2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

Harley Davidson has introduced a new member of the V-Rod family, the V-Rod Muscle. The look is new with somewhat angular bodywork and exhaust pipes that exit on both sides of the bike.

The Revolution engine in the V-Rod is excellent but The Motor Company seems to be having a problem coming up with the right combination to attract a large numbers of buyers to the platform. I have a hunch they'll get it right, eventually, maybe the Muscle will do it, maybe not. Time will tell.

From Harley Davidson:
With sculpted bodywork stretched taut over a powerful new physique, the 2009 VRSCF V-Rod Muscle rides its way onto the Power Cruiser scene with a broad-shouldered presence. Gaping air scoops, sweeping side-pipe exhaust and a huge rear tire spinning under a clean, clipped fender speak to a contemporary, urban sense of style and performance. The Muscle pushes the Harley-Davidson V-Rod platform into a new turf, where it aims to hold its ground.

VRSC Key Features

1250cc Revolution V-Twin: Standard on all 2009 VRSC models, the 60-degree Revolution 1250cc V-Twin is liquid-cooled and features Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI), dual overhead cams, four-valve heads, and a five-speed transmission. The engine is rubber-mounted in a hydroformed steel perimeter frame. A shell covers the large-volume airbox located over the engine. A five-gallon fuel tank is located below the seat on all VRSC models. The engine is tuned to produce up to 125 hp at 8250 rpm and up to 85 ft-lbs. of torque at 7000 rpm.

Optional ABS: Each VRSC model is available with optional, factory-installed Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Designed to work in conjunction with high-performance Brembo triple-disc brakes, this is the most advanced braking system offered on any power cruiser. ABS is designed to help the rider maintain control during braking events, especially those that happen in less-than-optimal conditions. The components of the Harley-Davidson ABS have been designed and packaged to be virtually invisible, preserving the uncluttered styling of the area around the wheels. Unlike many motorcycle ABS, Harley-Davidson ABS is not a linked system, meaning the rider maintains full, independent control of both front and rear brakes.

New V-Rod Muscle
The wide, angular air-box cover and chopped tail section look as solid and smooth as billet and give the new V-Rod Muscle lines that are clean and powerful. The size of the massive 240 mm rear tire is accentuated by the new broad, clipped and clean rear fender. The combination stop/tail/turn LED light is tucked under the edge of the rear fender, and the side-mount license plate leaves the fender surface smooth and uncluttered. Front-end styling balances the rear, with a trimmed fender that’s blacked out behind satin-finished inverted forks and LED turn signals integrated into the mirror stems. The radiator shrouds are restyled and color-matched to the rest of the bodywork, while the new airbox side covers incorporate air scoop inlets covered with woven wire mesh. The silver five-spoke cast aluminum front and rear wheels are a new design for the V-Rod line.

A new deep seat holds the rider firmly in place against the thrust of the Revolution V-Twin engine. The Muscle features forward foot controls, and a new handlebar with internal wiring. The handlebar is 1.5-inch cast aluminum with tubular steel ends and integrated risers. Bold polished forged aluminum triple clamps secure the inverted forks and frame the distinctive V-Rod teardrop reflector optic headlamp, housed in a satin black bucket.

The long profile of a 34-degree fork rake is stretched visually by new “sidepipe” dual exhausts in satin chrome with fat, turn-out mufflers exiting behind the rear axle. The V-Rod Muscle is available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver, Dark Blue Denim and Red Hot Sunglo.

2009 Harley Davidson V-Rod Muscle

New VRSCF V-Rod Muscle features:

* Liquid-cooled, 1250cc Revolution V-Twin engine
* 122 hp at 8250 rpm/85 ft. lbs. torque at 7000 rpm
* Pewter powdercoated powertrain with polished covers
* Assist/Slipper Clutch with reduced lever effort
* New clutch cover with relocated dipstick
* New Satin chrome dual side exhaust with turn-out mufflers
* New Five-spoke cast aluminum 19-inch front wheel
* New Five-spoke cast aluminum 18-inch rear wheel
* New Triple clamps
* New 43 mm Inverted forks
* New stylized rear shocks with black springs
* New airbox cover and side covers
* New front fender with black-out section
* New smooth rear fender
* New LED stop/tail/turn light
* New LED front turn signals integrated in mirror stems
* New seat shape
* New Internally wired handlebar cast with riser
* New instrument graphics and housing
* New side-mount license plate
* Black frame
* 240mm wide rear tire
* Forward foot controls
* Brembo triple-disc brakes
* Teardrop reflector-optic headlight
* 25.6-inch seat height
* Optional ABS
* Optional Smart Security System


  1. lostinoz says

    Ugly ugly ugly, i dont think they hit the mark on this one, the blind can’t ride bikes.
    i own a vrsc-b, and looking at that bike vs the new one, i cant believe… no REFUSE to believe that they have the same roots in the vrsc-a

  2. says

    “Hi, I’m Willie G., welcome to the job interview! Please introduce yourself.”

    “I’m Justin. I just dropped out of the local community college, where I designed packaging for iPod accessories”.

    “Really? I hear those I Pod, uh, whatever they are, are all the rage among the youth of today. We are having trouble getting them to buy Vrods. Maybe you could give us some fresh thinking. Quite frankly, we’re not too sure what that is.”

    “Well Mr. G., here are some edgy box concepts that iPod gadgets could be sold in. As you can see, my favorite medium is cardboard. I put these way cool rivits and radical scoopy things on it to give it the hard core industrial low tech image that todays teens crave even though they are scared to death of real low tech industrial work.”

    “Good enough for me – you’re hired! Here is some cardboard for you to work with. The 2009 model show is this afternoon – think you can have the prototype ready this afternoon?”

  3. GW says

    Meh. It’s still typical HD: just another re-packaging of obsolete technology masquerading as a motorcycle.

  4. WRXr says

    Don’t care for it, which is a rarity. H-D has great style….but not in this case.

    Regarding the engine: Why they don’t put this engine in a tourer?
    Why not try something a bit more “Gold Wing” than their current touring line and see how it takes?

  5. Dr. Gellar says

    I really want to like this bike, but I can’t. It’s kinda fugly. The Night Rod Special is still easily the best looking V-Rod in HD’s line-up…in my opinion.

  6. mark says

    Its still a hundred times better looking than the “waste management” designed Vmax.
    maybe next year will be the Edsel year of the motorcycle.

  7. bR1an says

    “gaping air scoops?” Come on. Everybody knows who the real king of the muscle bikes is.

    @ ROHORN
    Great post
    “Well Mr. G., here are some edgy box concepts that iPod gadgets could be sold in. As you can see, my favorite medium is cardboard. I put these way cool rivits and radical scoopy things on it to give it the hard core industrial low tech image that todays teens crave even though they are scared to death of real low tech industrial work.”


  8. JR says

    I really like it. Now I would prefer that Harley gave us their AWESOME XR1200 Street Tracker, but this is a great looking American sport/cruiser/standard/drag bike that I think really appeals to the 20 and 30 something crowd. Real power and badass looks! I’d take it any day over ricer boy 600cc cookie cutter stuff.

    Harley’s are still a bit on the expensive side for your average gearhead college student, so I will have to settle for 28 year old Japanese 3 cylinder muscle for now.

  9. lucky_Cevns says

    as a person in the 20 and 30 crowd i can say with a clear conscience that i dont like this bike. give me the cookie cutter stuff, hell for the price give me a busa. come on harley you can do better than that. in my opinion roland sands designed the best looking v-rod

  10. todd says

    Really silly looking, but I haven’t been impressed by any of the V-Rods. I’m also in the 20 and 30 crowd but the “cookie cutter” bikes barely appeal to me either.

