Alfabeast – Alfa Romeo Powered Custom For Sale

Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

This bike was on The Kneeslider over a year ago but I had very little information on it at the time. I just noticed it turned up on eBay and I have to admit, I love this thing.

According to the description it has a Kraftek frame, a four speed Harley Davidson transmission, all powered by a 2.5 liter Alfa Romeo V6. There are six individual exhaust pipes, a pair of Weber downdrafts, with fork, discs and calipers from a Kawasaki ZXR750.

The owner says there's no charging system so, unless someone engineers one, it's a short range bar hopper. The whole thing needs some, ... what's the term, ... "finish work" to get it into daily rider status but it sure does look good!

More photos and link below:

Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

Alfa Romeo V6 powered custom bike

Link: Alfa Romeo Custom


  1. Richard says

    Iteresting as this bike is, my first thought was that I’d rather have that engine wrapped up in a new Alpha 166, and then I started to think about upgrading to the new 3.2 V6 24 valve engine with 240 BHP and 289 Nm torque (vs the 188 BHP and 221 Nm claimed for the 2.5 liter), and then I remembered I don’t have any money. :(

  2. M. Baker says

    it does look a hoot, but isn’t that cam gearbelt spinning against your inner thighs?

  3. todd says

    For a charging system you could always mount one of those friction bicycle dynamos…

    This is a beautiful bike.

  4. GenWaylaid says

    What other sports car engines would look good in a motorcycle?

    I’d like to combine a Coventry Climax out of an old Lotus with a late 1950s British bike like a BSA, Norton, or Triumph. Maybe not the best-performing bike, but an interesting historical “what-if.”

  5. Keith says

    Looks freaking cool , you would get a look of looks with this bar hopper . I would build a chrome cover or guard for those camshaft pullys . As for a charging system I would easily run a small chromed alternator of one of those belts .

  6. Spaceweasel says

    Is it wrong of me to want six velocity stacks to advertise my v6? Lots of fun, though. I love the description where the owner points out that this is a “high maintinence motorcycle”, and the buyer shouldn’t expect to commute on the thing.

  7. rangeroger says

    I find it hard to imagine kick-starting the beast. And I agree with spaceweasel,3 48 IDAs would look awesome.

  8. ron says

    i was the lucky buyer of the alfabike bike through e-bay from chris and he did a great job building bike. a charging system would be nice. chris sent parts & brackets for a system but checking to see if i can come up with something smaller. kicking over is not a problem. i’m 100% happy with the bike. Ron camarillo ca.

  9. Pepe Alfa says

    That is one of the sweetest-sounding engines on earth; the music it makes through those pipes, with the intake trumpets blaring, at its power peak must be fantastic.

    Incredible bike. Hey, the Alfa Romeo Club Nat’l Convention in 2009 is in Portland. Maybe Ron will bring it up?!