Another Steampunk Motorcycle

Baron Margo's Phantom motorcycle

Baron Margo, an artist and sculptor, has an amazing collection of vehicles, models and sculptures of all sorts. They all seem to have that steampunk look about them and this motorcycle, the "Phantom" is a case in point. There are no details on what specific motorcycle he started with but the end result would fit well into some movie like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen."

You would expect this particular bike to have been a futuristic concept model at a motorcycle exhibition about 90 or 100 years ago. I like it. This guy looks like he has a lot of fun out in his workshop.

Link: Baron Margo via Make Magazine Volume 12

Baron Margo's Phantom motorcycle


  1. Matt in NC says

    I like it, but something about the windscreen shape doesn’t quite seem right to me.

    I wonder how good the cooling is? I can’t find a picture showing the front view very well.

  2. Space Weasel says

    For me? No. But I really appreciate that there are people out there bringing their visions to life. Keep on keepin’ on, my friend!

  3. says

    As far as steampunk bikes go, I think I liked the first one on the other post a lot better :-p

    Kudos to this guy for making it happen, though.

  4. Sean says

    I wouldn’t call it steampunk. Art deco, perhaps, dieselpunk, possibly, cool, definitely. One heck of a lot of aluminium and polish went into that baby.

  5. kneeslider says

    I bet if he used a bit more copper and brass it would qualify, maybe a few more exposed pieces, too.

  6. Sean says

    Some copper, some wood accents, exposing a part of the rear wheel (which has been done up to look like a giant cog) would help too. Actually, leave it as it is, it’s a dieselpunk beauty!