Boxx – Electric Motorcycle Meets Trendy Vision

Boxx - the electric, 2 wheel drive, 1 meter vehicle

This particular appliance is called the Boxx, ... can't imagine why. It has electric power and 2 wheel drive, an integrated kickstand and internal storage compartments. It weighs 120 pounds. It will go either 40 or 80 miles, depending on the core you choose, which I imagine means what battery configuration is chosen at a speed limited to 35 miles per hour. Price is $3995.

BOXX Corp. traces the value basis of its craft to superior design engineering as its core business operation, applying deep industry experience and knowledge to the development of product and industry technology firsts.

... What???

Who will buy this? My guess is an urban, trendy, hipster who has limited travel needs, dresses in the latest metrosexual garb and lives somewhere on the west coast. I'm not joking, I'm serious, I think a person exactly like that is their market. Maybe the designers found their inspiration here.

You can expect to see more of this, not necessarily this particular company or model, but this kind of thinking. Once you have batteries and electric motors the requirements change, concerns about air cooling, gasoline or all of the usual necessities go away so we start to see things like the Boxx.

I guess these designers have a vision, ...

Thanks for the tip, Dave.

Link: Boxx Corp.

Boxx - the electric, 2 wheel drive, 1 meter vehicle


  1. DWolvin says

    Rake and trail look dangerous… But what do I know. Still, let’s face it: Electric vehicles are perfect for the inner city types that can almost bike around, and style will sell it faster than just about anything else. I don’t care for this, but if it becomes trendy the company is set, and the downtown (or whatever) sudden;y has that many fewer engines around, so It’s all good.

  2. Cameron says

    I live on the west coast and can so see this unit running around the cities with well dressed people aboard. I passed a super trendy scooter “gang” right out of the Mod ’60s last weekend all on new 50cc scooters, all dressed in super fashionable gear. These BOXX’s are just the trendy thing to take off to go cafe hopping. As long as you can plug in your IPad or laptop you’re ready to go cruising. Often around town small is the fastest way between two points, watch a bicycle courier one day! People love to be different while still belonging to something, just look a HD. A new stylish electric scooter craze could come out of this; lots of designer colors, lots of expensive add ons to personalize, affordable base price, and touted as environmentally friendly (dont get all defensive I said touted).

  3. Oldernowiser says

    If they do catch on, someone could get rich designing a seat to replace what looks like the most uncomfortable seat ever!

  4. anon says

    I think the target audience is people who think their Segway doesn’t make them look like enough of a tool.

    In all seriousness, I think you’re right about about the target audience, this could be just the thing for short commutes around Palo Alto or Cupertino.

    The steering geometry looks funny because it is copied from a bicycle, not a motorcycle or a scooter. The handlebars are ahead of the steering stem. Look at this as a small wheeled electric bike, with a plastic boxx around it, and the layout doesn’t seem so unconventional.

    On the design front, in something this small and slow, two wheel drive would seem to add weight and complexity to no good effect. Add in the questionable location of the instruments, and the design seems a bit ill considered.

  5. GuitarSlinger says

    Wh will buy this ? Hopefully …… nobody ! Between the one place this might make sense ( the city ) not having anywhere to recharge the bloody thing …. or store it …. the fact that the box / so called ‘ design ‘ will be hell in the mildest of cross breezes ……. added to the reality that Boxx Corps so called ‘ superior design engineering ‘ is Anything But ……. followed by the point that a bicycle would do the job 100 times better at less than one third the purchase cost and might actually benefit the rider ( exercise ) and can be brought into a walk up with no problems ( try lifting this a couple of times … then call your chiropractor and let me know how that worked out for you 😉 ) etc etc etc

    Well …… Hopefully nobodies Stupid enough … Gullible enough ….. Trend Obsessive enough ….. Early Adapter enough to waste their money on the ‘ Boxx ‘ …… Then again , knowing the adage ” A fool and his money are soon parted ” to be all to true ………. Yeah some bloody fool will plunk down his/her hard earned on this pretentious and absolutely pathetic answer to the question nobody at the moment is asking

    And …. errr …. shall we infer .. from the distinct LACK of design that the designers ( sic) at Boxx got their degree from WhatSaMatta U ?