    I think what Harley is after with this platform is finding a new visual language that can’t be related to any other existing bike. The last thing they want is to be compared to a Japanese bike or risk looking like they’re trying to catch up. I do think Harley is firmly in a position to market this platform to a wider audience. There is no reason why it can’t be a full touring bike as WRXr suggests, a sport bike as V-Rohr suggests, or a “Adventure Tourer” like Buell suggests. There is no sense building a complicated (visually and technically) bike that is supposed to appeal to a cruiser crowd that typically prefers simplicity. No sense building a more powerful motor when people don’t buy cruisers for their power. No sense trying to make it perform… when it barely does.

    I really think the V-Rod is desperately in danger of being canned and this is a last ditch attempt to find its niche.


  11. sranobody says

    I kinda of like it. Of course I’ve always thought that with the long rake of the front end on these bikes you can’t really get a good riding posture along with handling ability. And why put forward controls on the thing? Not everyone wants to stretch out, how about putting mid-controls or some rear sets on there like the Street Rod(?). Other than that, I have seen a couple VROD’s turned to touring bikes. I’ve wondered why hasn’t H-D built a Revolution powered touring bike yet? They always listen too little too late. (see Rocker)

  12. Seymour says

    I don’t object to the looks so much. But I don’t know why, but there is just something…weird…about christening the bike “Muscle”.

  13. sranobody says

    Starting at $17,199! (from the H-D site) Sorry, but around $18k off the showroom, I will take a VMax instead. For a bike that really isnt doing that well to begin with, charging more for a lesser version sure is not going to help. They really would have been much better off coming out with a Full Dresser model to be able to charge that much.

  14. mobilus says

    Looks to me like Harley had a quick look at the VD Classic “Speed Rod” custom…. the faux fuel tank especially.


    Despite Jean Vicente’s gorgeous example of the possibilities, Harley’s managed to muck up the proportions and shapes for yet another V-Rod. And like the Cross Bones, they’ve seemingly allowed an eight year old to name the bike. I agree with poster #15 about the rake and foot controls. If ever an engine deserved better, this is it.

  15. enrique says

    i own a night rod special and i like this bike because it has a few modern features and sharp modern looks….
    i think my business attire when commuting to work suits the vrscf better than the dx

  16. Dresden says

    I… I hate it.

    I’ve always really liked the V-Rods, but this… is an abomination. I dunno, I’ll wait till I see it in person, but that rear side angle shot isn’t helping…

    But, at least they’ll have plenty of merchandising to go along with it…

  17. says

    The MRod looks like it was designed with the help of focus groups, market research, demographic analysis, and plenty of credentialed professiona with many many months of business experience.

    The Speed Rod looks like it was designed with enthusiasm and talent.

  18. todd says

    next up special versions:

    Dill-Rod, green Vlasic styling
    Nim-Rod, steepened steering for more nimble ride
    Ram-Rod, with Dodge truck loading ramp/trailer accessories

    A-Rod, sure to win a fling with Madonna


  19. Brad says

    WOW!!! did someone hit there head, this bike doesn’t flow. I’m pretty good at visualizing how I can customize a bike but this is a total tare down. The only thing I do like is the lower profile of the gauges instead of them sticking up to gods country.

  20. noodles says

    They should build it with a ridiculously long wheelbase so it handles like a sloppy pig… oh wait, they did.

  21. says

    I guess I dont agree with most of you, and that is okay, I think this bike (at least from the pics, in person may be different) is pretty freaking sweet!! I have never really cared for HD products, the Rocker C falls into the “freaking sweet” category also, they all look the same and out of date. The VRod was meant to appeal to those of us that prefer a little speed with our machines (I have owned the “cookie cutter” bikes, an R1, a CBR 1000 RR, a 954 RR and a GSXR 600) and I love SPEED and sporty styling. Not the look of haveing the same bike as my uncle who bought his back in ’88 or the “Oh Crap, I am at Sturgess and I cant find my bike cause they all look the same” feeling. I can understand how some would not like the looks of the VRod Muscle and I agree the word “Muscle” is kind of trying too hard but as far as the bike is concerned…I’ll take one in blue, please.

  22. BGrandin says

    What are you all saying? I think this is a great looking bike. The rear fender is cool, duel exhaust, the inverted forks are great, even the new air inlet is interesting and different. Is it going to open up the sales of V-rods, probably not, most folks with this kinda money are still stuck in old paradigms. And at 18K I can buy 2 of my m50 with a bunch of gas. So I will have to wait a few years for this as a used. But its a HD after all.

  23. Robin Day says

    Dear Harley Davidson, why don’t you please consider putting that fabulous modern engine into a style / configeration that competes with Wakan / Aprilia (Tuono) “street fighter” type motor cycles.
    You have plenty of power in the standard configuration with the “Muscle” spec’d engine just put it into an agile chassisand you’ll sell loads of them.
    I am building one now with a used 1150 engine maybe you could share??

  24. says

    I waited for the 09 to come out before makeing a decision on a Vict Hammer or Harley V Rod. Looking at this bike and figuring on how much more its going to cost to make it even look even halfway nice. Well going with the Hammer. I dont think they will pull out from this one V Rod probably comming to an end in future.

  25. says

    The VRod platform is not coming to an end.

    It should be put into a Sport Touring package to compete with the Triumph Sprint, Honda VFR, FJR, BMW, etc.

    There are 2 words in “Sport Touring” and not all sport touring buyers weigh heavily on the sport side. In fact, for most sport touring buyers, this engine will have plenty of performance while being different than the other models in its class. (for marketing spin, HD and Buell can co-brand this model as the class-leading handling bike)

    Fast forward to the major magazines. These rags will write that the “V-Tour Sport” came in last in their “comparo” or “shootout” by the numbers.

    Do those magazines really think 99% of the reading audience can distinguish between seconds of acceleration or top-end horsepower when riding one model to the next? We care about ballpark performance and, in the case of a sport touring model, ergonomics, luggage, and style supercede outright performance

  26. Harold says

    Personally, I like what HD was trying to do, but for someone like me that lives in a big city I’d prefer something a bit more agile and something with a shorter wheel base. The ass end and seating on this baby is sweet. The rest is just HD. I wish they’d get that Naked 1200 to the US.

  27. chappy says

    Wake me up when HD brings back he Street Rod (and they actually price it competitively), it has been the only version worth paying attention to

  28. Verne says

    It’s unfortunate how many people are so quick to criticize new ideas. I commend HD for thinking out of the box with their new V-Rod. Diversity and differences are as good with bikes as with people. Congratulations to Harley Davidson for taking this leap; I think the V-Rod looks amazing, but only wish they would price it fairly for Canadians. Even when the dollar is on par or better, Canadians are being gouged by automakers and bike makers.

  29. PAUL DEAN says


  30. says

    I like the front turn signal/mirrors, especially if the lights are sequentially lit up, starting from the inside working their way outward.

  31. EddieHaskell says

    Yeah I like it too, and would probably buy one if it had the Street Rod riding position. It looks like the 2009 Night Rod (non-Special) has the rear set pegs, which is nice :)

  32. Rohmi says


  33. Mark says

    I did like the later model with the lake pipes. Not this one. It’s a cruiser and would of truly been called fast, in the past. I own a 80’s scooter that will beat the Rod but it isn’t ‘fast’ today. I see HD came down out of the clouds and started dropping prices. Bet some Rod owners are ticked. Don’t know about HD being an American tradition. There’s HOG chapters all over the world and HD’s are ‘assembled’ in America. Take a stroll through a HD factory. Japanese companies employ far more Americans and puts far more money back into our economy. Sad, but true. The info’s out there.

  34. mj says

    This bike is slick! Does not look like a traditional Harley — and that is important to me — but retains the Harley charisma.

  35. Ian says

    Why can’t HD get right?

    None of their bikes can compete with… any other brand.

    Yet I still have trouble buying something else. I wish HD made the VMAX.

