Bottpower XR-1 Makes its Debut with a Kit Soon to Follow for Your Buell XB

Bottpower XR-1

Bottpower XR-1

Almost two years ago, Bottpower started the XR-1 project for a customer of theirs who wanted to build a new street bike from his Buell XB. He had some ideas, sort of a Buell flat tracker and after explaining what he had in mind to the guys at Bottpower, turned them loose to see what they could come up with.

Bottpower XR-1

Bottpower XR-1

It was an ambitious project, to do it right, they were going to need a whole new chassis and a lot of other parts, too, though underneath, it still had the heart of a Buell XB. The progress reports and renderings were very promising and a couple of days ago, David Sanchez sent along these photos. It looks like all of the hard work paid off and the finished bike is very close to the images we saw from the earliest stages of the design process.

Bottpower XR-1

Bottpower XR-1 engine closeup

During the project, they were getting so much positive feedback it just made sense to create a kit, so all of you Buell XB owners could do the same thing to your bike, and according to David, the kit will be coming soon.

There are a few differences, the muffler is smaller than the original design, the front fork and eight piston caliper are from a Buell 1125 and the rear shock is from the Buell 1125 race kit, but overall, what you see is very close to their original vision.

Bottpower XR-1

Bottpower XR-1 head on view

A few things are missing on the bike you see here, the turn signals, brake light and license plate holder, but those will be added shortly.

If this doesn't get the Buell XB community thinking about a nice garage project, I'd be surprised, not to mention those guys who will start looking for a nice used Buell XB to convert.

Bottpower XR-1

Bottpower XR-1

David says video of the XR-1 in action will be coming soon, though I bet more guys will want to hear about that kit. This turned out very nice. Good work, guys!

Link: Bottpower


  1. says

    Have been following this over the last year.. and wow!! it looking good.. now just need to find a cheap Buell… like everyone else…. (can you hear that? thats the price going up….)

  2. Yeti2bikes says

    Yeah, I might think about this kit if I ever wreck my Buell but I can’t see chopping a perfectly good one up for a project like this.

  3. says

    There’s certainly plenty of wrecked Buells out there just waiting to be built into something like this. I think it’s a great kit. I love the way it looks.

  4. todd says

    Very nice. It looks like a packaging nightmare, amazing that they could pull it off so nicely. Great job.


  5. fast Eddie says

    It’s not so much different from any tuber Buell . Not a couple thou. anyway . And I’m sure it will
    be wey more than that. But in the world of one off customs ,at least they started with something good…. FE

  6. Keyboard Kowboy says

    I just sold my Buell S1W….loved it, Nice build if that look is your thing but I gotta say that there is nothing like a S1 tuber. As for the Buell based customs go I really dig Roland Sands XB build the best. Good luck to ya’ll.

  7. Swagger says

    I think you guys are missing the point but Todd who got close.
    Here’s a refresher, go look at this pic
    Look how simple and elegant their solution for a frame is! THAT is why I dig this bike so much, No wasted anything, just what’s needed. The other thing is it’s obvious ability to be further tailored to the individual owner. Were it mine I’d run clip-ons and something like an old avon 1/2 fairing. And maybe a wee bit more seat padding……

  8. Russell B! says

    That is certainly a minimalist frame, and I like the reuse of the oil-tank/swingarm from the XB. I admit to a certain weakness for the old tube-frame Buells with the heim-jointed linkages running all over creation…but this is really nice. Hate the aircleaner but that’s just me being picky.

    Anyone know if the engine is rubber-mounted?

      • akaaccount says

        It is, but not as well as the original XB. Looks like they retained two out of three of the uniplanar ‘dogbones’, ditching the most important one along with the cradle that went around the front of the engine. Without the XB frame what’s the point of messing around with the turd of an engine and gearbox?

  9. Tirapop says

    How much work (how many parts) would it take for a Sportster to sub for a Buell in this application (ignoring the engine interrnals)?

  10. SKoo says

    I love the minimalist approach and styling. Still, like the original Buell, the disadvantage of the high center of gravity remains. Move that exhaust out of the way, lower the engine, and get much better handling in corners.

    And since we’re on the subject of BOTT (battle of the twins)…. the engine itself is of course an outdated and way to heavy lump of metal, beaten by the European and Japanese competition every time. No offence intended, just the truth.

    • todd says

      The original intent of the Buell, with its high center of gravity and short wheelbase, was to provide instant wheelies and stoppies without resorting to large amounts of power. This, (like abrupt throttle plates on Toyota Camrys) gives the impression of greater power and, more fun.

      This design really cleans up the looks of the Buell but likely retains its hooligan behavior.


  11. Erik says

    The frame looks like a buell blast frame. The bike looks great, but it loses the main strength of the XB – it’s amazing chassis.

  12. Jacob says

    buells are becoming more rare and more pricey everyday. specially when this kit comes out. the kit looks cool but i wouldnt ruin an already perfect bike for it