Cagiva Production Moving to India

CagivaCagiva seems to be restructuring their business a bit. According to this article, Cagiva has partnered with Kinetic Engineering of India to begin manufacturing the 125cc Mito in both 2 and 4 stroke versions, however, they are also considering production of a 650cc version in India as well.

Cagiva President Claudio Castiglioni, planning to restructure his company inclusive of three brands (Cagiva, Husqvarna and MV Agusta), indicated that India is likely to be a major role-player in the streamlined operation.

The brand Cagiva will feature a series of Indian-made models. The deal, aimed at cost-effective quality at competitive prices, includes two-stroke 125cc Mito and a four-stroke version of the same motorcycle. Cagiva`s, shown a prototype model called the Mito 500, which may be fitted with a 650cc engine. This model may go into production in India.

The move will allow Cagiva to become an entry-level brand that will stand beside premium brand MV Agusta and complete the offering range.

When you have too many brands under one roof it gets hard for consumers to figure out what to expect from any particular brand. It looks like Cagiva is segmenting things a bit to make that easier. Quite a few small displacement motorcycles are already produced in India but not many larger displacement bikes, the Royal Enfield at 500cc being the largest.

Link: IrisNews
Link: Cagiva
Link: Kinetic Engineering


  1. Brunow says

    What! Ok production in italy may be more expensive than china and india. But like royal entfield what’s the point of buying a britsh type of motorcycle if they build it on the other side of the earth.

    I have a Cagiva Canyon 500. ITALIAN BIKE! Italian meetings! Italian love! It’s sure a bad day! A bad sunny motorcycle day…

  2. todd says

    Somehow I doubt they’d pass on the savings to the customer, The bikes will still be priced in the range of the competition. Who knows, maybe we’ll see the new Mito debut for less than $4000.

    What’s with the move to a 650? was it for more power? Why not just develop a 1600cc inline 4? Now that it will be a 650 it will inevitably be compared with the class leaders such as the SV650, the Ninja 650, a handful of BMW’s, and numerous other bikes from other brands. When it was a 450 or a 500 it was unique and had no competition; a leader right out of the gate. I’m still hoping for a lightweight, high spec, under 500cc, single cylinder sport bike.

    What gives?


  3. Dodgy says

    Umm, Todd, the Cagiva Raptors use SV650/1000 engines already. There was a rumour that they were going to use Hyosung engines (bad move IMHO). The 500 engine in the prototype was ‘sourced’ from Husqvarna, which is part of the Cagiva/MV Agusta group anyway.
    Hopefully if the move is made the Italians keep an eye on quality, not just the bottom line…

  4. todd says

    Then even more still to my point. If they (Cagiva) already has a 650 why build another that competes directly with it? Sadly we do not have Cagiva in the US, though Husky and MV are – apparently they have non-compete agreements with Suzuki. Yes, I was aware the 500 Mito utilized the Husqvarna motor, I think it was the best choice.


  5. greig says

    I was told by a cagiva dealer that the old 500 canyon was powered by a husky engine? is this true,, if not where did it come from