1939 Crocker Motorcycle for Sale

1939 Crocker motorcycle

There's a 1939 Crocker for sale and that is something you will rarely see. Crockers are among the rarest of American motorcycles. This particular one was completely restored and perfect. If you're a person who has the wherewithal to buy one of these and you've been thinking about it, here's your chance.

Link: auction has ended


  1. aaron says

    actually for 275K i’d rather have a britten…..
    or a series A vincent and a brough and a norton international….
    or a genuine 350/500cc vintage gp bike…

  2. says

    Now you could buy every bike on your wish list! Restored Crockers are currently selling in the $350,000 to $400,000. dollar range. A Small Tank Hemi and Big Tank Crocker motorcycle sold as a pair last June for $975,000.USD!

    How bout a naked woman on an unrestored Crocker?