  36. Tim says

    Difference between you guys and me, almost ALL of you are commenting on a bike you dont like to begin with, more importantly a bike you would never buy, so no one cares about your opinions. The web breed negativity and you feed right into it. I, on the other hand, am picking up the first V-Rod muscle to arrive at my dealership in an hour. 2-3 other people were also coming to see it, potential buyers, so it will be selling.

    Trust me, in person its amazing. I liked the pics a lot, but i was blown away when I saw it. It looks like a futuristic Harley. Rest of you can continue shifting through 4 gears to get to 40 MPH on the default pig engine. Yes, I just sold my Deuce (my 6th Harley) so I am quite familiar with their bikes.

  37. Tony Stakis says








  38. Kevin says

    I agree with Tony. I just got mine today, first one in the Birmigham metro area. I traded my 07′ VROD, and after just 40 miles, I am truly impressed with this bike both on secondary roads as well as the expressway. I can’t wait unitl tomorrow to enjoy the day. As far as the looks, yes it is not traditional HD, but this is one of the best looking bikes I have ever had the pleasure to view.

    Try one and you will trade too.

  39. Gary says

    I just bought one and I love it. This bike has as much power as my 2007 gsxr 750. It just looks tough and I think that was the whole ideal behind the design, duh. This is the first HD i have owned and I don’t think I could have picked a better time to buy one. As far as handling like a pig, this bike handle’s like a dream. If you know how to ride.

  40. Tony Stakis says

    Well after 300 miles on this bike.I love it even more.
    as I wrote before this is the best HARLEY I have ridden,and I have ridden plenty of them.
    I had the chance to ride it in good weather and a lot of rain.I live in NYC.I use the bike every day back and forth to work.
    Some say in these forums”not a bike for every day”well I beg to differ.This is a motorcycle for all the time.trust me folks I have enough experience to know .
    Once again not a motorcycle for the novice rider NOT at all!
    Thank you MR> Willie G. Davidson…
    So fellow guy and gal riders out there if you get the chance try it even for fun you will love it.
    To all my friends and fellow riders as always

  41. Tony Stakis says

    The reasons the “MUSCLE” is not for the novice rider…
    Are, well one is the weight, the bike is very heavy.
    Turning,cornering and dipping the bike as low as a cruiser can dip is difficult.Pipes are too low and too far out.
    Handles very well, but still NOT A SPORT BIKE! was never meant to be one!

    Also in traffic you need experience to control the bike between cars,and getting to know the ABS system takes some time.
    Also very fast!!!
    Now that I have put some “break-in miles” on it I can tell you that it takes a few very few seconds to reach way over 90 MPH.
    ( I have pushed it to 135Mph) in under 15 seconds and with EASE! And keep in mind the bike is still in (break-in period) and not Dyno tuned.So until completely broken in at 1000 miles I can’t really do FAST CLUTCH SHIFTING yet.
    I also do have road, and racing track experience. So I do have know the difference.

    The only thing I would tell HARLEY to put on this bike is an adjustable steering damper.It does VIBRATE at curves when going over 55mph. Very slight VIBRATION but still there.
    Now for those who know how to ride.This is the first harley that I love the “COUNTER STEERING” HERE THE 240 REAR PLAYS A BIG ROLL….BUT THIS BIKE HANDLES IT VERY WELL…Better than some sport bikes.


    =+=+=+=+=+=+=+PLEASE RIDE SAFE!!!+=+=+=+=+=+=

  42. Tony Ramirez says

    I bought one (silver)and it will be delivered to me by the end of the month, it was love at first sight.

    This is my first HD, I used to had an old BMW 1000cc (it was my fathers bike but he did settle for the Honda goldwing).

    I kind of miss the typical big noise they made but still it looks mean and if you got the chance to see the HD-Marissa Miller ad you’ll love it.

    I dont want to sound foolish but everytime i see it i want to go out and fight crime on it (lol), the price tag? yes is big, but I cant afford a oc chopper o any other custom made bikes and still is a Harley, its like when you buy a Porsche they might be other cars in some ways better buy its still a Porsche.

    I am sure I will get more looks in mine than in any other moto brand, I bet you in 10 years my bike its gonna look better than any Honda, Victory, BMW or any other bike.

    I see people here who rip of the bike and I am sure non of them is an owner of one, so first buy it or at least try it and after (I guess) your reviews will have more substance.

  43. says

    That has to be the ugliest Harley ever! I love an American success story and I love Harley because of it, but come on guys, you’ve got to step up in the styling and technology departments. That looks more like an ’80s model Japanese Cruiser than anything. I’ll grant that the engine is top notch and the bike might be a great bike to ride, but it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

  44. Andrew says

    I think Harley is trying to appeal to a younger crowd with this one. Too many people are into the whole “rice burner” bikes now a days.

  45. Tom says

    This bike is definitely for the younger crowd (20s and 30s). I have never owned a bike and just recently got the itch to ride. I was looking at some of the foreign bikes out there until I saw the V rod. You must check it out at the dealership! I am not 100% sold on the muscle but on the V rods, Yes! It is a work of art. It is different than the standard Harleys, but it is meant to be. The few friends I have that ride, all agree that it is a beautiful bike. And of course, Harley does not make bikes to compete with the crotch rockets. It makes bikes that let you enjoy the ride. I am currently looking to buy one in the next month.

  46. Mike says

    I test rode one in Daytona during Bike Week. I found that the bike handles better than the original vrod, the power was about the same, they say this puts out more, but it probably needs to have the exhaust modified and a fuel tuner added. I like the bike.

  47. Buggsz Koller says

    Well, HD needs to keep trying… I’m the over 50
    Rider since ’82…Just bought a ’06 VRod Street
    Rod. Traded MY 00′ FXR4 after 9 Years! Love the
    Vrods…HAve Owned 2 VRSCAs…As for the Muscle?
    Not for me…Several items on Bike look Awkward,
    But you have to like the Bike! HD May get it right if they would pay attention to you Guys!

    Ride safe and Live!

  48. Ramjet-SS says

    I have a vivid black one. It is an excellant bike. Handles well all the way up the RPM scale I am still in break in mode so I backed off at 130 MPH. But the bike gets there very quickly.

    Those on here trashing this bike based solely on looks are misjudging this bike. But appeal of product is subjective. The performance of the bike is awesome. I bought this rather than stick a pile of money into my RG to get more HP. I saw this thing at Docs in WI and told the sales gal “I”ll Take it.

    Corners well and comes out of the turns with grace and power.

    Rolling the throatle on this machine is s real thrill and I have owned 1000CC crotch rockets but this bike is far more appealing to me and far more exciting to ride.

    Harley did great job on this bike and for those of us who have them can attest to the performance and the styling based on first hand observation.

    20-30 year olds my rear end.

  49. Nathan Cline says

    I didn’t like this bike when I first saw it a few days ago, but I’m looking again and I like it now. I still like the looks of the Night Rod Special better. I am currently serving overseas and WILL be purchasing one of these bikes when I return.

  50. Nathan Cline says

    P.S. forgot to mention I’m 25 years old and this will be my first Harley. I have ridden other bikes before, Hondas etc, but Harleys are awesome and all of my friends–who, it should be noted, are into import cars and rice rockets–would agree 100% with this statement. I am from Alabama though, and I think all this Harley hatred originates from young idiots in such places as California (no offense to intelligent Californians intended) where it seems to be ‘cool’ to hate Harley and anything else American.

    I laughed out loud at the comment above accusing Harley of using “obsolete technology” or some such. Hey stupid, have you actually read the specs on this bike, or are you just talking out of your ass? What part of “Porsche-designed water-cooled dual overhead cam 60-degree aluminum V-twin” don’t you understand? This “obsolete technology” garbage is the same tired old line that is always trotted out by Euro and Jap bike elitists every time Harley is mentioned. I wish you fools would quit already and find a better hobby.