    E/V’s in general for the most part are bad enough . This thing is a bleeding travesty …

  6. Scotduke says

    It’s an appliance – sums it up really. Maybe it’ll appeal to a few trendies somewhere but, like the Segway, I can’t see it being a mainstream product.

  7. parts-2-u says

    This thing reminds me of my first motorcycle that I built when I was four…. I took an orange crayon to my mom’s blue suitcase and drew and engine, gas tank, and wheels on it, then practiced wheelies and power slides on it. LOL Mom didn’t appreciate my design very much!

  8. Short says

    I would think that the two wheel drive derives more from the need to keep the bike thin than to have an advantage in traction.

    i can see this more for short trip deliveries for a business, the side looks like a roving billboard.

  9. B50 Jim says

    It will be a hit in Japan, but not so much in the states. It’s just too weird. Looks like a toaster on wheels. I appreciate the packaging and it would be a good city bike, but only the geekiest of the geeky will ride it here.

    • mean monkey says

      –B50 Jim,
      Got to agree w/ you, sort of looks like the Solid-State Drive (w/ wheels) I bought last month. But where’s the sissy bar to keep the ol’ lady from slipping off the back?

      • B50 Jim says

        mean monkey–

        I doubt it can accelerate hard enough for the ol’ lady to slide off. She should be able to grab the sides with her thighs and hold on just fine. And judging from the length of the “saddle”, she’d have to be a very slim gal just to ride along.

  10. sfan says

    Well, maybe this is evidence that yes, with electric drivetrains, there is both fresh latitude and fresh excuse for innovative design. This particular thing does nothing for me, however there is certainly lots of fresh opportunity for new designs that have a better blends of form and function.

    IMO, other than aesthetics, ICE motorcycle designs have remained far to conventional for far too long. It has to be said that the ridicule for this particular design is kind of ironic considering how highly non-functional style is valued by the vast majority of riders.

  11. Duncan Domingue says

    Honda did this once, back in the day, with their Motocompo scooter. It was a 50cc scooter that folded down into a roughly rectangular shape so that it could be stored in the trunks of compact and sub-compact autos. Let’s not forget that a monkeybike’s handlebars could be folded away, too, and you’re left with a very small and similar package.

    • GenWaylaid says

      I have a ‘Compo, and the packaging in that tiny thing is incredible. It’s actually a bit smaller and lighter than this design (80 lbs) but has almost a gallon of fuel capacity. The main downside of the Compo is that it has about one inch of suspension travel. On rough pavement, it’s pretty unpleasant at 30 mph.

  12. Bryan S. says

    Its exactly like the Motocomp… designed for super tight urban areas. Usually, people there have more money than sense and these things can sell. I priced out one with the basic for me to use it… and at 8K, I can say resoundingly… HELL NO!

    • Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

      It’s already available in white.

      You may be right. Call it an iBoxx and use an iPhone with an app for a dashboard gauge cluster.

  13. says

    Oh wow…I don’t know how to put this delicately. But that is just horrible looking. Weird thing, it is so bad, I want to ride one.

  14. Paulinator says

    The BOXX has got amazing potential. After all, its a brilliant design that’s rated number 48 out of the top 100 new products for 2012. Investors line up to the right, please. Please?

  15. mg driver says

    The BOXX……..the next big thing for all the trend setters who become excited thinking about their rolling luggage.

  16. Cobalt says

    If I saw someone on one of these, I’d kick them over.

    Take that $3,995 and go buy yourself a slightly used Ninja instead. You’ll look (and feel) a lot less stupid.

    • JSH says

      The difference is that you can’t park a Ninja in a city apartment. This product is marketed to city apartment dwellers that have no parking option or have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a parking spot. With the Boxx you can roll it right into the elevator and charge it in your apartment.

  17. Scott D says

    Okay, I think the thing to remember is, that we are not the target market for this bike.
    Or at least, I sincerly hope so, because if they are, they have fallen very short!

    Rip the drive train out, stick it in a Honda 50 frame and we wouldnt batt an eyelid.

  18. spectator says

    Whuddo you ride bro?
    I want to check my gut-reaction prejudice to bikers who express this kind of intrasport hate.

  19. Miles says

    Ha, I misread the title as “Tandy” vision, gave me a chuckle.

