5000cc V-Twin Motorcycle Engine For Sale

5000cc Merlin V-twin motorcycle engineOne of our readers from the land of Oz left a comment on yesterday's post about Roland Sands, suggesting another possible engine for the bike. What Dodgy found was a 5000cc Rolls Royce Merlin V-twin motorcycle engine!

This engine was built in 1982 and was adapted from a 27 liter V12 aero engine by Australian engineer Lucky Keizer. According to the listing it was used in a streamliner that holds the current Australian record for the 3001cc+ class. The particular V12 used as a source for this V-twin was originally at home on a Mosquito bomber.

The engine uses a handbuilt crankshaft, has 4 valves per cylinder, runs a Rochester carb on a GM 3/71 supercharger. It also includes nitrous with water and glycol cooling. Power output is in the 500 horsepower range though no torque figures are given, those are the numbers I'd like to see! It weighs 330 pounds.

This engine was previously installed in a motorcycle and the photo here has circulated around the Internet for some time. Lucky Keizer has put the engine up for sale, ready for someone else to install it in their own VERY special V-twin custom.

Of course, if you start with a V12 and make a V-twin, you have the makings of 5 more, right? Some resourceful machine shop should look into that, you never know, there may be a huge market for monster V-twin motorcycles. You have to wonder, though, what the rotating mass in that engine would do to the bike's handling when you try to tip it into the turns, could be exciting!

Thanks for the pointer, Dodgy!

Link: 5000cc Merlin V-twin Motorcycle Engine For Sale
Link: Lucky Keizer's V-twin Motorcycle

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5000cc Merlin V-twin motorcycle engine installed


  1. Willie says

    what about the Leonhardt-Monster that the Kneeslider posted about a few months ago? engine built from 2 cylinders off of a old radial engine with about 6728cc.

  2. Dodgy says

    Lucky is a bit of an instinctive engineer. He was busted at the age of about twelve ‘driving’ a pram with a lawnmower engine he’d built in the main street of Dubbo (New South Wales)…

  3. Kate Keizer says

    Hey Dad! You didn’t tell me you were selling this! I want some money if you do!

  4. says

    hola todos..!
    los motocicles en v o v-twin son los mejores, eso estoy buscando un motor en de de 4 oh 6 cilincho en v para mi motica. que es una mato buenicima que ya esta mal el motor que tienes ese tambien es en v sia lguen lo tiene que me de informacion ..

  5. Jorge says

    Para Jaime, existen varias opciones entre ellas el motor v-twin diesel de 20-22 hp de aprox 865 cc. Los puedes encontrar en alibaba o en mercado libre.