  51. swalter says

    I test rode the 09 Night Rod Special yesterday (with my wife on the back). Fantastic bike, it was fast, handled well and was surprisingly comfortable. As for the V Rod Muscle? I’m setting my sights on a purchase very soon. It’s a gorgeous bike, thank goodness everyone has different tastes or we would all be riding the same thing…..urgh! I ride a Ducati Monster and my wife and I ride a Vulcan 1500 classic when we ride together. I’ve put plenty miles on my fathers Heritage also, the V Rod is different. It does not appeal to everyone. Oh…i’m not in the 20 to 30 crowd either, i’m in the 50 crowd.

  52. says

    Im assuming a lot of the criticism are the folks that don’t support change from Harley. Go see one for yourself. They are striking in appearance and if it’s faster and more nimble than the older VRod, even better! Priced maybe 1500 less, I’d probably jump on it. So I’ll wait for the deals to come down the pipe. Great bike HD!

  53. L Michelle says

    It’s missing something in the front space area as a visual. But, truly I dont think the purpose was created to compete with or change the original style, or to please EVERYONE…only to find another avenue to wander down. Personally, from the old school, I would love a Vrod for fun, but, nothing like the Heritage for me.

  54. Steve says

    I actually think this is an awsome bike. Smooth lines, daring frame and rake design, lots of power and truley a nice middle between the back stretching crotcth-rockets and the leg spplitting fat boys. I’m definately looking into one of these.

  55. Edwin says

    I own one. Mine is black. Guess the opinions may vary but if you have not ride one probably you are missing the point. Style is for all tastes. I do own the Softail Rocker C as well. Performance on the V-Rod and cool style on the Rocker C. This is a awesome bike. Everyone admires both of my bikes everywhere I go.

  56. rusty Justy says

    The vrod muscle is so good looking in my opponion.

    I was set on a traditional big twin which would have been my 1st Harley having just passed my test and this bike is the easiest to ride out of all of them including rocker c fatboy vrod


  57. Chris says

    Just went to the dealership. You do have to see it up close to appreciate the external beauty, but the specs tell all about it’s power!

    I own an 06′ Street Rod which I do love, but the Muscle is exactly what I wanted to spend thousands on my Street Rod to make it my style. The back tire is fat like that of some Choppers, has a chopped rear fender, and has a daring modern style with duel exhaust. The VRod Class got my attention, and in my younger years I never wanted a Harley(still young at 31).

    I have not ridden the Muscle yet, but if it rides anything like the Street Rod, I’ll be very happy.

    I buy my bikes on individuality and not comerciality. Tomorrow, I’ll be trading in my Street Rod for the Muscle! Thank you Harley for giving us choices!

    If you want a rice burner, go buy one. If you like your classic Harley style, keep buying them. As for me, VRod all the way!

  58. rob says

    traded my deuce on one and loving it,a harley with power and brakes awesom,its always the dont haves that dont like

  59. Dan says

    Why are you selling your Muscle? With zero miles, that means you didn’t even ride it. What happened?

  60. Lars Bo Berg says

    I love the bike and as the only bike I want to own is a Harley, and as I also like to kick it sometimes I am considering to buy a Muscle…haven´t seen it for real, but am looking forward to it.I also like the Night Rod but think the Muscle is nicer.

  61. Headley says

    Saw this bike at the Canadian International Auto show and loved it. Can’t wait for a Harley Demo day to try it out. I think this will be my first Harley!! Always wanted a Harley but had to settle for a Kawasaki crotch rocket due to COST ($). Even in our current bad ecomony, this is one indulgence I can’t pass on. Damn….springtime is still a couple months away!

  62. ddd says

    what harley needs to do,is put that v-rod mucsle engine in some of there other bikes like the fatboy,then they will have a whole new group of buyers,there 96 inch motor what they use in most of there bikes now ,just dont have the power,that most people want.

  63. vtx1800F says

    I LOVE this bike. I am trying to justify selling a 2005 VTX 1800F to get a new Muscle. I’m worried I will be disappointed with the difference in cc’s though. Hope to get a test ride this weekend.

  64. Danny says

    I absolutely fell in love with the V Rod Muscle. It was love at first site. It is exactly the look that i’ve been waiting for.
    Ques: Should i be paying the retail price? Have any of you negociated the price?
    Also, have any of you seen the Dark blue denim in person? How does it look? The photos online look good. I like the matt look. The dealer near my place only has the black.
    Thanks in advance.

  65. Dale says

    Bought myself a silver one for christmas, took it to texas for two month ride in jan. and feb. and did not want to go back to work!! best riding sport bike i have ever owned. I know a lot of you don:t like it and i get the comments from some setting around the bar that it is not a real harley, but that is ok i like it and so do most of them after i let them take it for a ride. “WOW WHAT A RUSH” and im in the 40 plus crowd!!

  66. Justy Rusty says

    Still not brought a Muscle yet, testing it again against an 883 iron? Hum

    Most people I discuss the Muscle with are split between traditional looking Harley and Muscle. They say that the Muscle doesn’t look like a Harley. But wow what a ride. The 883 Iron is similar to what I took my test on and is half the price of the Muscle, so its worth considering, and it looks cool and traditional. But its going to have to be very good overall to beat the Muscle. If the Iron is slightly behind in the running then price may play a part in my decision.

    What do you think?

  67. Spee3d says

    I have had a V-Rod for 2 years now, and so far it has been a great experience. I like the old Harley’s just the way they are. But it dose not hurt to do something new from time to time. A Street Glide with a 1130 just would not be the same, but i bet they could come up with some more ideas, and styles of bikes for the engine.

  68. Chris says

    HarleyDavidson EDSEL, I skippered the boat today, made pot holes into craters, jarred my spine, non responsive toy engine, fugly pipes, im overweight but I look like Ally Mcbeal compared to this lump of concrete, antilocking brakes worked, they worked all the time , every time I used the brakes they worked, thanks for the nanny brake system, I was waiting for the acceleration to get taken off of me too. (from nanny that is).
    Buy one so I can laugh at you trying to keep it upright and moving foreward slowly!!!!
    Oh wait nanny will keep it up for you.
    No ash tray, radio, airconditioning, I`m very dissapointed!!! next time make it out of depleted uranium, I`ve heard that will get the weight up, nice bike!! very shiny

  69. Nick Emery says

    I think it’s hilarious that you guys that fuss over the ‘rod and dog the japanese,the vrod is just an attempt to capture the kind of riders that love the vmax,which us boys have had since the 80’s..(lol) AND still will boost away from the newest ‘rod…… Just Harleys feeble attempt at cloning the ‘max……… Imagine that,Harley built a clone.. makes us ‘max boys laugh every time we see one.

  70. says

    Walked into bike showroom yesterday”was surposed to be getting milk”,saw this amazing looking Black Beast
    within 1.5 minutes was filling out paperwork,didnt need even to sit on it,
    Picking up in 2 days I hope I will get $27,000`s worth of fun form it
    Dam I forgot the milk!!.

  71. Ernie says

    I just bought my 09 Vrod muscle and all i can say is: Best bike ever……Fast, great handling and beatiful design…Anybody knows where I can get my pipes?????? I really want them, the bike is very quite!! please email me and let me know where, because i’ve been looking and I can’t find them.
    Thanks guys… my email is nanyrueda@hotmail.com

  72. JD says

    I was interested in the V-Rod, but couldn’t justify the price in 2006. So, I bought a Star Road Star Midnight Warrior instead, and have loved it since day 1. At a bike rally that year, about 3 weeks after I bought it, I got the old, “Huh. Looks like Yamaha is copying the blacked-out look of the Night Rod.” “Only problem is”, I explained to the hefty, bearded gentleman, “Yamaha has been making Midnight versions, all blacked out, since the 1970’s.” To which statement he looked like I hit on his wife. Then I reminded him the V-Rod is liquid cooled, like many Japanese bikes, and had higher hp than torque, like many Japanese bikes, and the sound, rather than sounding like a “real” Harley, sounded more like a Road Star touring bike than a Harley. Hell, my Warrior with aftermarket pipes sounds more like a Harley than a V-Rod. Then I saw the new 2009 Night Rod. It looks even more like a clone of my Warrior than ever, right down to the red line around the blacked-out cast rims, and similar ribs on the oil reservoir. I still can’t justify the roughly $4500 more a V-Rod cost than my bike, but that being said, I don’t think the V-Rod is as hideous as some are saying. I think what bothered me the most at the rally was everyone claiming my bike was a Harley copy, while it seems, for the Midnight/Night Rod case at least, it’s the other way around. I do applaud Harley for making a bike that is at least attempting to move in a different direction than the old stand-bys they’ve been making for decades. Not everyone will like a V-Rod, but if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  73. Chad says

    I sat on the Muscle today and think that it is a great looking and feeling bike. I am struggling with the quoted 18,500 price tag for one with ABS and security, and think that my salesman was smoking either lowering my expectation or smoking something good. I see the MSRP is 17,100 for the base model. Can you guys that own one share what you spent out of the door?

