Brimstone Quadracycle – a Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

Brimstone Quadracycle - Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

We've had quite a few quads here on The Kneeslider, usually several steps out of the ordinary for one reason or another, but I think the Brimstone Quadracycle, a hot rod quad from Brimstone Cycles, takes it to the next level. You still straddle the seat and steer with handlebars, just like any other ATV, but after that, comparisons pretty much stop.

Joe Skonecki, CEO of Brimstone Cycles in Bowling Green, Ohio, figures motorcycle and ATV engines are OK, but, once you have 4 wheels, you might as well go all out. If your tastes are a little different, he'll build you something with an aluminum Dart block with anywhere from 427 to 455 cubic inches and 300 to 750 horsepower, it can even be set up to run propane. A paddle shifter works the GM 700R4 4speed Transmission sending power through a Ford rear end. He uses your choice of carbon fiber, Kevlar, or aluminum for the hood and fenders and when you run through the spec sheet, he'll actually give you your choice of almost anything throughout. Joe does say the optional front wing is mandatory for speeds over 125 mph.

The appearance is sort of hot rod from the cowl forward, with a high performance quad smoothly grafted on to the back. I think the words "hang on" should be stamped into the dash just above the gauges.

Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

Brimstone Quadracycle - Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

Joe points out that every part possible is made in the USA, too, just trying to keep some of the guys over here gainfully employed in the high speed and horsepower business, can't argue with that.

Joe cites performance numbers of 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, 0-120 in 6 seconds while still getting 15 to 30 miles per gallon. I'm not sure about how this is registered on the street but you can set it up with a sound system and mount a hitch for pulling a small boat.

No prices are quoted but, with all of the optional configurations possible, that might be difficult. Not for everyone but a pretty interesting build, for sure.

Link: Brimstone Cycles
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Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles

Brimstone Quadracycle - Hot Rod Quad from Brimstone Cycles


  1. MN Kid says

    Hannigan tried this with a Goldwing and it IS NOT street legal, at least in Illinois. With 4 wheels it has to have all the same safety stuff as a car.

  2. says

    I agree with MN Kid. The idea looks really awesome, but I don’t think it’d be street legal here in Wisconsin either.

  3. Kenny says

    This thing is just off the hook!
    No way would I be trying to pull those 0-60 figures with that kinda seating position! And is that a pillion footrest I see under the riders seat? Front and rear spoilers for 125+mph fun? Toe hitch? Trunk?
    Who exactly is this machine being marketed to?
    Regardless I’d love to see this in the hands of Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.

  4. Ogre says

    It looks badass. And really, I cannot think of any other reason to build something like this. It looks uncomfortable as hell (and worse, can you imagine anyone riding pillion on this thing?), and seems to addresses a question that hasn’t been asked.

  5. says

    “you can … mount a hitch for pulling a small boat.”

    As if this thing wasn’t already ridiculous enough? That’s like putting a trailer hitch on a Morgan or Lotus Seven.


  6. Billy Pilgrim says

    I’ve never understood these types of vehicles. If you want a motorcycle, build a motorcycle. If you want a car, build a car. These things just strike me as a personal engineering exercise.

  7. pabsy says

    fantastic !
    of course its not practical ! it doesnt matter, beautifully executed expression of what someone wants i love it

  8. jw says

    Ok, I know I’m gonna get in trouble for this as I’ve been censored before; and I know that “the Kneeslider” is a site for positive people, but while I appreciate progressive engineering exercises and cutting edge critical thinking; ain’t it still about motorcycles at some point.
    I know there are overlapping areas in motorcycling, engineering and machining but it seems like we’re veering increasingly into the cool machines genre and their technology.
    Like Billy Pilgrim, if you want a car build a car. A four wheel vehicle with a few crossover parts really doesn’t merit a place on a the coolest MC site like “The Kneeslider.”
    Sometimes it’s good to stay focused on your roots. Now may be one of those times.

  9. Tin Man 2 says

    This Hot Quad looks like fun if you live in a gated community that will let you use it. This brings up a point, Isnt it time to push our lawmakers to legalize “limited access”vehicles as a fuel saving device? Maybe not this monster, but Golf Cart like small vehicles for around town use on low speed roads, like maybe 35MPH tops. My wife and I could cut down to one car if we could legally use a Golf Cart in town, Id bet many others could too.

  10. kneeslider says

    jw, though this post may not fit into your idea of what “should” be on The Kneeslider, I can assure you that the entire editorial board, … that would be me, … has unanimously approved every one of the posts that has appeared here, for more than 5 years now, and I always go with the board’s decision.

    You may, at any time, request a full refund for the unused portion of your free subscription.

  11. dresden says

    I think it’s neat. I kinda agree with the car/bike either/or sentiment, but whatever, it’s still a neat machine and it looks like a lot of fun.

  12. matt g says

    As much as I love them for the most part motorcycles are a fairly usless method of conveyance in north Alberta. As an exercise in style that is really amazing.

  13. says

    Definitely not a motorcycle, not quite a car and certainly dangerous as hell in the wrong hands (that is to say, anybody’s).

    And really cool, homemade and clever.
    Keep ’em coming, Paul.

  14. frozen prairie says

    I like the look of this machine – a new twist on the quad theme. It reminds me of racing cars from 100 years ago, very elemental.

    I ESPECIALLY agree with Tin Man 2’s comment about freeing up regulations to allow some of these new-concept vehicles on the roads.