    I would ride it, it is transportation. I wish there was a picture of all of this “storage space” this thing is supposed to have.

    Also the “core” refers to it having a second battery pack, you get $100 off by purchasing it with the vehicle.

  20. peter mac says

    Dear people,
    please forgive me if the following is a wee bit harsh. Normally, the concept of “to each his own” I agree with and promote, but this article is an exercise in pure corporate promotional crap.

    Firstly, a visit to the BOXX website throws up instantly, a self satisfying glow from those involved. Please note the lush designery names given to the projects and note that they (the names ) have either been trademarked or registered. ie. SUN, DRIVE, CUBE, HUB, etc, etc. How is this deemed acceptable and creative based I don’t know?
    Is this merely (Pop) Art versus Fart..??

    Secondly, I have an allergy to design for “design as style” promotion.
    In the furniture manufacturing sectors, these names exist in their thousands. Students of architecture have a love of these names.

    Ok, I’ll get to the point. I don’t think the BOXX is valid at all. As a concept or in particular, in a practical sense. Sorry, give me a bicycle anyday. The persons buying these little things will buy them for reasons of unknown quantity. Yes, they may wear Gucchi shoes, live in designery homes, be eco-minded and read WIRED magazine……I do. The concept seems to be a play on iMac, iPod, iDesign-anything-and people go-oooowah that’s interesting….so modern……can I have it in pink???!!!

    I’m certain the BOXX people are a group of good, solid, hard workers and have ideas a plenty. This one though, is a joke. If you really want to design and build something worthwhile, invest your time and money into ideas that are not about self promotion. (see Mr Hossacks engine concept

    Peter MacDonald.

    • Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" says

      this article is an exercise in pure corporate promotional crap

      No, Peter, you’re wrong. Whatever you may think of the Boxx or their website, the article here on The Kneeslider is all mine and has nothing to do with corporate promotion of any kind, nor is it the result of a press release, something I always point out if I’m quoting from one. I wrote this as a result of a reader’s tip, going to the Boxx website and reporting my findings and my opinion.

  21. Carolynne says

    I have a small flashlight that fits into my purse that looks EXACTLY like this and when you open up the back there are screwdriver attachments so you have all the tools a woman would need.

  22. Jackmcgack says

    Oh dear god, this is genius. I can imagine all the big city cops swapping out bicycles with this thing… I legitimately want to see this thing with spinning blue lights.

    Hell, I can already see delivery versions. Big sides that act as billboards, no gas costs, and embarrassing to ride. I don’t hate this thing, it’s just that if I ever see anyone riding one, I’m going to laugh at them. Hard.

  23. boog says

    Hey! Finally some use for all those old tower computer cases I have lying around! Now to just weld up a frame…

  24. Josh says

    Their website is full of “coming soon” placeholders and lots of fluff on the few pages that have some content.. gotta love venture capitalism. There are tons of sites out there with cool-looking concept vehicles. Usually accompanies by “pre-order / pre-register NOW” buttons and banners speaking about fantastic investment opportunities. Those sites and vaporware products tend not to last too long..

    On the other hand, Chinese electric scooters/bicycles are getting cheaper and cheaper. And if you want something that looks like the Boxx (for whatever reason) a few evenings in the garage with some sheet metal or plywood and you’re done.. 😛

  25. Campisi says

    What people don’t seem to get about this is that it isn’t competing with motorcycles as much as high-end commuter bicycles and Segways. This thing is a motorized transportation device aimed at Google/Amazon/Apple/WizzBangTechnoCorp employees that need a way to get from their high-rise to their corporate office in style without physical rigor. Personally, I love it – out-of-the-box thinking IN THE SHAPE OF A BOX – but I’m too poor to spend that kind of cash on something my lifestyle doesn’t really call for.

  26. todd says

    I think you got the target market wrong. From what I’ve seen, the “urban, trendy, hipster who has limited travel needs, dresses in the latest metrosexual garb and lives somewhere on the west coast” rides a Ducati Monster.

    I like it, just for the very reason that everyone else here doesn’t like it. I do not like to fall in line with convention. I do not like the aesthetics of the generic Harley – I am not convinced they look good even if millions of image conscious consumers think they do. This design is a thumb planted firmly on the nose of that convention.