  74. Joseph Ray says

    Muscle-rod reminds me of the ’86 Kawasaki ZL 900 Eliminator (I owned & rode in 90/91) on steroids. Impressed by its physical presence. Doing research & scheduled my first test ride for 4/18/09. This is one absolutely serious looking bike. Can’t wait to own one in brilliant silver & rediscover riding.

  75. nobody says

    Yamaha’s first “Midnight Special” came out in 1980 – straight from Yamaha’s website:


    The first blacked out Harley was the FXB Sturgis. Guess which year it came out – it wasn’t after 1980. It had the red stripe on the black rims when it came out. Yamaha didn’t do that to any wheels for another couple of decades.

    So, no, the Nightrod is no Warrior copy. Sorry.

  76. Kenneth says

    Bought my muscle 6 weeks ago, love the bike, traded my 07 superglide, the muscle rides better,handles better,and looks better. Have done 1200 miles, I’m 5’11” and the bike seems to fit me well have driven 250 miles without a sore bum. Gets look and good comments every place I go. The other members in my HOG chapter also like the muscle, at the moment Im the only one with a muscle in our chapter. Its good to be different

  77. McD says

    I drove the Muscle on 04-17-2009 and it is a very fast and smooth running bike. I’m 42 and I own a Fatboy but I really want this bike. It is one of the most exciting bikes I’ve ever ridden. Not to good for passengers though. This will be my next bike. The hp and torque is unbelieveable.

  78. sam says

    I fell in love with the bike at first sight. Bought it two weeks later and have never regretted it. Extremely nimble for the frame. Super quick. Awesome bike. Vrods are here to stay

  79. Barry says

    I like the previous V-ROD styling a lot more. Although there are 2 features I do like on the new verion: split pipes and the brake light integrated into the rear fender. Sharp! Other than that, I like the lines of the older ones. I have a 2006 Street Rod and love it!

  80. JR says

    Rode a V-Night Rod rental Saturday (4/18) from Vegas to Kingman, AZ. w/ some friends. Fun bike. Ended up @ Mother Road (aka “Rt.66″) Harley-Davidson where they were cool enough to fork over the key to a Muscle for a test run. Test it I did. Unbelievable. This machine speaks for itself & handles as well as it looks. Only have to decide when I’ll seal the deal. I’ve owned four Japanese bikes & they were all good to me, especially the ’85 KZL900. I’ve always admired Harleys as expensive works of art but never considered owning one until now.

  81. says

    That is one ugly looking bike…Waste of money…. Harley has moved from the die hard bikers to elitest wanna be’s. You all say “I get looks everywhere I go”. It’s because they are thinking, what a waste of money… I am not a japanese cruiser fan, but, whats the difference? Made in the USA and 10 to 30 k thats what. My 1985 zl 900 eliminator (all stock) will kick the cr$p out of the v-rod. I know because I do it on a daily basis- next door nieghbor owns one.He is going out to but 2 to 3 grand in mods to keep up to a 25 year old bike. No factory harley has EVER beaten my “rice” burner. I am not bashing harley as a whole just the money hungry empire it has become. I love the old harleys that belong to true motorcycle riders. You know, the ones that don’t start every time and leak oil, riden by some tough looking sob’s that give you the finger when you ride by on a jap bike, or any bike thats not a harley-THEY HAVE CHARACTER! YOU GUYS ARE JUST CASHING IN ON A NAME! TRYING TO BE COOL! I laugh at all of you. My eliminator that I paid 2,500 for that will outrun all of you has more character.

    By the way JR…WTF is a “KZL 900 “? I’ve ridden a “KZ” and I own a ‘85 “ZL”
    but I have never heard of a “KZL”

  82. Jason says

    I disagree with most. Im in the 20-30 crowd, and this is the way they should be going. They have had NO major updates to their styling since the 30’s…the XR and this are the first stock Harleys I would even consider signing paperwork for. I say they might not have nailed it, but I think in a few more years, they may be able to design things our generation will buy. ..now if they can only do something about the ridiculous price tags

  83. JR says

    JJ, “KZL” is like “WTF”- an imaginative abbreviation to help short attention spanners connect the dots. Sure you can figure it out. Agree with Jason’s assessment that Harley’s XR & V-Rod series are overdue but think they’re closer to “nailing it” than expected, especially with the VSCRF’s handling, which DID remind me of my ’85 Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator. Yes, at first I blanched at the price, but the Muscle’s craftsmanship is superior to any of the Japanese bikes I’ve owned. I also wholeheartedly support fellow American union labor who still put out a good product.

  84. says

    Just come back from 300 klm ride with Gold Coast HOGS on my new Muscle,what a fantastic experience,bike went like a treat, amazing accelleration even from under 2500rpm in 5th gear if required such a tractable engine.riding position created a little fatigue in the arms on the longer stints ,but otherwise very comfortable and stable even in the strongest of cross winds.Have a very loud set of straight through racing pipes fitted that have transformed this machine into the true fire breather that it is.(Obtained from Vance Hines Motorsport. http://www.vhmotorsports.com)

  85. HDMuscle09 says

    Funny to come on here and read all the negative comments and then to own a 2009 V-rod Muscle and get hundreds of compliments on the bike over the past few months? I took it to bike week in Daytona this year and I was getting stopped every block by harley owners telling me what an awsome looking bike it is…..but eveyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions. :)

    I don’t think any bike could be liked by all but obviously those posting on here do not represent the majority from my experience. As for sales…..the economy is in the toilet and when this bike was first released it was listed at about $3000 to $4000 above the normal Vrod so it was going to have problems selling at that level. Lucky me I bought when it first shipped so I am burried in the bike for the price I paid, but whenever I take it for a ride…those concerns quickly get left in the dust.

  86. JR says

    4/28, paid for my Vivid Black VRSCF Muscle w/ a certified check (cash purchase). Struck a deal, paid under 20K. Free home delivery 4/29. This Machine is WORTH EVERY PENNY! Manuvers easily (yes, corners too), explosive acceleration, outstanding ABS effectiveness- pure pleasure to cruise on. Its aesthetic appeal is virtually unmatched. Can’t wait to add travel accessories & hit some longer runs. This is my fifth bike, but my first Harley. There couldn’t have been a better choice for me. Deepest respect & newfound pride in HD for this jewel.

  87. Starrman says

    I’ve driven a V-Rod since the 100th Anniversary Edition VRSCA in 2003. I’ve driven other models at dealer rallys, etc. I nicknamed my V-Rod BB, for beauty and the beast. The beautiful futuristic styling and handling along with the beastly engine manifests itself into a very fun machine to drive. I recently saw a Muscle at the dealership. Instant attraction. I’m going to keep my 100th and go for a Muscle. Also, I’ve had no major maintenance problems, just routine maintenance, and am up to nearly 50,000 miles on the VRSCA. Awesome! Paying a bit extra for that peace of mind alone makes the price worth it.

