BMW R1100S Streetfighter

BMW R1100S Streetfighter

Markus Fritsch lives in Germany very near the BMW factory. His business, No Limit Streetfighters, builds high quality, highly modified bikes but BMWs are so straight laced and proper, so he thought, what better bike to modify and make unique?

The bike here is a BMW R1100S and it strays quite a bit from the norm while retaining a very nice look all around, the sort of thing a BMW owner might do if he was sure the end product would look radical and proper at the same time. It's also another nice counter to all of the inline four streetbikes without going the V-Twin route. Very interesting. Looks like some other folks think a nice two cylinder sportbike could be a good idea.

I don't have many particulars about the technical modifications Markus made to the bike, these photos were sent over by Sabine Welte, who has the opportunity to photograph some of the best looking bikes over in Europe. She told me about another project she's working on and as always there will be lots of photos.

Link: No Limit Streetfighters
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More photos below:

BMW R1100S Streetfighter

BMW R1100S Streetfighter

BMW R1100S Streetfighter


  1. says

    …and a BMW that probably sounds good.

    but I’ve never been into the overdone tail section.

    That license bracket looks like it would foul the rear tire.

  2. mark says

    That upturned tail section makes the bike look like a whitetail deer that’s running for its life.

    It’s great to see non-chopper customs, but I can’t really say I care for it. Less bling, please.


  3. kneeslider says

    The upturned tail seems to be a European thing, lots of streetfighters over there have that look, some far more extreme than this one. I agree, a lower tail would do wonders for this bike but the rest of it works.

  4. chris says

    i heard that some BMW dealerships will actually include replacement valve-covers when you purchase one of their bikes (they get a little closer to the ground than on other motorcycles. . .) wonder how much one of these bad boys would cost?