BMW V8 Powered Motorcycle

Harald Geiling's BMW V8 motorcycle

Harald Geiling's BMW V8 motorcycleHarald Geiling runs the Roadrunner Bikeshop over in Mainz, Germany, selling motorcycles and also doing a lot of frame repair. Somehow or another, the idea of building a V8 motorcycle entered Harald's mind and being more of a doer than a dreamer, that's what he did.

He bought a 4 liter V8 from a BMW 740i, and squeezing time in over a period of four years, he made the motorcycle pictured here. The engine is stock and produces 286 hp and 300 foot pounds of torque. The exhaust is an 8 into 1 running through a Kawasaki muffler. The radiator comes from a Volvo 340. He built a two speed gearbox which powers the belt drive. Wheels and suspension are modified pieces from various Kawasakis.

The bike weighs 1100 pounds and has a wheelbase of 88 inches! OK, it's not practical but you have to give him points for creativity. He'll build another one if you have $90,000. As for Harald, he's thinking about another car engine for his next bike, a V6 Mercedes CDI diesel.

There's a full writeup in the May issue of Motorcyclist Magazine.

Roadrunner Bikeshop


  1. Carlos Frigerio says

    I was greatly impressed by the BMW V12 cycle and would highly appreciate you to tell me where I can find more big photos.

    On the other hand, I’d like to know if you can find nice images of the Y2K turbine motorcycle or other machines of the same type.

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