Batman Motorcycle Suit – The Dark Knight

Batman motorcycle suit - The Dark KnightOh, sure, you can get replicas of the riding suits worn by Valentino Rossi or your favorite racer of choice, but if the real you is more super hero than superbike racer, have we got something for you. The Dark Knight motorcycle riding suit from Universal Designs.

The suit is no Halloween costume, ... well, not really, but it could be, ... it's a real suit with real protection. Made of cordura, leather, kevlar and CE approved armor, this is the real deal. You'll look like Batman and feel like Batman, who knows, you may even become Batman!

You can order the suits now. If you ride a Vmax, this could work, a Vespa, maybe not. If you buy one, let us know and we'll show you flying down the road fighting crime.

Link: Universal Designs via MTV

Large photos below:

Batman Motorcycle Suit

Batman Motorcycle Suit

Batman Motorcycle Suit

Batman Motorcycle Suit


  1. trickMETRIC says

    I’ve always wondered why leathers don’t look more like body armor and less like leather acrobat/gymnast suits. Do we really need more ‘look at my crotch’ designs? Though gimmicky, I think this suit could be a step in the right direction.

  2. marvin says

    Without the gauntlet type things on the sleeves in might be ok once there is some dirt on the shiny bits. I image it would look OK on a multistrada rider. I would worry about elbow erosion in the event of an off but over all I agree with trickMETRIC.

  3. Tin Man 2 says

    This suit would work with the “Cartoonish”styling of the new V-Max and B-King. If you wear this Bad Boy you had best be on a Bad Boy bike!! Bet it Sells good.

  4. steve w. says

    I don’t know about this. I know safety should come first but at what point does one become Dorky looking riding the bike. I see even the racing suits that are worn today just don’t look like they belong anywhere but the racetrack. If you are a rider that spends all day riding and end up stopping to eat, go to the bathroom, visit, tour, etc., how practical is something like this. Good bikes get a lot of miles. Rider comfort is important.

  5. Jac says

    It would look ridiculous, but this separate cod piece idea might be just the ticket for taking a pee while wearing motorcycle gear. Imagine, you go into the can, step up to the urinal, unzip your cod piece, and everything is available for sweet relief.

  6. Mike says

    Awesome, what 17 year old new to bikes wouldn’t want one :)
    Surprisingly sensibly priced given the ‘officially licensed status’ and modular which is nice, a buyer could just buy the jacket for example.
    Wouldn’t surprise me to see this with minor mods in a few low budget action / sci-fi flicks too.
    I like it, However, ill wait for the official Iron Man suit :)

  7. pabsyboots says

    Lol great find
    I imagine anyone actually wearing this would be ridiculed and for good reason, but the idea of the hard shiny parts (replacable) on the outside makes a lot of snese

  8. Brad says

    Styling aside man if it is going to stop me from breaking out in a severe case of ROAD RASH, I’m all for it, laugh if you will but I have friends who wear suits made of kevlar from custom shops here in Calgary and when they hit the road they walk away with only a few bruises. I think the idea is good, anything to protect the rider from injury is a good thing. Now when I’m out on my bike I’ll stick with the tried and true leather, comfortable and easy to replace if damaged.

  9. Boog says

    Shades of King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable!

    Yep, this’ll be big in the music industry…I’ll bet B.C. Rich is making a matching guitar as we speak.

  10. kneeslider says

    Odd looks aside, for those of you who were wondering why real protective suits don’t look more like this, is it may be detrimental. The Motorcycle Crash Tech show we mentioned recently, had a segment at Alpinestars where they discussed the fact that racing suits were designed to slide after a crash as a way to help dissipate the force of the hit. This suit looks like it would snag on everything and get the rider tumbling. For a super hero in a fight it may be ideal, for a rider hitting the road, maybe not.

  11. dave says

    it’ll be a big hit and that just proves how awful it is!! you know like those mohawk things on helmets and the balls hanging off of pick ups!

    • Trevon Denmon says

      Dude! it’s a motorcycle suit, not the actual batman suit! if u want to have a cape billowing behind you and get it caught in the back wheel, be my guest!

  12. C.P.T.L. says

    Batman: Don’t let me find you out here again.

    False Batman: You need us! There’s only one of you – It’s a war out here!

    – Batman gets into the Batmobile –

    False Batman: What gives you the right?! What’s the difference between you and me?!

    – As the canopy closes –

    Batman: I’m not wearing hockey pads.

  13. Dwight-675 says

    Actually, the “Bruce Wayne” jacket on that site doesn’t look half bad.
    I just need the MV Agusta to go with it…

  14. says

    Actually, I find the motorcycle gear as armor concept is quite appealing. But dressing up as a comicbook character is too Halloween for me.

    When I was younger and more flamboyant I took black plastic motorcross armor and riveted it to the outside of a leather jacket, and riveted black ABS soccer shinguards to my war surplus riding boots. I got a lot of Mad Max comments, but I took them as compliments. It also probably had something to do with the fact that I was riding a cafe style rat bike with a Rhino Liner (truck bed liner) paint job.

    Nowadays, a lot of gear companies are doing something going in this direction . For instance, look at Icon’s original TiMax series. I have the jacket pants and gloves in black and they are my favorite spring and summer gear, and far less over-the-top than my old kit.