbalen says

    how many american workers are used to built this bike ? Guys stop buying chinese bikes . restore old ones and give some job to your local mechanic

  8. Lost Boy says

    I think they are cool. The price does seem somewhat high, but they are unique. These days that usually inflates the price quite a bit. Regarding the engine, are we sure it is a Chineese job? I have a lifan 88cc 4spd on my restored z50 and I’ve put it through the ringer and its been great. The only thing I’d like to see is if a lifan 250cc v-twin honda clone could be forced in there.

  9. Honyock says

    I’m a believer in modern technology with retro design, but I wonder how these will stack up against the Honda Grom – similar displacement and dimensions,high-tech vibe and three quarters of the price from a global manufacturer with a reputation for reliability. How many others would drop the extra G for the cool factor?

    • oldernowiser says

      In answer to your question, “How many others would drop the extra G for the cool factor?” There are tons of people out there who have never uttered the phrase “high-tech vibe” let alone seek the same. Different strokes and all, you know? Honda Grom, a neat little bike, CSC scooter, a neat little bike. Read the article in the link above before questioning the reliability of the CSC scooter.

  10. Roy says

    The Honda-Grom is a 125cc ugly duck whereas the 250cc CSC scooter is a thing of beauty. If you like the Grom you may love the Sachs MadAss at quite a bit less money than the Honda.