    This really is similar to the Yamaha C3 in that it is marketed more to the people who want to show they consider design as an art form, a modern one in this case. The original Valmobile was the purest form, one could even say these are all paying homage to the iconic Cushman scooter.

    Just look at how clean and simple this thing is. you cannot get any more basic and timeless as a box. It reminds me very much of a Zippo lighter or, yes, an Apple computer. Of course it won’t appeal to Grandpa or Grandma, there is not enough gratuitous chromey shapes to suggest how expensive it must have cost.

    No, I won’t buy one, I am not the target audience either. I take simplicity 100 steps further and prefer an old 10-speed bicycle to this and don’t always think art is more important than engineering. OK, so I own a Ducati Monster but that’s just because they are so easy to come by here in the San Francisco area and I can’t pass up a bargain.


    • Campisi says

      Its extreme simplicity is part of why I planted it in the tech crowd above. The BOXX gives city dwellers motorized transportation with the same maintenance profile of a smart phone, i.e. plugging it into the charger now and again. There’s no gas to buy, no chains to clean and grease, and no license plates or registration to bother with. It’s a transportation gadget owners can show off without having to maintain or otherwise think/care about (not that they won’t, mind you).

  27. matt says

    where is the cd tray? it looks like some sort of custom pc i might have built when i was in my teens.

    aaaand MO-TO-COM-PO

  28. Richard Gozinya says

    This thing will be used in some high fashion photo shoots if it ever gets made. The only problem is that it’s not fast enough. It needs to have a top speed of at least 150 mph, which it will accelerate to randomly for a few seconds, then come to an immediate, screeching halt. For the lulz.

  29. john says

    What is this thing mimicking? I know I’ve seen that exact look on something else but what? And I do mean *EXACT*! External hard drive? Rechargeable battery pack? Video game console?

    This is driving me nuts.

  30. Billy B.Tso says

    without reading any material from the designers, this looks to be a bit of an “anti-bike”…where the joy and practicality of riding was a priority over the object – (statement made with the choice of branded bike you associate with, e.g. harley or yamaha, etc). Although without any emotion being created by the object, not sure how mainstream and popular this will become – possibly limiting future models, unless a design change occured. Seems more destined to a crowd that wants to stand out…sadly till they move on to the next thing…
    I wish the company all the best and hope they do find their market to be successful though.

  31. Bryan S. says

    It also looks to have the steering finesse of a razor scooter. Good luck crossing the urban centers of the US with one… they seem to be more suited to knobby tires, at least one would think so with the condition of the roads.

  32. says

    Here’s the deal. Company hooks up with Microsoft and they do some cross branding with Microsoft XBOX platfom. The colors should be Black and Green to match the XBOX colors. Shoot some commercials of a Seattle Sounders player riding on it in downtown Seattle (the team jerseys use XBOX colors). Company could also show case these boxes at the Comic Cons and Consumer Electronics Con held every year in Vegas. They may be a big hit with Gamers.

  33. peter mac says

    Dear Paul,

    Man, you’ve taken my comment too personally. Under no circumstance am I claiming to be right or wrong, or attempting to connect you to this article. I still standby what made me add to this subject. Perhaps it is far to large a subject to comment on via the freedom of speech system that are blogs/websites…?

    My comment is concerning what this product “is”….and I have no intention of pointing any digit towards what you do with, or have set into motion, on this wonderful website.
    To be honest, unless you and I sit in front of each other, face to face, and spend time to understand each other, we will not be able to extend a decent conversation, on this or any other subject.

    I’m sorry mate, but “show-no-go” objects are so prolific that the depth of content behind the item is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The look at me brigade are out in force and on the increase. Why should I not say what I see as a continuation of this force.?

    I get really annoyed, and hence my quasi-venom, when possession takes over from form. ie. trademarked names for the sake of product identity, and again, self promotion. Of what.? Another thing.

    Take it easy
    Peter MacDonald.

  34. Manxman says

    I get it – it’s what the scooter manufacturers did after WWII. Vespa, Lambretta, Cushman and the rest packaged a neat, clean two-wheeler for folks who wouldn’t think about riding motorcycles and changed the whole culture. I’m for anything that will get people riding motos and just maybe they might move up to something a little faster and cooler.