  88. Fish says

    Bought my black Muscle last week. Absolutely love this bike. Already wearing down the drag pins Harley was nice enough to add to this bike. It’s no pizza cutter but to weigh 670 lbs running, its handling outperforms what’s expected in the weight. Switchbacks are no problem as long as your comfortable to push the bars straight at the pavement. Coming back upright is just a matter of punching the throttle (keep her at atleast 5 grand) The power is excellent, and seating is comfortable. I’m 6’1″ and could stand to sit back just a little further, but I don’t feel compacted. I rode 250 miles one day city/highway/backroads and did not get uncomfortable. I personally love the looks of this bike, but I don’t think anyone has a middle ground on their opinion, it’s either love or hate. I would recommend this bike to anyone in the market. Great job Harley Davidson, you over priced SOB’s.

  89. Pete says

    Went to my dealer and they made the VRSCF available immediately as a demo bike. Rode the Rocker C but the VRSCF was a better suit for me. I’ve just traded from a CBR1100XX (I love Hondas and this is my first move to another brand) and believe me the VRSCF is sweet. Plenty of power, delivered smoothly with easy handling and the dealer’s service is second to none. I’m with all the other people above….if you haven’t ridden it then keep your opinions to yourself…we won’t be listening when you’re still at the lights! Well done HD.

  90. Jon says

    I test drove a couple of VRSCs last fall. I love the looks for the VRSC and Night Rod, but when I actually sat in the saddle and drove them, I hated them. At 6’8″, I have to have a particular fit. The bikes felt like I was sitting with the handle bars in my lap like a kid who outgrew his trike. Then I rode the Muscle and instantly fell in love. I agree with Fish that it feels a bit heavy, but it was a dream to ride and, after a while, if you stop trying to force the bike where you want to go but nudge it with your knees like a well trained horse, it tracks great. As soon as I can scrape together the cash, I’m going to put one in my garage.

  91. JR says

    My Black VRSCF Muscle- un f@!&%*#believable! Been riding it over two weeks now & am still in “technical ecstacy” over its overall performance & stand-up real world ABS, especially here in Vegas where cars routinely pull out in front of you. I would strongly suggest anyone considering HD performance (i.e. “V-rods”) test-ride, do their research & homework (compare it to your “rice-rockets”, the “F” responds as smooth as it looks). Then go in and DO the deal, you won’t regret it. Harley-Davidson experience is like no other. I’ve owned 4 Jap bikes before including an ’85 Kawasaki ZL900 Eliminator (awesome bike!) The Muscle-rod is sure to please.

  92. hurricane says

    I just bought one…..and to all you detractors out there..well you really don’t know what you are talking about..( except for maybe the 6’7″ dude)….a sweet bike to ride. At 6’1″ and 225 lbs..no issues with comfort or distance rides. plenty of people wanting to know what it is….even folks on the side walk saying ..” what the F*&k is that!”….you can see their mouths saying it ..LMAO…..funny to watch people’s faces when they realize Harley……andfor al of you out there that have extolled the virtues of the Muscle…….amen brothers and sisters, ..let the muscles flex!…safe riding to all

    The Hurricane

  93. Richard Gozinya says

    It’s still flat out butt ugly, an abomination of a VRSC (Which are absolutely beautiful bikes), and a sad imitation of the M109. It was also very unfortunately named, given it came out the same year as the new V-Max.

  94. JR says

    “Butt ugly abomination”?! Funny even if inaccurate, but to each his own. Don’t see the comparrison to the Suzuki M109 either (now THAT’s an ugly bike). Checked out the V-Max before going Muscle, appearance too busy & little over the top for me, somewhat gaudy. Harley smoothed it all out & I believe epitomized the VRSC series in the “F”. Even though I’m having a blast on this stock bike, can’t wait to add Vance & Hines slip-ons, K&N filter and Dynojet race kit.

  95. shane says

    HEY DUMBIES!!!! Just jokeing but really. Harley isn’t trying to have a rice burner with this bike, so don’t compare it to one. That is silly. Harleys has always been known for it’s bad ass image and it’s market is for those who either are bad ass or those who like to pretend they are on the weekend..Everyone knows that.. They make great bikes for what the are and stand for.That’s HARLEY! As far as any of their V-Rods go (including the muscle) Harleys offering something different than just a “curser”. Something with more power and a different style. I think its a sexy look the new muscle and the more i look at it the more I like it. I do think the rear fender could look better however! But for all you rice burners out there, It’s not really for you.This is a bike for someone who loves harley and wants a little better performance with a different style..DA!

  96. rick from las vegas says

    I just got the bike and LOVE it! I have owned (amongst others) Yamaha Roadliner Midnight, Yamaha FZ1 and this bike gives me everything. A great sitting position, power, handling, braking and I love the look. Yeah it might not be as fast as the FZ1 but it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable and as far as the Midnight… no competition.

  97. JH says

    Got the V-rod Muscle today. Had three Very experienced riders try it out (after all, who would let just anyone try it out within the first 24 hours). Comments and reactions along the same lines—-loved the bike, the way it handles, Power, performance and straight up admiration for the engineering and thought put into the bike. Not the same “snappy” type of power I got from my V-65 but the tourque and comfort is something you have to experience for yourself. My only criticism is it could be louder–hope HD can come up with some pipes that won’t interfere with the custom design of the existing ones.

  98. jayson parks says

    i love american bikes.. especially this new bike. got a little problem guys, im only 5’5″ in height, can i ride on this bike? ive read some article when your below 5’10” in height, your legs are far more stretch forward.. can you give some opinions re this. thanks..

  99. says

    I have just completed 3 runs on Willowbank International Drag strip a first for me.my new Muscle ran, 11.8 terminal speed 182kph reaction times 4.2 4.5 5.0
    never dragged before and havnt riden a m/bike for 30+years..How Good is this thing!!

  100. t abernathy says

    This is the most awesome bike I have ever owned. I have had many and honestly, there is NO way to judge it until you see it in person and even more so, ride it. As for you little croch rocket punks, BRING IT ON!!! Most of you bad mouthing it probably just cant afford it. Its HARLEY man and I have had everyone walking up and loving it, EVERYONE! So for you little croch rocket pricks out there that NO ONE even pays attention too anymore because you all look the same, DREAM ON.

  101. bryan says

    when will harley wake up and make a bike that people actually want to ride?. wonder why sales are down, and the jap bikes are sellin? look at this bike design and you’ll have your answer

  102. JR says

    T. Abernathy’s post makes clear points, which I am biased towards as an “F” owner.
    As to Bryans opinions; Harley did wake up & make a bike people wanted to ride, the V-Rod series starting in ’02 & ’03. Serious step in the right direction for those looking for HD street performance. As far as “sales down”, the Muscle is selling quickly here in Vegas. LVHD has sold 4 (that I know of) in addition to mine in the last month. Yes, Jap bikes may also still be selling as they are cheaper in price but also in quality ( I’ve owned 4). As to the bikes aesthetic design, I think the majoity of postings show overwhelming favor & approval of its unique appearance. JR

  103. Rodrico says

    Why not bring back the best bike Harley ever made,the FXRT. Rework the frame as little as possible and stick the V-Rod motor and transmission in that package! Then Willie G and his kid can spend their time repainting the factory and redesigning the bathrooms and leave the motorcycles alone.

  104. Mark Curry says

    Actually Im more of a superbike type but in April my father woke me up to show me his new V-ROD MUSCLE. Bike is perfect id only change the headlamp to the traditional cone but you guys say not a NOVICE bike lol I learned how to ride on the damn thing. Extremely fast bike! TUNNEL VISION IS HOTT LOL. but as long as you respect the bike you will be ok. But dont close your mind to stereotypes it sucks for you to judge on a opinion based on simple design flaws, bikes are for riding! just try it out . it won a italian motorbike enthusiast over but dont take my word grow a pair and ride!

