Bad Dog Tools Drill Bits

Bad Dog Tools drill bitsCES, the consumer electronics show is running right now and, as you would expect, the latest electronic gadgets are on display. TechCrunch was wandering around the show and came across Bad Dog Tools, what they're doing at CES is anyone's guess, maybe electronics installers looking for tools would be interested, but whatever the reason, you should check out these drill bits. These things look like they're pretty much indestructible. The demo guy drills through everything, almost like one of those late night TV commercials for kitchen knives, but for those of us who have ruined more than a few drill bits, these look like the real deal. Check 'em out.

Link: Bad Dog Tools via TechCrunch

Video below:


  1. says

    They look like masonry bits… but guaranteed for life against breakage or dulling?

    Bad Dog Drill Bits are covered by a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.
    We will repair or replace any Drill Bits that becomes dull or damaged.

    Return the bit(s) along with $2.50 USD for the first Drill Bit, and $1 USD for each
    additional Bit for S&H. Multi-purpose drill bits can also be replaced in person at trade shows.

    • Paul Crowe says

      Like I said, pretty amazing. They’ve evidently been around for years, though I don’t remember seeing them before, but watching the demo was impressive.

    • Kawistar says

      Yup, those are definitely masonry/concrete bits (on the photo). The tip is for hammering. The fluting on those bits are dull and would never slice through metal, wood or plastic, but acts as a conveyor belt for pulverized rock coming out of the hole.

  2. Scot says

    That was amazing. WOW. I have used my fair share of bits. I would look at them and they would break. Attempt to sharpen them and be back within a minute to do it again.
    I’ll have to give these a try.

  3. JanBros says

    Years ago, in Belgium, there was a guy selling such drills at a fare and I to was very impressed. impressed enough to buy them on the spot.

    unfortunatly at home, it wasn’t possible to drill bearrings etc like he did at the fare. I’m not saying these are the same, I’m just saying : be careful ! maybe he weakened all his steel/inox/… I don’t know. All I know is I couldn’t do at home what he did at the fare. My advice : take your own worn bearring to the fare/show and let him drill it 😉

    • Paul Crowe says

      That could be good advice, though I don’t usually walk around with large chunks of metal in my pocket. They do seem to stand behind their bits with lots of help over the phone and a replacement policy that looks very good, too.

      Since I’ve not personally tried them, I can’t say any more than I already have, so if anyone has first hand experience with them, please chime in.

  4. says

    Well, I’m sold. Seeing it bake in wood and then immediately punch a hole in a hammer did it. I’m forwarding this to my dad too. He’ll definitely be interested as well.

  5. sfan says

    Hmm, maybe its a “safe” bet that a criminal or two might be interested in some of the bigger bits.

  6. fraz1 says

    Years ago i bought some tools from a guy at the markets,same deal any problems bring em back for a replacement.Never had to take them back and iv’e had one spanner curved into a “U” shape with the aid of a 2 metre peice of pipe.The deep drive sockets have been used to knock out all types of bearings and heated up to bright red numerous times and not a mark on them.And he has drill bits that even my brother can’t break.

  7. says

    Mad Dog bits are OK. I have them and used them. Bought them at a trade show. They are good for roughing in a hole then finish to sized with correct sized bit. They are essentially a fluted bit with a carbide spade on the bottom. As with any bit lubrication goes a long way to help with the cutting process as well as speed and feed.

    They also sell a nibbler attachement for an electric drill that is great for 18-20 gage aluminum that’s pretty kool. Light duty though for sure

  8. Steve says

    I’m not familiar with anything except their Handi-Discs but did get free replacement of them when worn out. I’ve been to their HQ in Bristol, RI a couple times and can say the service was cordial. May have to try those bits and that Biter looks interesting too.

  9. Paulinator says

    These look really good!!! I believe the concept is sound because I learned (thru necessity) that a cheap “hardware variety” masonary bit will cut a hole into VERY HARD steel.

  10. says

    The “trick” to these bits is that they don’t cut through stuff as much as they melt through stuff. The sparks and 3100rpm spindle speed drilling the file show this clearly.

  11. Denns In FL says

    I’ve had a set of 7 drill bits from 1/8″ to 1/2″ for years but used very little. 3 of the bits busted on the cutting edge that’s welded to the bit shaft and the 1/8′ bit busted in half. The case says they have a lifetime guarantee (as does the web site) so I will be sending the 4 bits in with my $5.50 to fix or replace the bits. The original paper I have with Item No. V11213 says Free sharpening or replacement at no additional cost to owner. If I get the busted bits replaced for the $5.50 stated on the web site I’ll be able to drill drill drill.