Avinton Motorcycles Reveal Their 2014 Muscle Bikes

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

Avinton Motorcycles build muscle bikes, inspired, in their words, by the 427 AC Cobra. They do have the right look, no swoopy bodywork covering the mechanics, it all out there for the world to see. Power from S&S, Beringer brakes, Arrow exhaust, carbon fiber everywhere and handbuilt to customer specifications.

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

There are a lot of variations, the GT, Race and Roadster in Vintage, Grand Sport and Super Snake, among others, which come together in different wheels, tires, exhaust, ergonomics and more. If there is an issue with what they're doing, I think the model variations are a little confusing, but the base is all the same.

In 2014, AVINTON offers the finest collection of muscle-bikes which consists in three different models: the "Roadster", the "GT" and "Race", they offer three distinct riding position …

Each of these models is available in six different finish packages: Original, Vintage, Deluxe, Grand Sport, Super Snake and Cult.

Next, the owner can further personalize their one of a kind bike by choosing among over 50 options that Avinton offers in addition to the packages. And finally, one last choice regarding the paint job, for the body and « Shelby Stripes » if desired.

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

2014 Avinton Motorcycles from France

Avinton seems to be the only French motorcycle manufacturer left. They're certainly not a high volume company, but the quality of the builds appears to be first rate and the overall design of these bikes makes them unique. The top mounted air intake has a look that could easily be overdone, but on these, it is obvious without being out of place, in fact it looks just right.

They are currently developing a dealer network around the world, including North America, and there's no reason they wouldn't be a great addition to the high end market, speaking of which, I saw no indication of price, I'm guessing high end Ducati range, though that is my speculation.

You won't see these everywhere, in fact, I doubt we'll see these anytime soon in the States, but, do I like these Avinton muscle bikes? Oui!

Link: Avinton


  1. Sportster Mike says

    These were the Wakans, of course …
    Saw one at Goodwood (I think) a few years ago – looked very good and then I saw the right foot gearchange… I suppose thats why it didn’t sell?
    Its got all the right bits, S&S engine, good forks, brakes etc so may sell better now that Cafe Racers are the in-thing

    • Stout says

      I was lucky enough to be able to ride a Wakan. Awesome bike, great handling, very nimble and an extremely powerful engine. At that time they were also looking to start selling them in the States, not sure why it didn’t happen but hopefully it works out this time. If I remember correctly, pricing was around $30k.

      One of the most fun bikes I’ve ever ridden…. the one I rode had the shifter on the left.

  2. Paulinator says

    Yep, I like this….except for the forced “shaker-scoop” intake run. The thing must have serious grunt.

  3. WOL says

    I’m not selling my MT01 cos it is just like these at a fraction of the cost. Does everyone who has one say this?

  4. steve w. says

    I didn’t get to ride the Wakan’s when they were at S&S but they were “Oh so cool”. These are even better looking today. Not in my time frame but I hope they make some noise. Most have never rode a big inch/light V twin. Once you do you’ll never forget the ride. 100+ cubic inches can light your fire!

  5. Mister X says

    What a nice package, it’s extremely well integrated, everything just ‘works’, including the almost subtle tank mounted scoop, and I’ll bet it sounds Wicked when you grab a handful!

  6. Dr Robert Harms says

    Whats anything pictured have any relationship to a CSX ?
    Whats with the exhaust ??

  7. Mike says

    Another very pretty bike (& I like it) that does nothing to account for it`s purchase price other than it`s looks & exclusivity. Still… not as much $$$ as some similar type bikes on the market. Soccer players, movie stars, & talk show hosts should purchase a few of `em.

    • Whatever says

      Uh so where exactly can you find an S&S Motor in a sport bike platform? Exactly. You can’t.

      • naysayer says

        a Ducati.

        Guys on streetbikes don’t care about S&S motors…they get 1000 times better performance out of a inline 4. If you have someone who wants a twin…and they want something fast they go Ducati.

        That being said the Wakan bikes are amazing. But to me it has the same issue the Motus bikes have, without the utility. I am not going to pay 30K$ for a bike. I’m just not. But I suppose in a day and age of a mid level SUV costing 60K$, a 30K$ bike fits they’re ridiculous pricing model.

        I get that the motor alone is 10K$ or more but I just can’t see paying 30K$ for that bike. I’m tired of seeing boutique bikes that look pretty and will never be attainable by the majoring of the riding public. At least sell a kit like STORZ did or something to make it a little more attainable.

  8. Septic the Sceptic says

    Very much doubt it would be right hand shifting as that is illegal in the US. That’s is why everyone was forced into the left hand shift paradigm. View the image of the red bike you can clearly see the master cylinder for the brake on the right hand side.

  9. Meehawl says

    Ahh the magic of of reading poorly translated foreign websites. Clicking on the Avinton link and then the little Union Jack to convert to English you are greeted with a phrase that has red light district written all over it and then the realisation that without the name change to “Avinton” it could have concluded with “try Wakan yourself off”

  10. SKoo says

    Type : S&S (bi-cylinder V at 45 degrees)
    Displacement : 1 647 cm3 (100 ci)
    Cylinder heads : 2 valves per cylinder controlled by 4 camshafts
    Cooling : air and oil
    Bore x Stroke : 101,6 x 101,6 mm
    Compression ratio : 10.3 : 1
    Power : 120 hp at 5 750 rpm
    Torque : 168 Nm at 3 000 rpm
    Carburetor : Keihin 41 mm with flat valve
    Vortec air vent control : managed electronically (opens at 2300 rpm)
    Ignition : CDI single fire reprogrammable
    Exhaust : 2 in 1 stainless steel or carbon
    Type : primary transmission by belt
    Transmission ratio : 1,36
    Clutch : 10 dry disks with pressure diaphragms
    Gearbox : 5 speeds (developed with Andrews)
    Gearbox type : Cassette transmission (double drive shaft and 6 sprockets)
    Intermediary reports : 2,368 / 1,876 / 1,489 / 1,216 / 1 (direct drive)
    Frame : tubular with suspended engine, oil circuit integrated in the frame
    Rake : 22 degrees
    Chasse : 85 mm
    Front suspension : inverted adjustable oversized Ceriani fork 46 mm (compression and rebound)
    Suspension travel : 100 mm
    Rear suspension : Mono-amortisseur Sachs
    Suspension travel : 125 mm
    Front break : 1 (or 2) 335 mm disc(s) / 1 (or 2) 6 piston calipers
    Rear break : single 228 mm disc / 4 piston caliper
    Tires : Front : 120/70 R17
    Rear : 180/55 R17
    Dimensions / Weight
    Wheel base : 1 380 mm
    Seat height : 790 mm
    Weight : dry : 175 kg / Full tanks filled : 192 kg
    Fuel tank capacity : 13 liters with integrated submersible pump
    Average consummation : 5,4 liters / 100 km
    Autonomy : about 190 km
    Oil reservoir : Integrated in the frame: 3 liters (20W50)
    Maximum speed : 262 km/h (on race track)
    Garantie : 2 years of pieces and labor