Buell Sport Chopper

Buell Sport Chopper

Here's another take on the Buell idea, a Buell Sport Chopper. The owner took a Buell XB9S Lightning, removed the front fork, wheel and brakes plus the rear swingarm and wheel along with the Buell engine and built himself a frame that turns it into a sport chopper. It looks pretty decent, though, as even the owner admits, it's not very comfortable after a while since the forward controls plus the long reach to the bars make for bad ergonomics. If the foot pegs were back under the rider, this might have some possibilities.

With Erik Buell's emphasis on sportbikes, I wonder if a similar idea ever crossed his mind, or if it did, whether Harley would allow him to build it. A Buell sport chopper might take V-Rod sales away but the upside down forks and perimeter brakes and other Buell items, could make for a chopper/cruiser with some pretty decent handling. Interesting.

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  1. says

    This is a well done bike! Way to go… I watched it sell on eBay, and was not surprised at the number of bids, and the winning bid price of 13,350. My company, Allen Bros Chopper Works, also builds custom “pro-street” chopper Buell conversion frames. We do some pretty radical stuff. So far we’ve sold 6 frames, and the prototype was only completed in Jan ’06. The 1st completed bike is yet to be seen and ridden…Check them out at allenbros.com

  2. charlie says

    I am the new owner of this bike, or maybe one that looks just like it, everyone asks me who built the frame and I wish I had an answer but I DON’T KNOW? Can anyone help with that. And it is a killer bike

  3. charlie says

    I entered this bike in a motorcycle show at West Point Ne yesterday and it took 1st place in the full custom class . There was around 20 dikes in that class. I think this is one awesome Buell.