  105. Chuck Sullivan says

    I just purchased a 2009 Black Muscle with ABS. I love the look, ride and feel of this bike. And yes, I’m 50+. Although I’ve only put 50 miles on it so far, it’s a dream to ride. Plenty of power, great looks. Very Happy owner.

  106. slyfox says

    ;Well I just got back from a nice long test ride and I’m very impressed with the bike. Power is very smooth and deceptive. The gearbox is pretty clanky but I’m assuming it will smooth out a little after some miles. Clutch pull is nice, brakes are good, efi seems to work well. I’m seriously considering trading my SuperDuke in on one. I’m looking for a more relaxed bike that still has some style and performance,….this seems to be it. My only other pick is the MG Griso. Wish I could have two bikes but I haven’t won the lottery yet.

  107. JR says

    Slyfox, dump the KTM. Go for the Machine that is “more relaxed that still has style & performance”. Precisely. Yes, this bike’s a sleeper even stock w/ no mods. I’ve had mine 61 days now & racked up 2,358 miles which only leaves me regretting the days I didn’t ride. This motorcycle was made to be ridden daily & handles equally well city commuting & open road cruising. Go for it, you’ll have a satisfying ownership experience with this Harley-Davidson jewel.

  108. Chuck Carrington says

    I am amazed at all the hater comments here. Everyone’s taste is different. I have wanted a V-Rod since they came out and when I saw the Muscle I caved and bought one. My last bike was a Kaw Ninja and my first impression was I thought this was supposed to be fast. Now that the break in is over, I’m telling you it is. Not like a sport bike, but take one of those out in a cross wind. Other Harley riders have told me “you will want a bigger bike.” Well this one is perfect for me and fun as hell to ride. For the 20 to 30 crowd? I am 50 and love this bike, and it gets compliments everywhere I go.

  109. Kodiakmac says

    I’d buy a V-Rod in a heartbeat if it came rigged for touring: fairing, bags, trunk, floorboards and a comfortable seat for me wife’s derierre. As a matter of fact, it’s the only H-D I’d consider purchasing…well, other than a vintage model. I like the technology and the looks.

  110. Warren Wilkinson says

    I like the vrod family, so much that I bought one back in 2006. I handled great, better than any harley I have ever ridden in my life in the past, and to date. It also had more power off the showroom floor. It is very much a target bike as it is. It is no geared to folks that like to tour on their bikes. I have a road king and it barely makes the cut for me at the present. I would prefer a ultra, but funds are short. maybe one day. Now if harely has the guts to try something new they might try making a few touring bikes with the work horse of an engine and add an overdrive 6th gear to the setup. Then they would have something for those who are leaning toward the goldwing only b/c its liquid cooled, but really want to buy the harley name. With this being said I am talking mostly about the new buyers, not the die hard harley owners. I cant see the revolution water-cooled engine in a heritage softail springer, or better yet a Crossbones springer. Talk about an out of place engine. Now harley could manufacture only revolution engines for all bikes, with the option for “true harley air cooled” as an upgrade option. A way to slowly push people to water cooling over time. But I myself realize this would be a risky as hell move for the company. I say this because I own three bikes: a water cooled Hayabusa, a roadking, and as of tomorrow a 09′ crossbones. I cant wait to get another springer. Havent had one since my 1340 heritage softail springer that was white and red striped. God I miss that bike.

  111. bikerchrish says

    looks more like a jap bike than the v-rod. when are they going to put this engine into a good looking bike? hydraulic clutch, water cooled, all fluids in one chamber, counter ballanced and rubber mounted at the same time, 120 horses, brembro breaks, and then they make it ugly? from the v-rod movie I gathered that the frame with only 6 welds or whatever and water bent (im no mechanic) was needed to handle the power but they need to do something here. This bike will be cut just like the street rod and the old xlcr and they will never get why no matter how much we yell it……… its ugly!

  112. JR says

    Occasionally I look @ my “F” and honestly wonder what anyone else could find ugly about it. The faux vent screen? The armored appearance of the “air-box”? THIS is the genuine gladiator of street-bikes, not that fugly Kawasaki by the same name! I get way too many compliments in daily traffic to believe this machine is objectively repulsive. Sorry, the Muscle is definitely not ugly, some just don’t care for it. Count the # of pro’s & cons on this forum, you’ll see. I bet those who criticize this model simply haven’t ridden it…their loss. By the way, the original Street-Rod wasn’t cut, just transformed. JR

  113. Jim Newland says

    I just took the V rod out for a ride.I loved the engine,Loved the suspension and the brakes.I have tried out the rocker and the road king in the last few days.I currently ride a 2000 ZX12 R,and I have got it up for sale.I am buying the V rod as soon as possible.True the steering is slow but it is such a blast to ride.It really put a big smile on my face.I agree that not everyone likes the bike and that is fine.I like it BIGTIME and that is what counts in the end.I figure you cannot say you hate a bike unless you have ridden it and that is that.

  114. jethelopilot says

    Currently own a 2005 Yamaha V-Star Classic, a great cruiser, fun, easy to ride, just great. I was a semi-pro motor-crosser back-in-the-day, so fully understand fundamentals of bike handling. Was fully committed to buying a HD Night-Rod Special, but handle bars were just a bit too far forward for me—so went into the “new” bike part of the dealership to look at possible bar replacements. Stumbled upon this “Muscle.” Fit perfectly. Dealership was very happy and willing for me to test drive. What an awesome handling bike!! I have recently been to several advanced riding courses—sure wish I had this machine. Low CG is awesome. Bike handles incredible well low and high-speed. Power band is as wide as it gets. Braking complete and so controllable. Bike just is the best handling bike I have ever been on! I am totally buying the bike tomorrow! Looks wise, yes I see everyone’s comments here—it’s not a HD and yet it is one. I 110% did not want to be a “HD guy” (because I just feel like you have to be—rebel totally), but it does show what HD commitment to building truly a new-technology bike will produce. I am absolutely convinced that no matter what you ride, you would 100% agree that it is an awesomely powerful, easily controlled bike everywhere. It truly is the HD that every bike owner would ride given a chance!

  115. G-Money (biker wanna b) says

    I’ve heard that the V-ROD Muscle is not very comfortable for long distance rides( I was told it’s a real ‘butt buster’).
    I see that on 7/19/09 W.Wilkinson said ‘it’s not geared for folks that like to tour on their bikes’. I was thinking in about three years of riding from Alaska to Calif.
    I’m interested in the bike but haven’t ridden one yet because I don’t have a motorcycle operators license yet.
    Could I get some opinions about the seating on this bike?

  116. JR says

    Did a 290 mile day on my “F” Sun.8/9 w/ three friends, each riding their Ultra Classics & a Road Glide. I personally think the stock seat is adequately comfortable (not for passenger…) for @ least mid-range runs of a couple hundred miles. That evening and next morning, I was not sore from waist down, just a little stiff in neck, traps & shoulders- as I don’t have a windshield yet. After I install accessories (bags, windshield) I expect longer hauls will be more comfortable. JR

  117. JIMMY says


  118. JR says

    “Hanging medicine cabinet”- FUNNY!, although I luv my “F” just the way it is. Riding it is definitely medicine to me. JR

  119. skyline44512 says

    I ride a CBR600RR and have been thinking about getting a vrsc of some sort. I like the integrated tail and seat on this better than the night rod. having ridden many HDs, and owning crotch rockets for years, my 08 600RR is so much faster than the 1250cc revolution engine. I find this disappointing. I know the bike isn’t intended to race crotch rockets but they made it sound a lot more powerful than it is. It’s not smooth in the lower RPMs. Debating between this and a fat bob, I think I’d be best off getting a fat bob and keeping my CBR as opposed to selling the CBR and getting a vrsc.