  15. Paulinator says

    It must be like straddling an Indi car. It should carve turns like a bike with sticky tires in a 60 degree lean. And it won’t low-side when it finds a patch of ice either (fairly common in Northern Alberta for 4 or 5 months out of 12). OK, there’s a hang-up in the licensing office. So why is being shut out? A little too much burocracy? A quad looks more purposeful and safe than any open trike or side-car posted here.

  16. stacius says

    I think this vehicle belongs here. Part of the appeal of motorcycles IS their components and the engineering behind it. Sometimes referred to as the ‘mechanicalness’ of a bike. This isn’t a motorcycle per se, but it shares many characteristics of a motorcycle. It’s certainly not the most practical of vehicles, but as even just an engineering exercise, I think it’s pretty cool. Can you imagine blasting down a road on it, WOT?!

  17. says

    Totally and absolutely outrageous. I love it. I can see myself now on a back dirt road, with my googles on, and cap turned backwards. Or, New York to Los Angeles in 30 Hours. What fantastic fun! Let’s go! Who wants to ride shotgun? Go Fast, Ride Safe, Be Well, Mark.

  18. todd says

    You can register it as a kit car in california. You would need a seat belt, small (glass) windscreen, horn, and full lights. Otherwise it would only have to pass smog (equipment and tailpipe emissions) for the year of the motor. You have to have paperwork from the motor that shows its serial number and its model year. This means you couldn’t put an aluminum Dart block as suggested. I’d suggest something out of a ’74 and earlier car to avoid smog all together.


  19. todd says

    Also, if your engine donor was from the early ’60’s (can’t remember the cut-off) you wouldn’t need seat belts…


  20. steve w says

    I photo’d this and looked it over at Sturgis this past fall. It was in a lot across from the Sturgis HD shop. It is really awesome in real. While it isn’t leagal in all states I was told it is in Montana and there may be others. In some cases once a machine is titled in one state you can then take it to your state and the original titleing superseeds your current state title making it now legal. Laws can be funny. It’s like you used to be able to title a Sprint Car in Iowa but not Wi. but you could buy it from someone in Iowa and then transfer it in Wi. This machine looks way better in real believe me. Keep up coming Paul.

  21. rob says

    On dirt or tar-seal track. Not sure if I would want to cruise long distance on one. Thrashing the hell out of it with good sticky rubber could be a lot of fun.

  22. Grant says

    I want to see this versus the Ariel Atom, head to head. And yeah, have Jeremy Clarkson behind the bars of this one, just for grins… No, it’s not a motorcycle, but at least you can lean the right way when you’re cornering it!

  23. Clive Makinson-Sanders says

    It would be important, for me, to never wear pants whilst riding this machine. Not even underwear.

  24. mark says

    F’ing kool!!
    But I cant see to many states putting it on the road.
    Now,if it had three wheels,every where.
    There was a reverse three wheeler with a V6 some years ago,and it had a ’32 Ford style grille.
    Make this a three wheeler!!!

  25. says

    Nice job very clean! Some people do not appreciate talent. Are people really that dumb to think when a guy does a project like this he can’t do anything else? All you want to say is “show me the money” and I’ll build anything you want. Good luck! Paul,keep em coming.

  26. tim says

    there have been a couple of bad-ass quads built here to do our local equivalent of Pikes Peak. One had a full house Honda VTR1000 SP1 motor, and about 130 RW HP (its tuned for torque, son) I’ll see if I can get a photo

  27. magicmanwon says

    It looks smoking……. it mite be fun for about 300 miles per day……. But where do i put my latte and wii? The reverse streering would get me killed when a Moose or Caraboo ran onto the road anywhere in Alaska. But then again its what the builder wanted something different.

  28. alvin morris says

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  29. SYRIAN EAGEL says


  30. Cro Magna Man says

    I’ve never heard of this before, and saw a photograph of it on Cruiser Customizing Web site. My first reaction was “WTF?” My second reaction that came 1.27 seconds later was “I want one … BAD! How much does it cost?”

    Who would drive this? Well, I’m not a “Cookie Cutter Person” … I ride a very heavily modified – custom painted 1995 Magna … and I’m pushing 60 years old. (So there!)

    I can very easily see myself riding this at ANY bike rally and TOO the bike rally, (Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach’s “Thunder Beach” spring and fall rally and Sturgis, Myrtle Beach SD all come to mind.) Since it could haul a small boat, it could also haul a bike trailer to haul my Magna and my Intruder.) Bike rallies aside … it would be just as cool grooving down the road of the beaches highways of Florida enjoying the fine air of this state … and anyway … does everyone HAVE to have a sensible destination to go to? I would love to take it down the Tail of the Dragon!

    Yeah.. there’s definitely a market for this jewel! If I had the bucks, I’d order it today!

  31. Philip says

    Why the rear steering? I have built something like this, but I have front steering. That is how I found this site; looking for similar things to what I have built. I thought I was the only crazy dude to try something like this, but here you are. And, Joe, I have to say, ‘Yours is way nicer than mine, but mine is for on and off road.’ Mine actually looks like an ATV and is 4WD, but I like yours all the same.

    Bring yours to Cruisin’ The Coast in Biloxi, MS. The largest car show that I know of. Oct. 2nd thru Oct 8, 2011. I should be there most days. You will spot me. :}