    The VRSC is so quiet from the factory that you’ll have to rev it to make sure it’s running. The switch from mid controls with highway pegs to forward controls makes riding more relaxed I think. It handles quite well and the only reason you’d need mid controls is if you planned on carving up some canyons or something – like every cruiser, it would fail miserably at that kind of riding. For me a cruiser is meant for cruising, and twisties are fun, but take it slow and enjoy the ride. If you want to be a knee dragger, buy a crotch rocket. As I’ve said, I’m now leaning towards keeping the CBR and getting a fat bob because even Harley’s fastest bike doesn’t give you the power of even a 600…I guess the whole point is if you have a need for speed this pathetic attempt at capturing the younger market (I’m in my 20s) won’t give you the thrills a supersport will, and at a much lower price.

    It makes no sense to sell this bike with a 5 speed, giving it a pathetic 42mpg highway rating. If they Change it to a 6-speed and can squeeze out at least 50mpg I will see this as an acceptable bike for touring and unlike a lot of you guys I do like the looks of it. I think they’re heading the right direction with it, and if they at least switch to a 6-speed it will be back in the running against the fat bob for my next bike purchase.

  120. Mark Hartman says

    Well I’ve been riding for over 20 yrs and I still learn something or try to when I go out. I mainly like to do long distance and after all these years on sport bikes… it’s taking it’s toll on my comfort zone. I’m ready to be more relaxed and just enjoy being out on the road period. I’m about to be a very proud owner of a V Rod Muscle and had it not been for a tour ride I did which required me to get a stamp at a lot of Harley dealerships I’d probably still be putting up with riding sore. I love this bike! Everytime I walked by it … I had to come back to it. Wasn’t sure what the heck it was at first but boy what a ride. I’ve been riding Hayabusa’s for the last 10 years and love it but for the kind of riding I’m looking to do and with a passenger… this is more like it. Yes.. there are some downsides but not enough to talk me out of it… Those who don’t like it… well, don’t buy it. You just go with what appeals to you and what will make your riding experiance “your own”. I can’t wait for my first long trip! Ride Safe!!!

  121. JR says

    F-heads, “1130cc.com”, especially the VRSCF thread is the place for you. Everything good & bad you want to know about your Muscle. Anyway, I just had the detatchable 18″ sport windshield, backrest & luggage rack inatalled. Ready for the 500+ mile/overnighter rides. Speed safe. JR

  122. M. Ritchie says

    The V-Rod is an awesome bike……….very fast……but I would like to see a touring or sport touring version of the V-Rod. Some folks in inner circles have stated that this may become reality, but I don’t want to wait too long for the model to come out. I’ve seen V-Rods fitted with a Road Glide fairing and hard saddlebags……..pretty cool looking if I say so myself, but I would like to leave it up to Harley to produce a touring model V-Rod. I think I would buy one then, but for now I’m sticking with my Road Glide.

  123. VTesk says

    Bought a VRod Muscle this summer after not having a bike for 13 years. My previous bikes were Hondas, Kawasakis, and Yamahas and I loved all of them. BUT I really wanted a Harley. I looked for over a year before I decided on the VRod Muscle. What I liked the best: Liquid cooled, The look and the colors, the entire package looks tight and handles that way, the side pipes, the lights are new and innovative, and it does not look like every other Harley! I test drove other Harleys and they felt like they had more play and less power. I love this bike and may buy a second one for when my out of state friends come to stay.
    My friends have sport tourers and the Muscle keeps up pretty well and has all the power I want. I have read a lot of comments about the handling but it handles REALLY well. Not so great for a passenger and even with the Harley travel bags you can’t carry much stuff. The bike fits my particular taste.

  124. Millad says

    Hey, man! check out this amazing bike, But unfortunately in our Goddamn country ( Iran ) we are not allowed to buy motorbikes which are stronger than 200cc! something must be done about Ahmadinejad’s bloody policies.

  125. Eric says

    Wouldn’t waste my cash on it. HD is still trying to catch the original Vmax, a bike that is now 25 yrs old. take that S#@T to the garbage dumpster!

  126. JR says

    Funny U should say that. Looked @ V-Max when I was in the hunt. Decided if it performed the way it looked (pretentious), it’s a lemon. The VRSCF is truly in a class by itself, even among other V-rods & other brands in the performance/cruiser class. Get compliments on my F from \rice-riders\ all the time. Commute daily to work & ride weekends; 10,000 miles in 7 months. Having a blast. My cash decidedly went to HD on this dependable jewel.

  127. Seamus says

    Wow. Some biased people on here. Or shall I say, “Harley Bashers”. I’ve owed a crotch rocket and a Harley, and it’s all in what you want. Ease up, and maybe take some aggression out on the Ducati owners if your worried about over-priced badge snobs, eh?

  128. Jen says

    I think you guys are crazy it is a sweet ass bike for the under 40 crowd. I just bought the v-rod muscle and it is WAY better looking than the old man Harley bikes. It looks very nice going down the road I must say. And yes I am a woman under 40.

  129. GTVIBES says

    I just got one in silver.

    I used to ride R1’s at the track. This bike really handles well. Go test drive
    one before you dismiss it! You can lean this thin over on a free way bowl turn
    with utter confidence. I’m actually thinking of doing a track day lmao.

    So, if you’re young, it probably won’t appeal. However, if you “done it all” like I have with sport bikes, then have a serious look.

    Oh, this has ZERO to do with the vmax . Stop with that, it’s an old argument. The Muscle has forward controls, ABS etc. The vmax is just okay.

  130. Motorpsycho says

    The first V-Rod I wasn’t to sure but after the Night Rod… well that got my attention and now the Muscle.. I like it, Its different and I like different. I been riding for about 30 years so I’ve owned a lot of different bikes. I now ride a 56 Harley, that I built up myself, that is NOT hard to find in a crowd of Harley’s. I am open to all types of bikes foreign or domestic. I think the muscle is a sweet bike. I would personalize it with drag bars, the a fairing off the night rod and give it a rumble.

  131. Jason G says

    I haven’t ridden one, but I know that this is the bike for me. I used to drive Police Road Kings and they are very comfortable. Harley D’s devotion to quality gives me no doubt that the Muscle is a genuine piece of master craftmanship. I am getting one this month, Blue Denim please!

  132. Rick says

    I already own a 2003 vrod. And I simply love this bike. All I can say is I will get the new Vrod muscle as well. IMPRESSIVE.

  133. Sunny says

    To all your Muscle owner, I am 5′ 7″ and curious to know if this is right bike for me or not. I’ll go check at nearest dealer but still what is your opinion..

  134. CafeRacerD says

    This bike looks much better in the flesh than in publicity photos, especially in glossy black and when you look at it from another bike or a car seat’s level. But the tail piece is just weird, I’d bob it and lose the whole chunk, fully exposing the rear wheel.

    Still preferring the Night Rod Special best.

  135. Nate says

    I did not like the way that this bike looked in the cycle magazines but someone that works at our Home Depot has one and it looks great in person. I think that it looks much better than the previous generation. The biggest problem is that a lot of Harley people are so busy being in their traditionalist circle (“the V-Rod isn’t really a Harley”).
    I have a CBR1000RR and several old British and Japanese bikes but no Harleys (too expensive). I would like one of these when I win the lottery (that will happen right after peace in the middle east).

  136. Sky says

    I’ve had my Muscle for less than 2 months now and it’s the best ride ever for me, being tall. It’s not the traditional looking Harley, but it’s a Harley and it’s a beast!
    So get out the way… move all you haters!

  137. Keith says

    I’ve had my 2010 muscle for a month and 3000Km , performance and handling are great. I have to be careful it’s so easy to get way over the speed limit. 120kph in second at 8000 rpm, 3 more gears to go and red line is 9000rpm. I’m 6′ 2″ and find it more comfortable than it looks. Just wish there were after market hard bags etc. designed for the bike, One problem is, it gets too much attention from the younger crowd that don’t know enough not to touch what’s not theirs.

  138. Cary says

    This bike is awesome looking , looks mean as hell if you don’t love this bike something is wrong with ya !